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Kira Kosarin @kirakosarin ⚑️

I act, dance, sing, and fall down a lot. Sometimes I even play a superhero on tv. Depends on the day, really.

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Yup. http://t.co/AbJawXc6qI
After a ten mile hike with @kirakosarin , it's time for lots and LOTS of food! 🍴🍴🍴
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin.@bethanyhamilton is so incredibly inspiring. If she can surf pregnant with one arm, I can get get my butt off the couch and go work out!πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’₯Made it through our 10 mile hike in 4 hours πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Time for lots and lots of food @TheKellyHooper http://t.co/rp6iWMmQbXStrong is the new sexy πŸ’ͺ🏼 #MyShirtTho #MarilynMonroeMoment #ThanksWind http://t.co/GFTacgcpdRMemorial Day hikes with kelly_hooper #HollywoodSign πŸƒ https://t.co/rGH7R6pJqxHappy birthday @Brecbassinger! So happy you're a part of our little @NickelodeonTV family. Have an amazing day! 😘🏈 http://t.co/btJif0zWcP@Kamrynquack Anything for you Young Tofu πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜Thank you to everyone that made my birthday so specialπŸ’—Including @kirakosarin who put up with copious amounts of cilantro.
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"That's so shady. I love it" -@Kamrynquack@kirakosarin I second this
Retweeted by Kira KosarinI will always love string cheese. Always.@ChaseAustin1093 I'm not even gonna pretend I didn't just search the Internet for a relevant Archer meme response... Cuz I totally did 😁@kirakosarin http://t.co/PBivaCLzbk
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@ChaseAustin1093 When your boyfriend... Umm... This was going somewhere but I lost it.@kirakosarin when you girl friends tweets about something that happen two seconds ago. #goals
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWhen your bf knows your fave foods and offers to bring them to you for no reason>>>>>> 😍 @ChaseAustin1093Throwin it back listening to some old school Ne-Yo. Having major flashbacks rnHAPPY BIRTHDAY QUACKERZ @Kamrynquack! When did we get so old? 😁 Happy 18th! (#SendbackSunday to HALO Awards 2013) http://t.co/LzYm0jwoXCGot up early for yoga yesterday, got up early for ballet today. Feels good to keep fitness going through the weekend! #IllSleepLater
Pick up the new @twistmag to see a familiar face and and article about me and @nickimmouse! http://t.co/2208pH10Kg@nickimmouse hahaha preach it girl πŸ˜‚best friends who are in magazines together stay together❀️ http://t.co/rW3E2823Wy
Retweeted by Kira KosarinDecided to take advantage of free time and organize some drawers I haven't opened in years. Found $200. Thanks universe.Woo hoo! #IrelandSaidYES #MarriageEquality 🌈 β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€THIS IS A PSA IF YOU'RE FALLING FOR A F-BOY STOP RIGHT NOW IT'S NOT WORTH IT THIS HAS BEEN A PSAThat moment when you're eating and food falls into your bra and you're just like... *casually pulls food out of bra*Always love getting glammed up by this lovely lady ❀️ @eringuthmakeup http://t.co/gepUEDOsNbLate night reminder: It doesn't matter how you identify, who you like, or what you wear. You deserve acceptance and happiness. You rock.
When glasses are given, selfies will be taken #TGIF http://t.co/jiK1iLEUpOPersons do not draw @LittlejGriffo @kirakosarin @AddisonRiecke @MrChrisTallman @rosablasi @DiegoVelazquezJ http://t.co/Njy4264tMD
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When driving @audreywhitby home becomes a regrettable decision (cuz that's the 12th time she's played this...today) http://t.co/lm1Y0BNZZDCyclops Kira and Adorable Audrey @audreywhitby http://t.co/UH6TS19ZI9Voting for #TWISTPromQueen ends tomorrow, so get your votes in now: http://t.co/Gu4NmVOP0q http://t.co/XNauoWS8tj
Retweeted by Kira KosarinDieting Dietin Dieti Diet Die Di D Do Don Donu Donut Donuts
Relaxing to the sweet melodies of @kirakosarin and her red guitar. Best afternoon with our Thunder-Gang :)
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin⚑+οΈπŸ’+🚘= #PhoebeAndCherryCarpoolParty @audreywhitby πŸ˜‚Nonfat decaf vanilla lattes from @priscillacoffee make life better.
I have an eye makeup remover that says to avoid contact with eyes. I don't know what to do with this information... ??!ΒΏ?ΒΏΒΏ?
My freaking heart hurts :( #RIPKozmo http://t.co/65UGJbvAAyMissing my little boy like crazy tonight πŸ˜” #RIPKozmo http://t.co/7iQfT920H5Bruh I actually saw a girl wearing one of those AYE HE'S MINE shirts but without a guy wearing the other one πŸ˜‚.@audreywhitby Whitby? More like WhitBAE.
