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seattle childrens hospital, Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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@TDUByourBUD Jacksonville Jaguars suspended receivers #BadJeopardyCategories@Secure_America fuck offSo the Mariners might get a perfect game thrown against them by Jaba The Hut today. Great. #bartolonono@ColfaxCapital @given2tweet EPILEPSY ALERT@shannondrayer @JessamynESPN Is Jesus Montero working in the broadcast booth with you guys today then?@ThePatton what restaurants?I love the summer rain@JamilaHanan @AnonOpsLegion @David_Cameron and the US voted no...ugh@PzFeed @Tstrarup I mean, Israel wiped out their hospital and killed their kids- time to pack it in. Hamas needs to learn how to fight backSo good idea to buy a $PBYI put right now or nah? Seems like profit taking going to happen and it should dip, right??@FlushDrawFool @themotleyfool @scottrade same thing happened to me- I was caught off guard. Should have said goal was to get buff calves
@TDUByourBUD lol@TDUByourBUD Jeff maxin's twitter enemies #BadJeopardyCategoriesI don't know what a herbalife is, but I know my stomach is full of tacos....lot of other people eating alone and looking lonely at this Taco Time.@Kalapoof @given2tweet matching getup for Luke?@EricStangel it's too distracting@ArrowheadPride @FieldGulls this is why fantasy drafts before August are gonna be a bad time#Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy: Twitter Netflix Tesla Uber Dropbox Pandora Airbnb and still have $41 billion left. $AAPL
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@sharkbiotech I love the Jews, support Israel, and still support Gaza. #FreePalestine@JackMarder3 @ProspectInsider @jacksongenerals @BIGS_Seeds @giantseeds this is my new favorite tweetNo position but $PBYI holy shite...@Hedge_FundGirl sorry, Godwin's law. http://t.co/rl7J8Wou3k@Hedge_FundGirl the Godwin rule@daverichard Lacy?
@houker420 so true@TDUByourBUD you know anybody?@houker420 I know I know...bad attempt at sarcasm!@tommakau fair enough. Clearly I don't hate any of those groups. I was trying to show the absurdity of celebrating these deaths- I failedThe moral of the story is- if you are going to use sarcasm be better at it than me@tommakau you disagree with my anger at Palestinian children being killed while people rejoice, or you dislike my use of sarcasm?@RoryBBellows1 I think that is likely. I'm just really angry that they can kill children and people celebrate it...That was funny “@jonahkeri: Norm is the king. RT @UPROXX: Let’s All Watch Norm MacDonald’s Legendary Moth Joke Again http://t.co/zz4vLh90YP
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@shakeitupbabyy @ahab_captain beards are a lazy mans best friend...and Ackleys looks like it reaks of chewing tobacco 😳@Isaiah_Thomas2 congrats man...#BOWDOWN@jeffreymaxin glad I didn't sell...guys it pays to sit patient through the panic@M_Henderson20 @EricStangel LOL@SteveSandmeyer @WSUGarbs nah, I think he looks like Tommy Pickles! http://t.co/3aQBQl2eOL@SteveSandmeyer doh!@Slate @jgold85 but my local gas company paid me money to say this isn't true!@JameyEisenberg Spiller and Ellington suck (both have crappy coaches for them)@JameyEisenberg A x1000
@Sci_Phile that is really cool@nfl @SteveSandmeyer @NFL_CFB love this list...Saban should be 1 and everyone else should be in a different tier thoughIf asked, I will ride the Sibian.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@jillpainter @Todd_Dybas makes Rodney, Trout and Pujols all like like douchebags. I expect it from Trout, but Pujols is a pro...How come nobody is talking about the fact that Kaepernick is really just Squidward? http://t.co/hYLjQWkIV0@chrissyteigen looks like Kaepernick@ProspectInsider he looks like tommy pickles and doesn't know any better?@JaredStanger Colby Lewis would be offended that Seager went opposite field with 2 run lead@AdamSinger especially @bradloncar IMHO@Team_Irvin @Softykjr Kearse is liberal but not that whiny@ProFootballTalk did the packers DRASTICALLY improve their crappy defense? Can't win if you can't stop anyone.
