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✩ Heka Trax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: EU chris@littlebig.org.uk USA ricky@rogueagency.us// Nightlife EP Out Now

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we are on teevee
tour day 25, starting to look like the dodgy alkie that used to hang around our school when I was a kid@SpecialistDK heheh 😏lol why omg?! RT @SpecialistDK: @iamnightwave Omg, you're a girl... :O
grime in Korea that gives me hope ☺️🇰🇷✨the dj in Seoul is playing b2b Skepta and Wiley this is amazing / and cost me £7 to post@ssseannn def wanna go to Bloc now and bring Tucker Adams@ssseannn where did the tartan pants come from ?!@tiraquon @nicolettey Jackson Bollock@nicolettey @tiraquon *image of Jack filling up glow sticks with his piss*@tiraquon @nicolettey you gotta start shooting up B12 like Madonna@tiraquon @nicolettey you do know you just piss those mega vit B doses out dont u@tiraquon it has 2 handles, ridiculous@ChrisFinke gwannnn👊👊@katarinacas V Koreji trenutno haha na turneji sm 6 tednov ☺️ Ko bom v Lj morva neki spit hehe@katarinacas Heyyy, tok ponosna nate, dalec sva prsle od Peklenskega nacrta hahaa 😽💕 Majahttp://t.co/bCSqtUmjkp@kittaveli @chippy_nonstop gotta hear this
🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 http://t.co/v8nZyMgq42@_wearebbe 💕🐻🎶
@ssseannn @RUSTIE 🙏🙏🙏@Kry_Wolf Rus is playing Cake shopleaving America and off to Korea, it's been an adventure 💕✨hope to be back soonjust said 'nice whip' to the uber driver kill me now
s/o to @chippy_nonstop & @kittaveli for putting on a pretty bangin party, every1 who played slayed @KilledBySynth @iamnightwave @KREAYSHAWN
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@thomas_lennon dunno, west hollywoodshaman juice
@djshandy @localactionrec must be a custom job he's in with the 🍇👴✨monks@djshandy dog tags? fuckinell. there's gotta be mail order! i want a buckfast lilo or compass.@djshandy 🍇🍇👴⛪️✨@djahSwelta hope to come back soon ☺️@djahSwelta 😘NO VOGUING. NO RUNWAY. http://t.co/KNvDZJtp39
Retweeted by Nightwave@CZDOE 😘@KREAYSHAWN @KilledBySynth ✨💖🌟💕✨.@KREAYSHAWN absolutely killin>>>>bought brand new carts&needles today and it was still all fucked why do i still torture myself with turntables honestly :/i'm on at 23:45 tonight guys, Lash pop-up Hollywood, 1714 Las Palmas💅🍸🍭👽💕✨
@sethystone thank you 😊🌟🌟Rashad Forever 🌟🌟Rustie, Spinn & Taso on stage in LA🌟✨ http://t.co/QsOFg9CtP9@kittaveli ...things that make u 😊@theokaratzas whattt noooolanded in LA time to 🔄🆙🎉✨
Mixes of the week feat: @Tobtok @renaisssanceman @pandabear @themartinezbros @iamnightwave http://t.co/0l5i9ZCUJF http://t.co/ogeE8VXcFx
Retweeted by Nightwave@complex_uk thank uu😽✨whats happening with those Pioneer turntables?Mixes of the week: @iamnightwave x @dummymag / @logomagazine / @itsyasmin x @rinsefm / @moodhut x @residentadvisor / http://t.co/9Ue9GWzLKx
Retweeted by NightwaveNEW MIX 4 #FANTASYCLUB (party curated by me & @kittaveli ) MIX SERIES BY @iamnightwave https://t.co/a6FdyJVsqq http://t.co/Yha1H8EDsi