#SendbackSunday and #SunsetSunday in one shot! Throwback to the incredible sunset over the Sydney Harbor 😍 http://t.co/D9WDcKidYjLove this song 😍 #SundayCandy https://t.co/m0deW61p3sJamming out to a little Sunday Candy cuz hey, happy Sunday https://t.co/xQDNlljcOM
My baby girl 😍 #Delilah http://t.co/4FEjdVFeU8Bout to have a Mario Kart pj party with @audreywhitby... I promise we act like adults sometimes. Now is not one of those times 😈am I tumblr yet? http://t.co/wsA99CZwjuYoga, let's do this thing.Friday night: "I know, I'll get up at 8am tomorrow and go to yoga, it'll be great!" Saturday morning: "Ashflwgglfvgjhhhhsbfvdjg noooooooo"
@kirakosarin ☺️❀️
Retweeted by Kira KosarinThanks for the nomination for #TwistPromQueen @twistmag! Vote here if you wanna πŸ’• http://t.co/mOUdHKy6Gv#TWISTPromQueen nominations are out now! Make sure to vote for your fave stylish star HERE: http://t.co/Gu4NmVOP0q http://t.co/HJuJIOdhnr
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Hear what @TheThundermans star @kirakosarin has to say about our #dearglitter #selflove campaign! @NickelodeonTV https://t.co/0mxDN6pqOu
Retweeted by Kira KosarinOver 60 celebs have shared w/our #selflove campaign. What's it mean to you @KeshaRose? #GlitterMagazine #dearglitter http://t.co/JBwEVnsQSh
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin"Who, me?" http://t.co/BGfo653EDfAhhhhh thunder and lightning in the valleyyyyyyyAll black errything #dirtymirror http://t.co/4KzEoOqufo.@BarrettCarnahan: "I'm so excited for The Force Awakens" .@AddisonRiecke: "the what does what now?"My thunderbro @LittlejGriffo's stuck in bed sick. Help me send him some "get well" messages!Spongebob sweatshirt Day 2 πŸ’› feat #NoMakeupThursday http://t.co/dSl76CWqD1Vogliamo anche noi questa felpa di #Spongebob che @kirakosarin indossa in questa foto: http://t.co/xiCcm6sVk1 http://t.co/CFSxf4jJhT
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I can't explain how much I want to eat like four bowls of Mac N Cheese right nowShe said oooh, SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH MEWHEN @ValerieRockey AND @kirakosarin ARE FRIENDS AND LIFE JUST SUDDENLY BECOMES COMPLETE THE TWO MOST ADORABLE PEOPLE
Retweeted by Kira KosarinShoutout to the team over at @Nickelodeon_AU for not only being so welcoming and awesome, but for all the sweet SpongeBob merch!!! #Yaaaas 😍Leia buns and a spongebob sweatshirt. Cuz life's too short not to wear Leia buns and a spongebob sweatshirts. http://t.co/LQxd0ZVamx
@TheKellyHooper missed you girlie!So good catching up with my girl @kirakosarin today! Missed you! πŸ’•
Retweeted by Kira KosarinDEAR ADULTS OF THE WORLD YOU CAN'T ZOOM IN ON INSTAGRAMSpongebob, welcome home (aka my dressing room) http://t.co/4zGucewxuVWritten in the sidewalk, found on the way to yoga. And you know what sidewalk? I agree https://t.co/se13GXBvEb
Missing our kangaroo and koala friends in Australia 😍 #PennyTheKangaroo #LucaTheKoala thanks again @tarongazoo http://t.co/cRxScGOo9M
We are now convinced that @kirakosarin is a mermaid. See why >> http://t.co/j6cVRbjuDQ http://t.co/p8QkFuXg76
Retweeted by Kira KosarinAnd of course happy Mother's Day to my tv mama! Love you Thundermom! @rosablasi http://t.co/45TCEXWGNVHappy Mother's Day! http://t.co/CXSNBqFVwS
After a really hard week, today was exactly what I needed. A perfect day with the perfect date @ChaseAustin1093 ❀️❀️❀️"Hey babe wanna take the corniest pictures ever?" 😘 http://t.co/ny4AMEeIpwMini golf date with my main ❀️ @ChaseAustin1093 http://t.co/pYWdphJg5K
@kirakosarin SOOO good seeing you & "actually" meeting you today 😊 hopefully we will see each other again!
Retweeted by Kira KosarinGreat finally seeing you today @ValerieRockey! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•BREAKING NEWS you can put your phone in a plastic bag and use it through the plastic when you're in the hot tub so it stays dry #life hackSoooo excited for @taylorswift's #BadBloodMusicVideo 😍😍😍Doing research for a Mother's Day story on @J14Magazine – @kirakosarin's tweets about her mom are GEMS! πŸ˜‚
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@Amber_Montana πŸ’•πŸ˜Œ@kirakosarin ❀️
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin#News @kirakosarin des #Thunderman s'Γ©clate avec l'application #Dubsmash ! β₯β₯β₯ http://t.co/e4D0hyU80f http://t.co/UQcDA7itxR
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@audreywhitby Yaaayy they fit!!! Love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•My bestie knows me so weeeelllll!!!! 😍😍😍 thanks for my new favorite things ever @kirakosarin. http://t.co/8VQ7PlvejA
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Thanks for helping me get through these past couple days. You guys are so amazing 😍❀️Hello. I iz a mermaid and dis iz my mermaid hair. http://t.co/GiVQFlr6lQ
Okay @Zendaya ALWAYS looks fierce, but tonight's Met Gala look? Daaaaaaaang πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯@Brecbassinger I MISS YOUUU@kirakosarin awe shucks. I MISS YOU SO MUCH
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@NickelodeonUK @Brecbassinger Seriously Brec, is it even legal to be that beautiful?My prayers are going out to @kirakosarin about her dog! I hope your doing ok. He's nice and safe in heaven! 🐢 Miss you!😘
Retweeted by Kira KosarinIt's so weird waking up without him here to greet me...
I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone openly tells you how much you mean to them. Stuff like that is so rare.
Retweeted by Kira KosarinToday. Today was a really hard day. But hopefully tomorrow will be good, and the next day even better. Goodnight ❀️
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