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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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@wfromAllen @browbeat If you follow the link, you'll see I offered an answer to that very question.It was great to talk about and oddly comforting to watch, but it's time for Downton Abbey to end: http://t.co/5KL7qiWWrh@bspeed8 I hope these aren't the conversations you're referring to: http://t.co/elEmPjqPyPWhat's it like to teach evolution in Kentucky? Challenging, to say the least: http://t.co/glnEv0rOPY@damianholbrook So sorry to hear this. He photographed so well! Thinking of you.
@markclindsey She was magnificent!Hey, there's @gabrielarana on The Insider. (And, yes, that's all it took to make me stay on the channel.)Looking has been canceled, but HBO will air a "final chapter" http://t.co/kjGoj9OLXl Phew, closure.On this week's Ask a Homo video, @jbryanlowder offers advice to a guy whose boyfriend is in the closet: http://t.co/mfmXCfdcZbSo thrilled to be interviewed by @junethomas and @stevensonseth about the ethics of #BetterCallSaul. http://t.co/S6kqkLfzgb
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@JoshMBingham @TheFostersABCF Most people were so distracted by the cuddly toy, they couldn't think of much else.Final days with Stephanie,my stand-in since S1. We've had fun hitting cars with baseball bats,bed scenes & being bad! http://t.co/aunaPE4xws
Retweeted by June ThomasThe Fosters always seems to turn into (good era) Scandal, bananas-twists-wise, in the final seconds of the season finale.@JoshMBingham @TheFostersABCF Now I can't get this memory out of my head: http://t.co/OfKlZyZcmF@karabaic @stevensonseth @BetterCallSaul Hello, BCS writers room, we have a new hire for you ...@karabaic @stevensonseth @BetterCallSaul Maybe Kim ends up running a dog sanctuary in Sedona.@EdStern @chrisremo Brits don't have to give up their passports when they become U.S. citizens, but we must pledge to renounce irony.@SebastianNebel For me, he's more the golden retriever you keep at a distance in case he shakes himself off and soaks you in river water.@chrisremo It's funny, because the prevailing tone in the UK is sarcasm. (Or so I recall--it's been a while!)I wrote about James Corden's ultrasincere, golden-retriever-like debut on CBS's Late Late Show: http://t.co/zKMWsuqTBSWhat is "genderqueer"? @v_urq has some answers: http://t.co/zMHcoQbeMv
When 2 Broke Girls makes a Serial joke, a public radio angel gets a tote bag. (Usually "underwriting" means something else at 2BG.)@AbigMESS Ooh! Now I cannot wait to watch!Plumlee of the home team Nets has a head like an Easter Island moai. #Nets323Enraptured Slatesters at the Nets-Celtics game. (I just wish they'd put 2 Broke Girls on the Jumbotron.) http://t.co/1YuVfqRPZhThe long, winding road to a .gay domain continues with a do-over evaluation; @marcparis maintains vigilence: http://t.co/93pxkbXlKR@azchronicler @achilledplum Strongly disagree. Her characters are self-centered; that doesn't mean she thinks that's OK.@azchronicler @achilledplum They're also awesome!.@mjs_DC on a brilliant response to California's "kill the gays" proposal: the Intolerant Jackass Act: http://t.co/lJQedRdJziLovely piece by @achilledplum on the Girls finale: http://t.co/vTn7hUOyuo (And here's me on last week's ep: http://t.co/usgKuDaOp6)
@emilynussbaum @MarkHarrisNYC I agree completely with your last sentence. I've still enjoyed this season less than the others.@estherbreger Oh, yes!@MarkHarrisNYC You and me both.@estherbreger Jessa?I guess if I had to summarize tonight's Girls finale in one frame, it would be http://t.co/BkkBzXAVzf
Retweeted by June Thomas@JarettSays I rewound her Girls bit four times.@TnsBAW Yes! I was going crazy trying to think who she reminded me of!That's actually a beautiful name. #GirlsBabyThis birth is stressing me out so much I have to keep pausing and restarting. #Girls@tomandlorenzo @moryan So jealous this tweet should be in green.
@Simonhab Ooh, interesting! I had no idea scanners were so sensitive, but of course that makes sense. We'll mention next week.Had to replay local news tease four times before I realized "Prepare the shitter" was "Prepare to shiver." Cold, not salmonella.@DMFWV But they do smoke ganja. I don't, but I do drink alcohol.@DMFWV It's one of the branches of Rastafarianism--kind of the Jainsians of Rasta. Parallel being that they're pretty straight edge.
@KRPRLLC Stop! I'm so behind on US TV I haven't had time for any foreign stuff!@katelinnea Nooooooooooo! I must rematch!@katelinnea We've been working through all the seasons on Netflix since late 2014!Blaine's blazer at Nationals!@KRPRLLC We're between UK shows it seems. Great British Baking Contest? On PBS.@KRPRLLC @NoreenMalone @TheFallTV Better Call Saul? The Americans?The Scott Trust announces that @KathViner has been appointed next editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media. More to follow.