Retweeted by NightwaveImagen if Neytwev Senfeld #tbt http://t.co/3M8Qintc2h@DJFEIFEI tomorrow yeass@shanegalelol i am 🌊🌊🌊NEW MIX FOR #FANTASYCLUB PARTY ON SATURDAY! FANTASY CLUB: MIX SERIES #1 : WITH NIGHTWAVE https://t.co/a6FdyJVsqq http://t.co/YQxQLooXjY
Retweeted by Nightwave@ClubKnights 👧✨
@KiddDrnkadelic I was there Sunday but not playing, will be touring in Spring :)@KiddDrnkadelic 💁✨it looks a bit like my pendant 〽️〽️〽️ http://t.co/iB0Utz8kkRwhat's this>> 〽️@nickhook big fan of your avi btw@nickhook cheers Hookee@mamikomotto nice one i'll see if she's around cheers x@JubileeDJ 😘😘😘😘@nickhook I will but where? Dunno any spots in LA :)where can I get some Serato records in LA?🙏@BigDopeP🙏RT: @dylanpyle: "Hit the block in beast mode / haters walk on they tiptoes" @RUSTIE http://t.co/o5mqOFkriV
Retweeted by Nightwave@muzkmuzkmuzk He is i'm here :)LA! Sat I'm DJing with @KREAYSHAWN @kittaveli @chippy_nonstop @nikkilipstick @KilledBySynth @maralj1n at Lash 💕👧💅💣💸✨https://t.co/FKSSYo33Mf@miracalix awesome! how long is it on? i'm in sydney in 2 wks, wanna check it out x
@BAKEGLA omg whattttthttp://t.co/aI80AxdWZj
Retweeted by Nightwave@joe_bish when management pays for it✔️@VonKeira the whole place smells of poppers doesnt it@KREAYSHAWN cant wait💕💣💕💣
@JubileeDJ lol! one time i had a crazy woman (?) saying she wants to 'put her hands in my ass' 😩FACEBOOK RSVP : LOS ANGELES : 17/01/2015 : https://t.co/znRw42Z4N9 @KREAYSHAWN @kittaveli @B666S @KilledBySynth @nikkilipstick @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave@armwtchsfngrs nice! zep tepi the first time✨Strut drop a massive compilation of Ghetto trax from Dance Mania, feat. @Djdeeon, @STEVEPOINDEXTER, DJ Rush & more: http://t.co/5Xrl1BcxE7
Retweeted by Nightwave@Kozee here for a few days, Rustie show wednesday :) will keep u posted@Kozee i just landed in San Fran hope to see you 😘@stripsteve love the EP been playing Metadata loads 🙌OUT NOW! @stripsteve - Crowd Control Pt. II @beatport http://t.co/28lI5C5S74 @iTunesMusic http://t.co/lFu3CXeELJ http://t.co/9x87ZSmVw5
Retweeted by Nightwavehad to pay for tv on United and watch fuckin Family ties and Jungle fever lol never againthis Saturday!!!! playing with my bbs @chippy_nonstop @KREAYSHAWN @iamnightwave @KilledBySynth in Hollywood!!! http://t.co/mLuvV7lRyX
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united airlines bunch of cunts
Flight attendant offered me cookies with my beer weird@Kito yes back from tour mid February, I'll come down to LDN 😘@Kito teach me how 💖@Kito aka 😖🔫@chrissytrax @jimmyedgar R KellyGrotesque that at head of today's #ParisMarch was Netanyahu whose war on Gaza last August killed 17 journalists http://t.co/RtChArVcUE
Retweeted by Nightwave@David_Cameron Bring me back 200 Marlboro lights and I'll give you the money next Friday mate
Retweeted by Nightwave@DJTayeTeklife good to see you last night boss 🙌Where's Reh DoggBeer for breakfastSome uber drivers are crack heads
Retweeted by Nightwave❤✨👆️ @Nadus @DJTayeTeklife@JubileeDJ #2014@DJTayeTeklife yooo DM@HE_VALENCIA I'm gutted man...website opening times must be wrong IolDamn drove for miles to go buy records at Threads and it was closed 😖
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