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Announcing dConstruct 2014: http://t.co/LLNl7WJMbh Living With The Network: http://t.co/3k892IrBef Just look at that line-up! Squeeeee!
Retweeted by iA Inc.Finally found the Mac Mini performance bug in http://t.co/lMbrI58gHV's new live parser. Get 1.1.2: https://t.co/s6HbUIS6MTIf you could see the future: iWatch http://t.co/mN5KA74emN Ramalamadingdong :)Design duds: "From the failure of…Path to…Square…seeking a buyer to…Medium…paying people to use it" https://t.co/LNmRAMXYVQ Great read"its…coating…made out of powdered cashew nuts…gives a baby skin feel…when you gently stroke it with your cheek" http://t.co/qwjX5sreRVToggle between story and interview. http://t.co/TKJME2MTOv Yeah, Vox.
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@markodugonjic A little depressing, yet in a healthy way. Shows how far removed from common perception we are in our passions.Matthew Carter's speech at TED and the curbed enthusiasm of the audience—it's almost as if type design is the art of hiding.Type design not only "hides its methods" it hides its beauty and importance: http://t.co/gNq9dc0n6o The audience's reaction is… sobering."…searching FB for people with the same name as me, I'd replicate their profile pic…and send them a friend request." http://t.co/iwMrQAS0VETrolls: "The more you ship[…], the more likely you will come across people who despise or don’t understand your work" http://t.co/EyDl2AqRXd"…decided to take his Phantom and fly it through some fireworks. This is the result." http://t.co/GEzBaRGtWr
"Solar is now – in the right conditions – cheaper than oil" http://t.co/PPlnDdRX8oCSS 3D Solar System http://t.co/asjWGe3yVkBill Gates for 200k. This *is* art, in some complicated meta meta way. http://t.co/NJUGlt27Bp
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"Bond. James Bond. A Statistical Look at Cinema’s Most Famous Spy" http://t.co/PFm7VbcesH"Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware" http://t.co/A0hAnf2GTW (hint: Tim Cook is a Nike board member)“…using *asterisks* to put sparklers around emphasized words” Sparklers. Can’t see them any other way now. http://t.co/5d3EbzJYxh
Retweeted by iA Inc."delethalization" http://t.co/MHO17rqlke
A Happy Book About Death http://t.co/tgfP9mBJLc“Perhaps it’s more of an Earth cousin than an Earth twin,” Dr. Barclay said. http://t.co/xn1caqJDZv"She said it should help 'put to rest the facile claims that artists use *the right side of their brain*'" http://t.co/FBJOuqFqZi
Remember we are still running a 30% introduction discount on Nitti Grotesk until 30 April. http://t.co/eHSWMdDQnp http://t.co/TZyd6uUzSw
Retweeted by iA Inc.Card Control http://t.co/6eYdyza5Yihttp://t.co/hExYzgLieC
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Retweeted by iA Inc.Remember: To build a minimum viable product (MVP) you must first research what "viable" is. http://t.co/MUXNp2S68c
Retweeted by iA Inc.@MattTGrant Better. Or: Be passionate and learn to control, order and express your emotions so you can make the spark jump.@MattTGrant How about: be passionate but be prepared to get destroyed if things go wrong and then having to rationally deal with things?@MattTGrant "Be passionate but not irrational" is irrational and not passionate."There are different forms of identity you can use to form a relationship." http://t.co/3GTh4h9mCB
@neo2049 Yep.@neo2049 Flickr and dropbox. Seeing this as a mere glitch in the Matrix, or a peek behind the curtain. A revolt will only trigger better PR.@neo2049 This is what is so fascinating about this. We're all at out wit's end here.@neo2049 Where are you going to move to? And what is going to change if they drop her?@iA it’s their campaign to get more space: https://t.co/xYiMQqaFnT
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA 125mb for a tweet! http://t.co/GY6fNxhCrL
Retweeted by iA Inc.The Twitter stream looks like it's full of Dropbox sockpuppets now. Or is it some sort of Tweet-for-space-campaign? http://t.co/nCyJDtiPh8Few pictures illustrate 2014 better than smiling Rice popping out of the Dropbox box. Looks like a @banksyny coup. http://t.co/rH9fDfwwXzExperimenting with sketch3. Looking great so far. http://t.co/3lCRLiwXmvA comment on comments: http://t.co/6T7CuveXjn"Children are arriving at nursery school able to swipe a screen but lacking the…skills to play with building blocks" http://t.co/AsF8TFavK9"There's an inherent pleasure to making one type of symbol into another." The lost ancestors of ASCII art: http://t.co/urgAhbzw5qHey pal, why don't you pay via fingerprint? It's easy. Well… http://t.co/tGi1fN8k8pWorld's Toughest Job http://t.co/qSnUsBI2tZhttp://t.co/Ohs3siSseE Mac 1.1 is out. The iOS update with night mode and live parser is very close. Next: Dropbox and iA Writer for iOS 7.
