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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

POLITICO reporter; Phillies, Eagles fan

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ONLY 25 minutes to next #edshow with @kenvogel and @HollandCooke on Tea Party radio and @ringoffireradio on #BundyRanch at 5pET on @msnbc!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDon't worry, Jews! The milk @cvs doesn't have bread in it. http://t.co/qhdxb9afLKSteyer vows to aid anti-Keystone lawmakers; has said he'll personally put $50m into midterms: http://t.co/1QVvlnUY7i via @AndrewRestuccia
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@kenvogel doesn't know his Anus from his Elbow! You know We aren't allowed to dissent whatever the media! http://t.co/IYUaPLKCNg
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@RalstonReports I assumed you broke out the sanitizer immediately afterwardsSleazy @kenvogel history. http://t.co/UKHg2bxMga and the piece of crap is at it again http://t.co/3Cg9rqsxbQ he's stupid, and transparent.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWhy I love reading Tim Carney RT @TPCarney: The pole-dance-party-bus lobby loves pole-dance-party-bus regulation | http://t.co/k92TxdzNWl.@GlennBeck, still on @GroverNorquist rant: a "Trojan horse" who is "very, very dangerous man when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood."Great use of @nytimes archives MT @tenementmuseum: 3 murders, 2 years apart, 1 gun, no answers at Ridley's on the LES http://t.co/SaePOKYHm9.@FreedomWorks paid @GlennBeck $6M+ over the last few years to promote/raise $ for the group & its candidates: http://t.co/WBAQfxsL1e.@SarahPalinUSA & @SenMikeLee coming to Nebraska to stump for Ben @Sasse4Senate. #NESEN@joshuaculling Beck ended his interview with Shane @OsbornForSenate before teeing off on @GroverNorquist, so Osborn couldn't respond.More @glennbeck on @GroverNorquist: "truly one of the most dangerous men on our side. he is the @georgesoros shadowy figure" on the right.non-profits are not part of the free-market economy MT @Jimbean87055631: oh no capitalism in a free market economy! Let's cry about it!.@GlennBeck just now after S. Osborn plugs event w @GroverNorquist: "Very dangerous, bad, bad guy & if ur a friend of Grover's, no thank u."To the friendly anonymous NYT reader who calls me (and HRC) "zionist stooges" every time I write a story: Message received, thanks.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNo Labels could sponsor you ;) MT @smerconish story like @politico @kenvogel could be plucked from my new novel #TALK http://t.co/2XNBwCREyA.@mweinfeld & I look at the talkers providing major boosts to tea party orgs headed into 2014--& making $$ in process http://t.co/WBAQfxsL1e
MLB baseball commissioner's PAC just maxes out to every committee of both parties, bc why not http://t.co/wlYqP68kHr
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBurned, obvi MT @singernews Where's Trilateral Cmsn notes? MT @sinderbrand Something to look fwd to in Clinton library doc dump:"Bilderberg"Pumped! MT @sinderbrand Something to look fwd to in this Fri's Clinton library doc dump: "2008-0637-F Bilderberg Conferences" cc @kenvogel!! Among 7,500 pgs of Clinton records to be released on Friday is this file: "2008-0637-F Bilderberg Conferences" Get ready, @RealAlexJones.Sheldon Adelson, who hosted a March fundraiser for Niger Innis (@3568ni) maxes out to his NV-4 campaign: http://t.co/MYfMuTqVWm
Is this @JohnKasich ad for 2014 or 2016?: https://t.co/TrEpgIVmtrJust seeing this web ad from Boehner's primary opponent. Uh, wow. http://t.co/JQJfQc16eH@ComfortablySmug $1k is small for a super PAC, & is kind of a waste. donations under $5k go furthest when they're to a campaign.@ComfortablySmug small donors don't really matter to super PACs.Mitch McConnell, forsaking no $$$ channel, raises $168k into Bluegrass Cmte ldrshp PAC, largely from corporate PACs: http://t.co/nlgHwfPqxRNext Hillary bk from @jonallendc, @amieparnes sounds hard-hitting; will focus on "Benghazi, turmoil in Clinton camps" http://t.co/e0pGudeuDyPaul Singer, pushing GOP on gay rights, gives $1.75M to @AmUnityPAC; fellow hedge funder Seth Klarman kicks in $1M: http://t.co/aefOh1p2jO
my co-author on @nytimes op-ed, @DGisSERIOUS brought to life CAR crisis in ways words cannot. Watch this documentary https://t.co/lQpA145BAW
