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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

I organize awesome events, and do event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Flex, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Ignite Denver.

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“@Julia_JJ: 29 years ago today, I was in the library with my 3rd grade class, eyes glued to the TV. http://t.co/AMdaZJeJbV #challenger” sameThe False Feminism of Vivek @wadhwa: https://t.co/9PrJlWYERC
Retweeted by John WilkerWhat do hundreds of Jelly Fish stings teach you? @kimberleyswims will tell you about her experience at #360intersect. http://t.co/T1GOTouuvsIf your 'childhood is ruined' by an all-female Ghostbusters then don't worry you still have several years left to your childhood.
Retweeted by John Wilker@kennetheyoung it’s not dead yet, so I’ll likely get that much, just would rather not worry about it#ValentinesTNG http://t.co/NwX3O8OOo1
Retweeted by John Wilker@nick_harris neither of those was even on the list, LOL. But agree, both are great pies.@dhb7 trulyListening to nearby team decide on which pizza place for lunch. You'd think the fate of the free world was in the balanceIf you're thoughtful about the words you use, that's called empathy, not "political correctness."
Retweeted by John Wilker@freebsdgirl It’s a long road for sure. So few things are ever as cut and dry as most would like to think@freebsdgirl What drives me crazy, the people that act like there is an easy fix. It’s hard, and it’s work. Worth it, but yeah not easy.@octothorpe @dlpasco only way to be sure. (That line never gets old, LOL)@dlpasco @octothorpe might need to burn the laptop that displayed that message.@kyleisom LOL Yeah. it had plenty of life left, about 15 hours or so, HA@kyleisom ha ha. i usually do all my charging at night, so a little more warning woulda been perfect.. like last night LOL@kyleisom yeah probably a good idea@kyleisom LOL Exactly. Not sure mine’s gonna make it all day, because charger is at home. Wil see. it’s already red@iconmaster yeah I don’t think i’d think twice at 199 or 250 with like MK8, but 300 bones for the Wii U just shows they have no idea@iconmaster Yeah i wonder if they’d crush it at $199. might alienate recent buyers, but yeah 299… no.I really wish my fitbit would give me the “low battery” warning before it was like. “Yeah I’m gonna die REAL soon.”This is why we need to quit with the "internet is not real" narrative. It's breeding monsters with no empathy.
Retweeted by John Wilker@jesterxl HA HA HA.@jesterxl Ok Win. Nothing beats a downtown Julie Brown reference. Wubba wubba wubba@reboog711 @jesterxl LOL true@jesterxl totally know what you’re not saying, know what I’m saying@jesterxl SO what you’re saying is Flash is now officially a zombie…There's a divide between knowing how bad it is & reading 5 days of @femfreq harassment. Our collegues deserve better http://t.co/N20dW4uPxZ
Retweeted by John Wilker@WickedGood Yeah i always love the character that was built around in for the same reason. nice guy doing what he’s gotta, vs. just bad ass@WickedGood I like that with helmet he’s all :D and without it’s just :)@quetwo @jonbcampos I hope at least it’s a video call so you can see the head nod/shake in action. Always loved that… as in HATED ITAnd this, THIS should tell you EVERYTHING about the harassment Anita Sarkeesian or any other outspoken feminist gets: http://t.co/s3KrTAoYpi
Retweeted by John WilkerNew on our dev blog. "Raizin toast" a better way to show non-blocking alerts. http://t.co/yJICrOVQWD by @earnshavian
Retweeted by John Wilker
Come see some amazing technologists rocking the mic at #360intersect. You'll leave amazed and inspired to be awesome! http://t.co/n8ArW7AvCY@quetwo so sad. How are we messing up people's idea of business and entrepreneurship so badly@quetwo That must be it. Sad@octothorpe yeah so weird. I’ve been (knocking on wood) lucky for sure.@jhooks Hear hear!@octothorpe I know it’s immensely subjective, but FWIW, been 10.10.X from the word go on 3 machines. No issues. YMM…. Will… V@TheOnlyAnt @ThomasBrock scary thing, I’ve seen that too. must be an old guy thing.. so we’ve got that to look forward to.how sad that "starting a business” is now synonymous with "you'll need VC money" Is that just accelerator/incubator marketing winning?@jhooks WTH. what about as “stated” income. Thats plain ridiculousThis is SO INSANE. Here is 1 wk of @femfreq's hate Tweets http://t.co/xVCSs4VS4I
Retweeted by John Wilker@JustaSunGod mmmmmmm :D@JustaSunGod Concentrated sugar … liquid. you mean yum. well at least the lemon lime one.@WickedGood i hope you followed ubers model. Surge pricing on the cookies. "Well you can drive yourself... Oh no you can't"It's probably not ok to just drink soda stream syrup straight is it? I don't health wise. Thinking socially acceptable@octothorpe exactly, it’s fine. 70 in january…totally normale@octothorpe yeah most of the pics I saw, we had more than that last week, LOL. course it’s 70 today :D@octothorpe ah ok. yeah i figured I’d never see you all again :) then saw pics and was like, uh… that’s not much@octothorpe as crazy as predicted?So… did snowmageddon wipe out the east coast or not?@rlux @reboog711 @GoDaddy “All press is good press” is a lie.@CarlBrwn Yeah think it’s a great idea and great resource!@bgeerdes Exactly, it’s a “failure” to the tech press because they lump it in with two other categories. I’m glad it’s there, love mine@CarlBrwn yup signed up and will submit iDev to them@iconmaster ditto, sucks they’re hamstrung by twitter. great appwelcoming back @joshjet to talk about jumping out ahead of the pack & doing things you can't google the 'how to' on. http://t.co/CeP90eBfciAnd we’re live: http://t.co/DZEeyRvt1e Úll tickets are now on general sale. Shift-refresh!
