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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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Unbelievable 3D murals appear to hover in city corners http://t.co/TZpjXfsGnL
Retweeted by Jason HollandIncredible photo manipulation of 'pin up girls' wearing clothes made of liquid splashes http://t.co/agZulEmrVp (slightly NSFW)nice writeup on the title & UI design in ALIEN: ISOLATION —> http://t.co/pVlpePwfvf http://t.co/3KtmJK5TIr
Retweeted by Jason Holland
@underwired Looking at you table 27... and liking what I see! #smartchristmasparties #creepyface http://t.co/UGRK2lOWkF@Underwired Crew looking hot on table 27! #smartchristmasparties
“@AnnaLiisaKrolov: Really useful and inspiring talk! Thanks @jasonholland and @DandADNewBlood” Great to hear Anna - thank you :)
On #BlackFriday smartphones were the device of choice to open emails. More insights: http://t.co/qvUOwigkYa http://t.co/i0PgjhJVNv
Retweeted by Jason HollandLoving the idea of e-paper on mobile devices. Increase or reduce productivity? Now that's an interesting question ;) http://t.co/fYcwHbOllw
Turn Your Portfolio Into a Job. Tip-top advice from @jasonholland : http://t.co/paLRHdsvfn
Retweeted by Jason HollandUtterly geeking out to this article about typography (and iconography) in the movie Alien http://t.co/LFj7wfJvom
@pop_cord #IbackedPopcordbecause convenience and style CAN co-exist with my #iphoneGreat to catch up with @JennyTheolin @EustonDoYouCopy @mb_tweets @jasonholland for another inspirational start to the day.
Retweeted by Jason HollandGreat Creative Breakfast again - and as @TheBrekkyClub let us down, tried @BillsRestaurant instead and have found a new monthly venue!
Ralph Baer, Games Console Pioneer, 1922-2014 http://t.co/5Zx5qqdsn4
Retweeted by Jason Holland“@Joshua_Foulkes: just watched 'turn your portfolio into a job' video on D&AD… clear and genuinely chock full of great advice” Thx Joshua!@jasonholland just watched 'turn your portfolio into a job' on the D&Ad website. Top stuff - clear and genuinely chock full of great advice
Retweeted by Jason Holland
@SeanAllardPhoto thank you - will check it out :)
The car in new Bond movie to be a DB10!!! http://t.co/N38YJNIGTS
Charlie says "Only tweet about things that people actually give a s**t about!" http://t.co/V8V1khFWblView from my 'office' this morning... http://t.co/zkyPQ87CHIProductive morning already! Sat in Photoshop on the train, watching the countryside fly by under a golden sunrise. Time for my 4th coffee...
@TheWebbyAwards What category do I submit eCRM/email creative to?Sir Clive Sinclair planning new ZX Spectrum http://t.co/WMDs4NMrhf TBH, I thought it was a p**s take but it seems legit!
The best part is when he gets to the top. http://t.co/pV1mbC59qk
Retweeted by Jason HollandHuge thanks to Phil/Podge Team/@PodgeEvents for one of the greatest #DigitalPodge events yet! Never have dinner conversations gone so deep.You know you have 'made it' when you appear in the Mansfield Chad! #BucketList http://t.co/bHcSHOmVT7
@lumiaatwork #digitalpodge 2003 Atlantic Bar and Grill - and have a nice weekend http://t.co/In40wfRAAHLet the Digital Podge lunch begin! http://t.co/3Csh0FAbKnDigital Podge! (@ Institute of Directors - 116 Pall Mall - @the_iod in London, Greater London) https://t.co/73M0nbd4eYReading how people created a worm brain, put it in Lego worm body (no programmed behaviour) When switched on still acted like a worm!