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Allowing Another Rwanda," @DGisSERIOUS @samueloakford on the int'l community's failure in Central African Republic: http://t.co/qZVBYd2SQe@RalstonReports @WendyDavisTexas http://t.co/R1W6cFgKUwWillie Nelson on @WendyDavisTexas, for whom he's doing a fundraiser: "She's got a shot...All the girls like her." http://t.co/UskNXYTbsqTSA: "Passengers traveling with... matzoh may request a hand inspection by the TSO at the security checkpoint." http://t.co/PQZm9YcwOHICYMI - Shaun McCutcheon attends fundraiser at Sheldon Adelson's house http://t.co/IS603mpHIh via @byrontau @kenvogel
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelEmail from @FreedomWorks: "Establishment Moderates McCain, Graham, Throw Support Behind Shane Osborn in NE." Uh, so did you, until recently.... Lerner's "level of confidence" email also undermines 2012 stories casting 501(c)4s as tricky operators outmaneuvering diligent IRS. 3/3Lois Lerner's 1/4/13 email validates prescient 2012 story by @tparti & I on IRS's inability to regulate 501c4s: http://t.co/YNMuVGC43s 2/3Lois Lerner, in 1/4/13 email-"My level of confidence that we are equipped to do this work continues to be shaken" http://t.co/W9BGjFpYg1 1/3Rand Paul, asked abt rejection of his foriegn policy by Sheldon Adelson: “When he gets to know me, he’ll like me too" http://t.co/HHBQZMO5tG
"I stomped the cat, euthanized it. You know, I stomped on its head...I shudda done it a different way. That's my bad" http://t.co/b4NkhsNDJV& Colbert (surprisingly) waited until later to turn the hearing into a gag--unlike w/ House Judiciary Cmte MT @EllenLWeintraub: And we did!Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio: https://t.co/CH9Y9jWHTV #DJRandPaul
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTomorrow on @Morning_Joe--best of the NH AFP summit & my interview with Sen. Ted Cruz. 6.15! #mojo #morningjoe
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI asked @StephenAtHome in 2011 whether the FEC should take his super PAC request seriously. "Why wouldn't they?" https://t.co/KB3h9BwGqtIntroducing @Slate's Don Draper Doomsday Clock: http://t.co/h7mndoEaMb
Did not know you were on "Saved by the Bell." RT @A_H_Goldstein .@morningmoneyben look what I found in the stacks.... http://t.co/Gdfc4AIBzG@S1CT SCOTUS in #McCutcheon struck down regs deemed unconstitutional government overreach. But thx for snarky advice on how to do my job ;)@S1CT not related to SCOTUS's campaign finance ruling@bmaz @rickhasen @ByronTau it's a nugget in a news profileSCOOP: 1 week before SCOTUS ruled in his favor striking $$ limit, Shaun #McCutcheon met w Sheldon Adelson http://t.co/rlatfZIcrR w @ByronTauI bet Putin is under the table MT @TheWeek: Obama's spox decorates home w/ Soviet propaganda: http://t.co/likd0DC3bZ http://t.co/kBEQI6f6X1
IRL? RT @HuntsmanAbby: The first person who can learn how to actually talk to millennials will run the world! http://t.co/KLWjhGhU8eerm...this is weird. http://t.co/OrjAoLmDBi
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@Cimmerian999 :)@Cimmerian999 i cover political $, so it's a frame of reference for my followers. if i RT'd orin kramer on the sbjt, it'd be "major D donor"@Cimmerian999 must be missing something, since i see nothing leftist, nothing ad hominem and no summary in my tweet.reviews are in from major Wall St GOP donor MT @Cimmerian999: Sure, Lewis's "heroes" aren't profit but curiosity motivated. A lie of a book@JamesHercher @TPCarney in which league is Obama running for reelection?Obama, who's really worried about big $ in politics, dined last nite at home of Steve & @AmberMostyn, who donated $5.2M to super PACs in '12Excited for ur next intervu MT @mckaycoppins Person close to Trump tells me Sam Nunberg has been hired back; will be w the Donald in NH tmrw
Tough to keep track of his residency MT @gretawire Oops, I said Scott Brown is kicking off his NY campaign tonight...I meant New Hampshire!#grudge tho not really a "top" leader MT @davecatanese Jewish leader who clashed w @GovChristie may boycott NYC event http://t.co/9Iq4ynUuEOComing up: @nomiprins on @thecyclemsnbc, talking #APB with @Toure @HuntsmanAbby @krystalball @AriMelber
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelForthcoming Koch bio by @DanielSchulman "shrouded in secrecy," reports @Newsmax_Media, foreshadowing righty pushback: http://t.co/ZoGHQAalSEShe will rule it, if she runs MT @patcaldwell Hillary dislikes new campaign $$$ world, but she's benefitting from it: http://t.co/oOc5DCA1g1Friends in the DMV! @bestkidsdc is having a 5K on Apr 12. Proceeds help match DC foster kids with mentors! #GiveBack: http://t.co/qqzUHbGxut