Retweeted by John WilkerMaybe when we stop thinking of it as “a big phone” we’ll stop writing articles like this.. :/ http://t.co/I83jiQnzVkWe know you want to plan your calendar in advance: buy tickets now for Feb. 26th #IgniteDenver19! http://t.co/CAkGJBPyoh
Retweeted by John Wilker@Vodstok @FunkyDarkKnight @Spacekatgal Duh, youtube super star… :\@freebsdgirl @a_man_in_black Guessing he didn’t see the irony there@freebsdgirl @a_man_in_black Ah so anyone can be a “scientist” now? Awesome!!@octothorpe no argument there, fight as long as we can.@a_man_in_black @freebsdgirl They got a “scientist” to talk about the blocker?? I don’t even… what?holy loly check out this crazy #gamergate bullshit https://t.co/PAkryhW7r6 https://t.co/6qytxLO9C5
Retweeted by John Wilker@octothorpe that’s one option, LOL@octothorpe we don’t either and I am too, especially as we get older, some folks obviously have been renewing for 30 years online@octothorpe and forever thin.. My license is basically an entirely different person now, LOLTickets will be on sale in 40 minutes. https://t.co/fOd0AWgLZ0
Retweeted by John Wilker@octothorpe Ah, yeah we just keep the first shitty one you took, blessing and curse, LOL@octothorpe LOL well it’s more “Mail me my renewed license. The renewal is online, which is nice. So long as no tickets, or something@octothorpe @jowyang Nice! That’s handy. thankfully in CO, we do it by mail, at least mostly.@iconmaster No… it’s a fruit or a veggie or whatever! It’s not hazardous… shut up… #mmmmpizzaRemember when snow storms were fun? This guy does @BostonYeti2015 @BostonMagazine http://t.co/86dpsWB8yN
Retweeted by John Wilker“@jowyang: At the dmv. They say in business If theres a line there's a business opportunity http://t.co/BgUTpo3MZn” Where’s the Uber of DMV?“@verge: A crowdfunded startup explains why crowdfunding can be a complete disaster http://t.co/R6fOb6Yl3Z http://t.co/Xkn8PtKKN6” huh…Rachel does amazing chalk art, but you'd never guess what she does for a living. #360intersect http://t.co/sHk8s3Pt8LNow you can dm with a group. So long as you don't try to send a url.@katatwell oh it was just to meetup. The email was a "hey here's a new meetup you might care about"@quetwo lol.
@RedQueenCoder Yeah I get why they went that way, but still don’t like it, and they suck at cloud software which hurts more.Awesome that @dougmccune returns to share more on making art from data. http://t.co/bVqOQmrsL9 Don't miss #360intersect@quetwo LOL If only it’d tell me whyWhat? What Creative Cloud, what?!? http://t.co/a4OeHnEjm8Gotta love instant hotspot!If you havin' snow problems I feel bad fo' you son, I got 99 problems but a blizz ain't one. (but srsly, stay safe) http://t.co/Ppp8oSsbCI
Retweeted by John Wilker@jcieplinski I like the beer analogy a lot. Well said. well written"A passionless life, he called it." —@thelindywest on @ThisAmerLife, interviewing one of her worst trolls. http://t.co/3be8315V0h
Retweeted by John Wilker@katatwell Kid you not. email from http://t.co/6De44Z9Ckx about a new meetup in Denver…@iconmaster Yum.@matbeeDOTcom I guess so! maybe they’ll merge with atkins entrepreneur group, then it’ll be a party@iconmaster Can you imagine trying to cater that meetup@dejager I can’t even imagine@iconmaster LOL That’s even a little too Denver for me. Good lord! What’s that meeting even like?@matbeeDOTcom Yeah guess those that don’t follow fad type diets need not apply.Really?? http://t.co/Nyd8i7KrLj@voteforgrant LOLJust don’t bank with TCF bank.. Phone rep called my wife a liar, then wouldn’t let her speak to his manager
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