SEO consideration in email design? Google Inbox showing your emails above webpages in search results! Great insight from #emaildesignpodcast
Spend 28 days seeing and hearing someone else life through a VR headset? Fascinating experiment on Kickstarter http://t.co/rBFSANPc6xMinimal Analog Watch Design http://t.co/0ZtZDtevNT http://t.co/ZHHD9xBt7v
Retweeted by Jason HollandThat feeling when a client picks your favourite design from those presented. #CreativeEnergyThe #WeHaveConcerns podcast is always guaranteed to bring a smile or a LOL to my commute in the morning. Thx @jeffcannata and @acarboni :)
Need a pick-me-up? Just watch this for 10 seconds and you’ll be ready for the rest of your day! https://t.co/YwcUVGbsvUExclusive polaroids snapped on the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope: http://t.co/U114RS7IBF http://t.co/qPpL8mC7PK
Retweeted by Jason Holland@xbox_news - still ignoring me? You still have visible code in your posts: " <b>Xbox</b> digital store Black Friday deals: Assassin&#39;s "Is it so wrong of me to choose a pasta sauce based join the quality of typography (and information design) on the label?
#SunsetOverdrive is FREE to all Xbox Live Gold members this weekend for 24 hours! Details: http://t.co/iQZmKwhOuq http://t.co/NspjfFSpia
Retweeted by Jason HollandI've got a hunch the council are set to announce the revised Christmas wheelie bin collection dates soon. What a time to be alive.
Retweeted by Jason HollandRemember pencils with colour leads you push through? Recent #kickstarter delivered which uses same concept - #ToolPen http://t.co/ThqMxHGFQQ
Serene gameplay inside interactive art, which stretches my grey cells #monumentvalleygame http://t.co/hgKxgEHlHp http://t.co/AEMHZ1w6SDI guess the @krispykremeUK email offer of free (if I buy 12) dozen doughnuts worked! The @Underwired crew are reaping/eating the benefits ;)
Modern Style Trailer for 1984s THE LAST STARFIGHTER http://t.co/m5DIz0t2BGhttp://t.co/EfB3hkSjWT
Retweeted by Jason Holland
#FarCry4 re-imagined as a 16 bit SNES/Genesis title on @Mcom_Respawn! Plug in Game Genie for invincible elephants: http://t.co/1OjpwAc6HI
Retweeted by Jason Holland@designtaxi …and no mention of Digital Designers in this infographic?Regardless of any warning from shepherds, its a great view to wake up to :) http://t.co/IgeSPNC4zO
@sliwinski Sounds like the best parts of my preferred RPG experience, although I'm not highly experienced. Thank you :)@sliwinski As I huge fan of Skyrim - would DA suit me (in your opinion of course)?@sliwinski @joystiq Great Dragon Age review :) And now I know why you have been a little quiet (podcasts, etc) in recent days/weeks!If I adored Skyrim, would I prefer: A) Dragon Age Inquisition or B) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ?Pls vote for my "How to make the customer king and make millions" session at #DS13 http://t.co/5GsHy2jifV
Retweeted by Jason Holland@boagworld At least it was more than Sir/Madam! ;)
Very much enjoying my day of App designing and exercising my pixel perfection muscle with subtle tones & waltzing curves. #GodIsInTheDetail
Exciting week for HND Interactive Media at VWNC. Great professional advice from @jasonholland http://t.co/fhUKdyI1Lp
Retweeted by Jason Holland
So glad to be back here #monumentvalleygame http://t.co/hgKxgDQyjd http://t.co/A8FJYNS2RcAn embedded video in an email which fails to play (or link to) a video even on an iPhone is a fail, eh @Superdry ? http://t.co/GiLzOQlcXQWatch me present at the D&AD New Blood Festival about how to turn your Design Portfolio into a job https://t.co/mcVAUKB7SU #design #creativeOne of my clients in this month's Vogue Magazine - congratulations @ChahatMonDesir See more http://t.co/JIpPM7XEvV http://t.co/kVhjFFfhIY
Retweeted by Jason HollandCrikey - my business account with @EE seems to be rather generous today! http://t.co/NYnUnKZ6UtWork in the digital world? Designer or not, look at this definition of responsive terms with very helpful animations http://t.co/hLYLUggh7h@Wix Do you have a template which behaves similar to this website? http://t.co/0LlC1T7Zw7I now realise that @hardgraft products are everything I want but wouldn't dare use due to their beauty! #ShelfPorn? http://t.co/zzf3NJkGMKNot loving the new Pizza Hut logo - lacks character. Looks like wax seal and toothpaste writing. Might grow on me. http://t.co/zOQv7BO8CzLoving this logo that requires the physical world to bring it to life, bending around objects (although restrictive?) http://t.co/6QZgFxGo1P
Landing on a comet - everything you need to know in a great and very handy webpage http://t.co/5yHzmdAxqB #RosettaTotally and utterly gripped by the #SerialPodcast and I've only listened to the first episode! An outstanding tale during my commute.