Retweeted by iA Inc.If Heiselman has anything to say at Apple, then be prepared for some pretty bold moves. This is exciting.This is big news for the branding world: Karl Heiselman, Wolff Olins' CEO, joins Apple: http://t.co/YHQbbuZvlN
Bigger iPhones? http://t.co/AdyEGEOpSBDid Seinfeld become his own bizarro Seinfeld? http://t.co/6qBJ2L3ZW5@jamesbowskill @iA_Chris These three stories could be "The User", the first chapter of a Book called "User. Experience. Design."@iA_Chris @iA Which reminded me of this: https://t.co/peemciG57n
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA Reminds me of: http://t.co/ztU8zp72dE
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA_Chris “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.” ― Ludwig WittgensteinBeautiful: http://t.co/PGycJZqTl8"the economic value of brands—traditionally assessed by the premium a company could charge—is waning." http://t.co/BB1tViuwcG
Daft Punk admits #1 hit song "Up All Night To Get Lucky" is actually about programming
Retweeted by iA Inc."We should have been clearer that [nothing] is going to change with Dr. Rice’s appointment to our Board." https://t.co/xbV0dJ9wxL"How we got read access on Google’s production servers" http://t.co/GrW46YAk1T“I’m just hoping,” the executive replied, “that you wouldn’t say anything against Samsung.” http://t.co/YNdYYiZXWbWriter Pro for Mac - http://t.co/uG327f2jwt
Retweeted by iA Inc.Guardian Next blog: What's behind the front page? http://t.co/RQgaxSCt6V
Retweeted by iA Inc.@jordangray Nah, they're the good guys: http://t.co/GR429jNZeIThe "call to flee [from Dropbox] to rivals [like] Microsoft's OneDrive" is the next level of out-onioning The Onion. http://t.co/pBQlO9FtZi@megwyckoff Not sure if we're in a position to judge. But she's definitely bad PR, if you look at Dropbox' current client base.
@thijs You don't have the permission. You just fucking don't. Nada. Niet. Capisce?@zeorin Unless Dropbox fires Rice and apologizes. Then everything will be fine again.Anger is not necessarily a sign that you are wrong, it might as well be a sign that you are stuck in the state of denial. It's hard to tell.@carlosalonso Well, then you are one of the rational opponents. But you know what and whom we're taking about, don't you?@geirarne Internationally, no one trusts any company in the US with their privacy anymore. This trust is long gone.@carlosalonso Because you are angry and deceived…@zeorin But before that you believed that they are your 10 Billion Dollar friend that are completely different from all others?@geirarne I agree that it was a PR mistake since most of their users are politically on the opposite spectrum of Rice & Co.If you have read a couple of PR books you know that the best way to handle a shitstorm is apologizing—people will love you and call you wiseBy putting Rice on their board, Dropbox stated "We are not your friend, we are a business." Now, raging against the truth won't change it.“Gothic calls for more care in spacing that any other style.” De Vinne, The Practice of Typography, 1900. http://t.co/zkcV2v7iEO
Retweeted by iA Inc."…who only want to know how good they are, how right they are, and how talented they are." http://t.co/Kme2wJKqMaJapanese game show in which contestants have to find out which things are made of chocolate: http://t.co/lh9WoQu1hs"Some people liked it. Some people hated it. Many rightly pointed out that it looked a lot like Facebook." http://t.co/D2paKK2Sjx
"Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Apple." http://t.co/KqhnD7yhlG?! "Assuming the iWatch proves to be a success…Apple’s key competitors…will be …fashion brands, not…tech companies." http://t.co/mtf6ax2GPu"If you're ever questioning your career choice, remember that you never had to sing this." http://t.co/oSiicMye1F
Retweeted by iA Inc."Jony Ive shakes up Apple’s software design group, iPhone interface creator Greg Christie departing" http://t.co/ZKKAWCAhE2@SilentComics Grammatically? No.To express disagreement without trying to mobilize a blind mob to enforce your opinion, try avoiding moralism, adjectives and imperatives.@ronnierocket Grew too quickly, became something else. We like our slow solid growth.
@thijs Looks like a perfect scam.@iamlkred It's perfectly fair to say what we think about it without trying to force them our way. They know better what they do than we do.@iamlkred Nah. Completely turned off by any form of online activism. They do what they want and we use their product or not.Soon, Twitter will look more like facebook: https://t.co/XGjqzKBNjUReminds me of startups... “@ValaAfshar: Behind the scenes of National Geographic http://t.co/N5XnJUNxmw
Retweeted by iA Inc.In one map: Every major recorded earthquake since 1898, showing how Earth is put together. http://t.co/OEyYJ5VrIs http://t.co/zV2nrUVCfd
Retweeted by iA Inc.George W. Bush might have relied on Google for his paintings http://t.co/SXBp8pFffu
Retweeted by iA Inc."it's possible to send a heartbeat message tricking the computer at the other end into divulging secret information" http://t.co/LdSblNB62G"…our stories have consequences…our beliefs often matter more than the grapes." http://t.co/JolfaCTyHIThis slide is the single best thing to come out of the entire Apple / Samsung trial. It is amazing on every level. http://t.co/vDk8cRZ0jj
Retweeted by iA Inc.My new blog is up! http://t.co/FvzW2pmICs http://t.co/8lhRrQuEPS
Retweeted by iA Inc.iA is looking for IAs: http://t.co/N97ijpyNks
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