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelKoch-linked orgs haven't heard from IRS, per @SeanNobleDC "b/c we've done everything exactly by letter of law" http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 6/6Calif probe into Koch-linked orgs was "a complete over-reach" & "violate[d] rights of individuals"--@SeanNobleDC http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 5/6Ex-Koch $ man @SeanNobleDC on millions to his firms: "vast majority is essentially pass thru..not profit at all" http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 4/6.@SeanNobleDC asked if he was booted from Koch World: "They're not a client of mine, let's put it that way." http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 3/6.@SeanNobleDC, asked if his secret $ org "is connected w/ the Koch bros network" (which Kochs have denied): "Yes" http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 2/6.@SeanNobleDC, in rare intervu, shows why Kochs trusted him: "I've been attacked & basically kept my mouth shut" http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiP 1/6MUST-WATCH for campaign $ & Koch followers: Ex-Koch secret $ man @seannobledc talks to @12News re: Kochs, IRS, CA etc http://t.co/XZsEGiuwiPFEC hits the @FloridaGOP for failing to report $100k in ads boosting Jolly against @AlexSinkFlorida in FL-13: http://t.co/lIL68xZkqj
Sheldon Adelson donates $16.4M to @TeamSpaceIL group aiming to land 1st Israeli spacecraft on Moon: http://t.co/Q9ZxeEuILE #NewtWouldBeProudJust had a meeting with Rep. Sensenbrenner. He was typing a letter. This is how he does it. Seriously. http://t.co/pBgUyjg221
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI got nervous there for a sec ... like 'how many dogs do you plan to hit?' RT @evale72 1st hit dog of the season! http://t.co/cREiTUzhyjLooks like the actual tea party in Neb. disagrees w/ the DC orgs supporting Sasse (@FreedomWorks @SCF @club4growth): http://t.co/FRVGjnD56j"takedown," huh? MT @sissenberg: Achtung, candidates! If u deny a Politico intervu they’ll run takedowns out of spite http://t.co/hC3MIuew0i@Hadas_Gold What's he doing under the jacket? RT @AFP A man naps w/ his dog under blooming cherry trees in Washington http://t.co/lNZtYNLDj3Topless Florida Woman Wrecks McDonalds, Pauses to Guzzle Ice Cream: http://t.co/DohAK9jb7m
*proud* MT @GlensGardenMkt: Danielle Vogel @TEDxYouthDay "How Eating Good Food from Close By Can Slow Climate Change" http://t.co/rftXSO93pD"I own a grocery store, which is a weird thing to do in DC, b/c the only biz is politics"--@GlensGardenMkt does TEDx https://t.co/KW9d88Tu9XIs a wacky TN Sen candidate trying to split tea party vote to help Lamar Alexander? @mboyle1 makes a convincing case: http://t.co/JcNbLVVY31Is it about crushing the tea party? MT @HaleyBarbour Big Tent, a new book on conservatism, is out. I wrote afterword http://t.co/qHriFlBKnN.@KarlRove: @JebBush "act of love" immigration comment shows he hasn't been candidate in while.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel
@RobertMaguire_ @rickhasen @SunFoundation also could make it harder to track; CPPR, FP could buy airtime, then donate it to grantees in-kindNo! An incredibly useful tool---> MT @documentcloud: Hey DocumentCloud users, we're anticipating some downtime this afternoon. Be back ASAP.Big Koch World shift MT @SunFoundation Freedom Partners - Koch Bros. 'secret bank' - starting to air ads in Colorado: http://t.co/Pdpm93voRaConsolidation of Koch political firepower: Freedom Partners umbrella 501c6 now buying airtime in Colo http://t.co/uOCWLkp72W #PotentiallyBigCongrats to @brikeilarcnn and @GlennThrush, two of the best reporters in DC, and this year's winners of the Aldo Beckman Memorial Award.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSununu also said Adelson isn't "that bright," which, if ur a GOPer, isn't that bright MT @aburnspolitico Sununu on Christie:an “easy target”@nickconfessore artisanal gluten-free liberal cookies?& moment ur charged for Times Premiere MT @nickconfessore: Time-lapse of NYT newsroom shows moment news gets biased http://t.co/qregyzQLYUFrom @FosterFriess's blog: "Humorous Parody of Hitler Realizing He Can’t Keep His Doctor Under ObamaCare": http://t.co/YiakFFmGDPCongrats to @reidepstein on his great new gig -- and to @WSJ for getting him!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelLeading campaign $$ reformer Trevor Potter (repped @StephenAtHome + @SenJohnMcCain) now repping Allen West scam PACs: http://t.co/raVppU6qd1@lukerosiak http://t.co/DhUYA1q4JQ
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