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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. enjoy emotional intensity and analytic rigor. barely care about traveling. not a parent. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnk6Zm4

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@JoeMande CUTE@rachelrusch you got it Gabs any way I can support this outing I willFINALLY http://t.co/ksXa6y4fKVwish my butt were just a bit plumper :(@SarahSoWitty what sentence are we talking about here?both ultra moralistic ppl and completely non-moralistic ppl weird me out@kumailn um ... or its the book called THE SATANIC BIBLEimprovising @ucbtla tonight at 11pm in the JV show and the amazing @birdysoderdy is the special guest: https://t.co/Rn6gt4oJgV@NelsonFranklin that wont make Him real broNon-nerds call themselves nerds way more than actual nerds seem to."He doesn't exist, I'm sorry man." -me to guy on street who just asked if I believe in Jesus@DerekBodnerNBA @KUHawkZone Embid's hair looks cool@timothycsimons @Pat_Healy I have trouble believing CDs that work on cool stuff do this.. But we can buy bots like Joe Mande!By what year will we stop putting 'gate' at the end of the name of any scandal in the USA? Just curious.Jonny Lee Miller is currently the most compelling actor on network tv
@literallyafool dude ur eating poop from a friends butt? Intense"In this scenario, he's a man of means and a pervert of the highest order." -Sherlock in most recent ep of ELEMENTARY@nickthune this seems insincere to me
@AngeliqueCabral @konotojalyty no idea at all@konotojalyty @AngeliqueCabral i missed it i think@DesiJedeikin its a low percentage of improv probably. but it can be found any month or week in NYC/CHI/LA given how many shows there are.@DesiJedeikin good improv is beautiful art@sundancefest @frankieshawisag Congrats, Frank!!!#Sundance Short Film Jury Award: U.S. Fiction goes to "SMILF" by Writer/Director @frankieshawisag http://t.co/QV4LyvVkXQ
Retweeted by Luka Jones@allisonemiller thank you. just asking for precision is all.@DCpierson that sounds interesting@melinkaTee nothing to throw up about. man on man love is groovy.@melinkaTee dont talk about my possibly future hubby that way pls@literallyafool possibly but i dont love him bc he's a hero. (Pats = cheaters)@literallyafool thx reading it now@literallyafool thats not why. its bc he is rich and handsome and good at sports. (fuck the Pats)i am not a Pats fan and I identify as heterosexual, but i would genuinely consider a marriage proposal from Tom Brady@literallyafool (but srsly it was one of the issues early on that made me wonder about possibility of mvd)i will never RT from the banksy account@literallyafool lemme know when you conclude its a merely verbal dispute homeyWhy can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness? | Oliver Burkeman http://t.co/hzAwV4E9Hs
Retweeted by Luka Jones@literallyafool roger that thnx@literallyafool what paper prompted these tweets? ur talking about internalism about epistemic justification/knowledge?@Jackie_Michele @laurenlapkus @MarcyLane @allisonemiller it almost sounds like its a dumb show guys@laurenlapkus @Jackie_Michele @MarcyLane @allisonemiller whats wrong with hairy butts? thats mean.I miss Dennis Franz as Sipowicz.. "I never got over not having you in the world with me," Andy says to Bobby at 5:12 https://t.co/UqiPPAzdRH
@literallyafool @AraAstourian just fuckin w you i suck@literallyafool @AraAstourian you're wrong. my intrinsic worth is genuinely sky high bro@allisonemiller @Jackie_Michele have you guys read Plato's Republic?@literallyafool @AraAstourian not me. i am super lovable.@benner wait ppl like banksy?@allisonemiller exaggeration@marissagogo @samscram next time!@brendonwalsh @nickthune BCummy!@samscram @marissagogo yeah how can we help? Also, what kind of thickness are we dealing with at the base?@bristahsouljah I actually think that's prettyTruth. #IAmHipHop http://t.co/xDMxkLlgue@jennyslate @kumailn LOVE IT@brandonllips i don't believe this claim@jlsnedegar @literallyafool @AraAstourian once i surf the web to the provider of my electronic mail service this is gonna be irreversible!!!@jlsnedegar @literallyafool @AraAstourian THATS IT! i'm gonna use my electronic mail to communicate the screen-grab. enjoy the consequences!@literallyafool @jlsnedegar @AraAstourian jkjkjkjkkjkjjkjkkjkjjjjkkkjkjkj@jlsnedegar @literallyafool @AraAstourian just screen-grabbed this and sending it to him now via email@DustinMartian i feel like there is a small possibility you have taken this tweet and the TtWS tweet as earnest and its making me giggleDoes anybody have contact info for Daniel Day Lewis? Looking to put him in a Funny or Die video.IVE ABANDONED MY CHILD IVE ABANDONED MY CHILD IVE ABANDONED MY BOY@someofmybest I am@BillyMerritt @joehartzler yeah bc Joe burned himself flying too close to the sun that is TtWS@DustinMartian @joehartzler YOU FUCKING WISH JOE@someofmybest "men"I miss when Toad the Wet Sprocket ruled the musical world.@someofmybest ugh so tribal@jennyslate was just saying nice things about you with @kumailn
@jennyslate what a nice thing to tweet@nickwiger that's so fucki*g cool dude@nickwiger you live behind a backboard?!This is why I prefer LA to NYC. This. It's a big deal.@MaraWritesStuff I think Los Angeles is so beautiful along a bunch of dimensions@JoeMande are you nuts?? He's a game show host joe@campsucks @kerrywashington we'll be there!@connorratliff solid hashtag@jonahray @NelsonFranklin @daveanthony @marcmaron Nelson's the backup replacement for Meltdown?? Nice!#twitterkills w @thesunah & @AHSFX's @MsSarahPaulson shows how 140 characters can ruin a life: http://t.co/Y13n7L4zTo http://t.co/qDzJ1YQd6k
Retweeted by Luka JonesBritish publications quoting Americans talking about their moms by using the word 'mum' is fucked up.@laurenlapkus awesome
@MattGourley dabney coleman 4eva@ChelseaVPeretti you two look pretty and handsome@bristahsouljah oh no i've never tried this but now..@someofmybest no just cats@someofmybest not be self-absorbed and skittishFact: I rarely pet cats because I think they generally don't deserve it@nickthune ...so naturally I had to report my response to what I felt you were implying. I'm sure you understand.@nickthune no that's rough for sure. But given that you specified that's it is dry, I took you to be implying that that's worse than wet.@nickthune I would say that I much prefer a dry cough to a productive cough. The latter makes me feel like I'm already sick too.@shelbyfero same@nickthune @timothycsimons I meant metaphorically outside, Nick Thune! :)Sometimes at night I bring a toilet paper roll into bed with me to blow my nose and stuff.@nickthune @timothycsimons that sounds like most long marriages from my outside perspective@Natecraig1 haha as was mine@Natecraig1 this is where you might write "panderer"@timothycsimons @NelsonFranklin that's some dark shit nelly
A raccoon just aggressively jumped on a tree inches away from me and climbed it while staring at me. Top 5 scariest moments in my life.Staff Pick: "In a Relationship" by In a Relationship http://t.co/UlGm0lw3ad
Retweeted by Luka Jones@churchcooper brunches can be refreshing that is true@churchcooper the desensitization of living
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