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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor/comedian. philosophy phd. Kansas Jayhawk. Blackberry user. instagram --

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Obvious fact: emotional violence can be more harmful than physical violence7-11 clerk: See you tomorrow Me: Def
@st_rangerdanger I've read tons@st_rangerdanger loved that book@JoeMande @RedScareBot @st_rangerdanger (or if you mean my dumb comments its just me being bored sorry)@JoeMande @RedScareBot @st_rangerdanger the robot, Joe? If I ever jokingly use the term 'commie' it RT and comments.@st_rangerdanger @JoeMande business ppl make the world go round@thegynomite @BBAnimals TY@hootsramblings Nice!@thegynomite pls list accounts for those interested thanks@RedScareBot @st_rangerdanger @JoeMande this commie robot is a stinking communist@st_rangerdanger @JoeMande USC - FIGHT ON!@MHKHogs oh I love the KC A's hats. Mine isn't oddly shaped just big. Size 8. Fitted hats fit me, just not snapbacks.@st_rangerdanger @JoeMande corporations aren't inherently fascist, you pinko commie@MHKHogs no the regular fitted is better for me. But so many cool hats are only snapbback@trickaduu No.@st_rangerdanger @JoeMande I like many corporations!My fat head fits into zero snapback hats. Life is unfair.@JoeMande that would be my favorite of his work@AlexBorstein @SHO_Masters @michaelsheen I'm down as fuckGone Too Soon... #ChocolateThunder
Retweeted by Luka Jones@NickMandernach such a kook! :)@AlexBorstein @SHO_Masters @michaelsheen hey AB, just between you and me - what did you actually do w that ape?@NickMandernach that is absurd!!!
Guys Joe from BFF @lukajones fatal blowout game is a huge success! #EmployeeOfTheMonth
Retweeted by Luka JonesHey know what's worse than Mondays? Getting a crap brain tumor like our buddy Andy Ritchie got. Help a dude out! RT
Retweeted by Luka Jones"@Variety: Ratings: ‘Ballers’ Ends First Season as HBO’s Most-Watched Comedy in Six Years" :(@springsteen @adampally WE LOVE THE BOSSYo La Tengo: Morning Edition's in-house band for Tuesday morning. Hear them live from until 7am ET. @TheRealYLT
Retweeted by Luka Jones@literallyafool but little different bc ppl tend to like how they reason whereas they don't think they're physically stronger than they are@literallyafool oh yeah sure. Also training - like going to gym for yrs & then being disappointed in ppl who haven't chosen to or something@bizmichael definitely lovely and sweet
@bizmichael we all have our weaknesses. no need to deny them imo, good to accept them and plan accordingly.@bizmichael lovely & sweet. but doesn't apply in this context imo. i'm strong along tons of dimensions. but this comes from childhood trauma@Apey me too you@rachelrusch thank you, Gabs. I love you too. Never leaving.Introducing GQ's latest cover star: the magnificent @StephenAtHome
Retweeted by Luka Jones“Tragedy is sacred ... People's suffering is sacred.” -Stephen Colbert in his recent GQ interviewpls lemme know if you have something that's gonna play in @TIFF_NET as I'm gonna be in Toronto during some of it and might be able to go@literallyafool cant tell how jokey. NEED CLARITY ALWAYS...@literallyafool answer me@jthogg @Jessica_StClair @PlayingHouseUSA @lennonparham I think they might have me in season 7 (PH is so great that it will run a LONG time)@willhines hold your poop in@jayduplass she acts beautifully@JasonRitter I feel like this report has a slight anti-Satanist spin@stephescajeda I never lie about my fries@AlexBorstein hot hot hot hot hot@mattyglesias it's intense how many of us (including me, not including you) have no real idea why this is big@AlexBorstein I am you. You are me. #GettingOn@literallyafool ha in what sense?@AlexBorstein beautiful show - wonderful accomplishmentthe pain I experience over abrupt severing of intimate personal bonds is extraordinary, long-lasting, & almost unbearable - please be gentle@katiedianne the joys of obsessive mental traits@EliOlsberg I agree. It's not for me. The food service sets a noisy tone for the room.@ihaas bye! (DM if you need help)@steveagee so sorry@davetheune RIPPING SHIT UP BROTHERI dislike the way most ppl I interact w reason.