Retweeted by June ThomasI mostly want to learn who the next editor of the Guardian will be because it will mean the terrible joke announcements will end.California can't stop a "kill the gays" proposal from going forward, reports @mjs_DC: http://t.co/C77vNMxfh6A sweet and often sour Sue-percut of the best and worst of Sue Sylvester, insult comedian: http://t.co/mYFzQiVMp2I wrote about how crazy gay this final season of Glee has been: http://t.co/m2iratK5vi (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
@BDF331 He's clearly not incompetent. The question is whether he believes in his own skills. Self-belief and self-deception key to Gilligan.@DeboraAZoe @Slate SCRIPTED show, but point taken.In its final season, Glee was the gayest show in TV history: http://t.co/m2iratK5vi (Of course that's a good thing!)On this week's Double X Gabfest: the Ellen Pao trial, choreplay, and maternity leave (with @winterjessica): http://t.co/xjdzjeOzZZ
.@SocialLore on how Dolce & Gabbana's anti-gay statements perpetuate an exclusionary version of the Italian family: http://t.co/1JTEKsSvrk@colm59 It's just a satanic sex ritual. NBD.I endorse this message: http://t.co/16lXcYs6XK Oh, how I endorse it.On this week's Better Call Saul podcast, we called the phone number on Jimmy McGill's bingo cards: http://t.co/6bUKUkdLPSBTW, the warning, "This video contains brief nudity," does not refer to me. I am fully clothed throughout: http://t.co/mU4aYkSKKzOn this week's Ask a Homo, a parent wants to know why his pro-LGBTQ kids patronize anti-LGBTQ businesses: http://t.co/mU4aYkSKKz@ajavuu Isn't it amazing. So glad you're enjoying it.
@pollyannaeffect No, I just interviewed the John Logan, the creator, before the premiere. (He's a fascinating guy.)This Thursday's Archer, inspired by a Matthew Rhys anecdote, has a Welsh title. Take that Hawaii 5-0.@thesurfreport Agreed. I'll be sorry to see Betsy out of the picture.@robynexton june.thomas@slate.com Ta!@thrashRadical I'm semi-obsessed with situations that can believably throw people together--Go On's grief group and Siren's EMTs are smart.@TalkingTV She's lovely, but even she can't make this work. I hope she gets another great gig soon.@dianeshipley I know! I really liked talking to her, and I hate to be a hater, but ... I mean, I'll watch again anyway, of course.@KeytarVillain My point being you're right, but it's not as stark as it first appears.@KeytarVillain And lots of the lesbians on TV these days are POC, though typically when the roles are supporting.@KeytarVillain The show isn't good--and the three leads are white--but there are two POC in the three supporting roles.Can a sitcom about a pregnant lesbian rescue NBC from comedy oblivion? http://t.co/L3cimumGOm (Spoiler: No.)@DJFLevesley Ah! (I'm going on a coach trip to Scarborough with my mum in April.)@DJFLevesley PS What's the seaside town in your Twitter background? I'm going to guess Whitby, though I don't think that's right.Should sex apps be used to create art? @DJFLevesley explores the question: http://t.co/I0wt7nN71M@DJFLevesley David, your fabulous piece is live: http://t.co/I0wt7nN71M
@jbryanlowder Don't you mean "Tragedy"?@SnarkChum @KatelynBuress @Slate Indeed. But he had his first talk about it with Hannah last night.First event for @ItsNotOverBook: @Slate's @junethomas conversation w/ @MSignorile, hosted by @NewAmerica, NYC 4/7 http://t.co/xZUnDU5wzv
Retweeted by June ThomasHannah's dad came out to her on last night's Girls. She took the news surprisingly well: http://t.co/usgKuDaOp6
@Whopkins37 I deserve a medal!Just saw Ted Allen in Whole Foods. I would've made a Chopped joke, but I'm guessing I was the only person in the entire store who didn't.@woodtang @margeincharge Naturally! I think I saw you Friday but couldn't interrupt your convo. Next time I'll barge in.
@realaxelfoley @thehighsign @dankois So many great actors in that show. And Daniel Baldwin.@jessicagross @thehighsign @dankois I love them. The music is too jangly to sing along to but too specific to ignore. Plus hoolah hoop.@pensomnia Oops! http://t.co/3I1IrItGfP@pensomnia And others not pictured! http://t.co/3o1FtSuFTU@pensomnia Oh, you know it! And a new Classroom Friendly. (My knockoff broke.) http://t.co/5fOVOnQl71
@ezrateach Ugh! Now I'll be obsessing, which, like, means I'll probably do it more.@hyperbolise No, this is new! That was Things for the Study in SoHo.And here's what CW Pencil Enterprise looks like from the street. http://t.co/jjkRx6zirUJust to make every pencil geek outside New York City super jealous. http://t.co/E04c0coKME
@Maggie_McNeill Get my email address from Jillian or follow me and I'll DM it to you. Great to meet you.@miker32 About 5 movies and 10 books at this point. I don't understand why that one night is what everyone obsesses over.@SilvestriWoman One of my all-time faves. "A Quinn Martin Production!"
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