“@KatieKT23: ...a pleasure to get professional feedback from @jasonholland, thank you very much, always appreciated!” You're very welcome :)
Remember: For any students I'm seeing tomorrow morning, remember the phrase "God is in the detail"Friends! Try out this new thing and tell me what you think: http://t.co/vIq0CB6B5H
Retweeted by Jason HollandFor any students I'm seeing tomorrow morning, remember the phrase "God is in the details"A library desk made of recycled books http://t.co/l2iTHTeexU RT @ervinjuresa
Retweeted by Jason HollandLooking forward to a packed day with the @WestNotts Digital / Creative students tomorrow. If you're going to be there, watch this space…
@JennyTheolin re: running shoes. Anything by ASICS - go to a store which will advise you properly.Human eye blinking in slow motion. http://t.co/1tjutlOHv7
Retweeted by Jason Holland@Nespresso The Nespresso capsule boxes make excellent giraffe heads, according to my kids! #recycling http://t.co/EEE72Pejql
Streetfighter sound effect guy - perfection http://t.co/wVheLbhCmm
Really proud of the photography we did for @ChahatMonDesir jewellery which can now been seen on their new website http://t.co/JIpPM7XEvV
Retweeted by Jason HollandRoundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisgerber - unbelievable skill! http://t.co/nt7wYuDaVm
@xbox_news Your Tweets have visible code in them: "Top 5 Best Cheap <b>Xbox</b> 360 Gaming Headsets" I know you're listening really ;)@jisforJoe OK, thanks for getting back to me.@pebble Would I be able to get any kind of reply regarding the kind offer of a free t-shirt which hasn't appeared after I filled the form?@pop_cord How do I find out when my popcorn will arrive? (I'm a backer)http://t.co/EeckZotFOE Only 1 of these people is old enough to be playing Call of Duty.
Retweeted by Jason HollandManaged to reduce my InBox down so there's no scroll bar… sometimes it's the small(est) things ;)
@pebble Hi - don't mean to bug you, but I didn't get my free shirt and no reply to me chasing you for it. Please help!@TfLOfficial I keep getting "Error 691 - Unexpected error" when logging into Oyster website - please help!@AdobeCare As I'm a paying customer for decades, this was the first time I had a bad experience. Suggested a gesture of good will for me...@AdobeCare Only if I don't have to deal with live chat or a phone call. I change to CC for Teams but kept getting billed for old accountsUnderwired’s @felixv filmed for #IEMarketingDay, The Future of Marketing at Europe’s top MBA school http://t.co/nyqbDuBvKw
Retweeted by Jason HollandInteresting typography from my Bruges trip - anyone know what it says? http://t.co/ZmnXS8VNg0Time to update the firmware on my lightbulbs. The Jetsons never had to update the firmware on their lightbulbs. What sort of future is this?
Retweeted by Jason HollandInteresting that the moment I brought up "compensation" with @AdobeCare (5.5 hours spent to stop them overcharging) I get cut off. I give up@xbox_news Your tweets are STILL showing HTML code in them - see attached. http://t.co/5b6hNvZRE7Such a great trip to the culturally diverse, historic and often bizarre City of Bruges. http://t.co/CbkMKGElOY
@SandraPavlou I won £7.90 - bet you're utterly relieved you didn't buy my ticket now.[1 of 2 ] Huge photo preview of spreads from Every Day is Play over on the Facebook page — https://t.co/yc0SMgF1e0 http://t.co/V3YoY7GBLC
Retweeted by Jason HollandWANT: The Star Wars “I Have You Now!” T-Shirt http://t.co/g4GDqjG15F
Retweeted by Jason Holland@SandraPavlou I'll sell you mine for £20 - unused! It could be worth millions!
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