Shorter Colby Lewis: "Derpy derp derp"
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@jordantm1997 #bowdown@MLGerig and my grandmas been dead for 15 years@RyanDivish fair enough- after all I'm more offended by our shitty hitting@RyanDivish although if Felix is also cheating I suppose it wouldn't help to mention- are you saying Felix is cheating too?@RyanDivish @TaarynW @Kevin_Martinez @shannondrayer wait- do you oppose them mentioning it? If so, in this case, why the hell?@RyanDivish @TaarynW @Kevin_Martinez @shannondrayer why indeed...@JoeVeyera isn't it like every other game?@BrockESPN overall yes, but Miggy is the better hitter@MLGerig tonight could be a no hitter- this dude is good and we hit like my grandma@ProspectInsider 2-0 and they are playing the shift? I'd bunt every damn time in that situation.@JaredStanger so many of him friends this week are cool throwing him into any deal for David price- it blows my mind.@Softykjr packers suck against Niners though...and yeah, broncos over Seahawks? Wut??@given2tweet aren't biotech and penis kinda the same thing anyway?@ajam ummm...there is a ban on pro Palestine protests? The hell is that about??@JennieKetcham those cupcakes look interesting😉@CornelWest in the bible god clearly values Israelite babies over Canaanite babies. Gods kinda douchey that way@CornelWest but god wants us to support Israel no matter how many moms they rape or children they kill.always kep a carrot under your doormat , then if you lock out you can nibble a dirty carrot while waiting for the lodsmith
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@ProspectInsider which one does David price fill?@RyanDivish @Mariners Rodney, like 8 times?@JulieSeager15 the guy in the back tho- actually fits in perfect. 😃
@TDUByourBUD @Mariners @DAVIDprice14 only if he's bringing a bat! But then again, they did just use Corey Hart...@JaredStanger second half of a sub sandwich maybe@TheDaveSimsShow @shufixer @brown_trevor meh, happens all the time. Gotta be a smarter runner@RyanDivish @NotGeoffBaker don't worry, this is when Kendrys Morales hits a homer for the win and breaks his leg@Softykjr 100mph and nasty movement?? Where has this guy been?@RyanDivish filthyChinese lanterns bit es http://t.co/qLDYcKL4N1@leftbehindmovie @ChristnNitemare it changed my life...never knew writing could be that crappy until this series@Kalapoof lol no but I hate the idea of trading the great prospects for a player now. Still think we are 1-2 yrs away and this is premature@ProspectInsider I hope this stops the crazy David price rumorsWe better trade the future for David Price so we can continue to lose 1-0@sLiM_Kp @ChrisWarcraft protesting pretty loud buddy@Softykjr @UW_Football @A_Jude god I'm excited!!!!!!!@DCameronFG I guess when they showed him crying at the draft it wasn't tears of joyWell I am a little surprised the market is responding like this. I thought everyone would panic heading into this weekend.@given2tweet @ColfaxCapital I thought this exact thing when I read Yellens comments. SRPT never had a bubble in first place 😟
Instagram is a great way to post a pic on twitter if you want someone to have to wait like 6 seconds to see it@AP you know nothing John Snow@TDUByourBUD better than Lying King or Aladdin Bail Bonds@TDUByourBUD @AngmilanoMilano @candacemonique @PeterJohnsonYea @busylizards @kcmorganuw armed only with... http://t.co/sP4UA0RWOj@JaredStanger THIS@canuck2usa dang look at that last week...How about we stop fucking shooting people down and invading places?CNN journalist deletes tweet about Israelis celebrating bombs falling on Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #prayforisrael http://t.co/1SqFaCtPnO
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@MiniiG make sure to shave first
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