@Braunger I am beautiful.@samscram HAPPY BDAY XOIf you find yourself pretty much always shaming those with whom you disagree politically, you are not being a serious person."You won't be needing your notes on the meaning of life anymore!" -Judd Nelson to Andrew McCarthy in ST. ELMO'S FIRE
I believe in America (Ferrara)@1followernodad (imo there are no shoulds about this stuff.) but 'cute' is mega ultra overused for my taste@1followernodad and girls use 'cute' so we are even@1followernodad no I'm not vibing on them, not in the right place to vibe - the romantic vibes aren't there from my side@1followernodad not feeling gf vibes these days@1followernodad this tweet is sending kinda harsh vibes
Did you know we have more people forced into slavery today than any other period in human history? YOU can stop it
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AngeliqueCabral @TheNormanLear @everythingloria @ImagenAwards Rita Moreno's scene in CARNAL KNOWLEDGE is one of my all time favorites@l_powell @jlsnedegar say you're sorry, Justin@niquito Haven't been paying close attn yet. I was thinking more of normal citizens. Bernie seems cool, but is too left for me probably.@HowToDressWell and that seems to me to be consistent with them also being embedded in groups (however large) that can affect them deeply@HowToDressWell Gotcha. Not positive what you mean here, but I think individuals are moral agents that can cause things.@directorskow @AvaDalush goodnessThere isn't a person I've seriously dated that I'd wanna have sex with again. (But I love them all.)@TheRobotard8000 (already too much potential miscommunication here imo. Twitter is impossible.)@TheRobotard8000 but no, if they've helped one then reciprocation is often called for imo@TheRobotard8000 the less you really know them and the more complicated the situation the more difficult it can be to help much it seems@TheRobotard8000 probably not@HowToDressWell just a thought after letting your points marinate for a day. No need to continue if you don't wanna.@HowToDressWell this holds even though taking group membership into account can sometimes or often be relevant to evaluating an interaction@HowToDressWell I wonder why you think that. It seems ideal to judge individuals on their moral character not on their group membership.@HowToDressWell I thought more about this tweet. Seems to me that you think analyzing individuals as individuals is not useful or relevant..If people you know tell you that they are in pain, just believe them and try to help even if only some.It seems difficult for most people to express political outrage and engage in a civilized productive discussion at the same time.
@girlwithatail ugh cats - selfish creatures@jessirklein LOVE PAD THAI@MHKHogs twisters is alliterative and silly like many minor league teams. Don't knoe the scarecrows@MHKHogs not sure. Owls is name of old time Topeka team. But don't know. Senators maybe. Twisters. Many options. Prob no beef-based@thereditalics & I think sometimes we can get hung up on the trauma of how it ended & not the person. Then it can be easier 2 wish them wellI intend to bring minor league baseball back to Topeka, KS at some point in the future.@HowToDressWell gotcha re typo. I feel capable of moving from analysis of different dimensions. but maybe I'm missing something. Will ponder@thereditalics but sorry about that (if I'm understanding your tweet correctly)@thereditalics oh I def think ppl can be lame and clumsy. but I generally find a way to wish well as long as I've shared important moments@HowToDressWell (that doesn't prevent me from tossing out the somewhat random tweet obviously)@HowToDressWell gonna have to pause. but again don't think twitter is great place for subtle distinctions nec to have truly fruitful disc@HowToDressWell What's 'D q' mean? men & cops are groups of ppl, even if they're parts of institutions as well I think.@HowToDressWell given skewed power dynamics. but I'll think more about your analogy.@HowToDressWell whereas I think many men are awful. and many women. I don't think men are worse than women, even if men do more damage...
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