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Treat others as you would like to be treated. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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@adunn21496 @DestinyTheGame http://t.co/6XE6APZv1O@skrizza @DestinyTheGame http://t.co/6XE6APZv1OJust played a little of the @DestinyTheGame on Xbox One…I’ll be back on tonight. See you in the Crucible?Killer Instinct, Powerstar Golf, and Dark Souls II are all part of this week's Deals with Gold http://t.co/wm3Pf7YNpnThis incredibly powerful and beautiful concept car is powered by seawater http://t.co/6gjIPzwvRfThe @DestinyTheGame Beta for Xbox is now open http://t.co/rPnlbe5imlWaiting for a Destiny Beta download code for your Xbox ONE or Xbox 360? Check your email. Now!
Retweeted by Larry HrybNo Comic-con badge, no problem - you're invited to play new and unreleased Xbox games Thursday night http://t.co/wtET3AAKGvAhead of Comic-con, @Variety offers an exclusive look at Halo: Nightfall http://t.co/Zzk5HpDFBWThe @GoPro channel is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/TLuYGShtxF ICYMI the Xbox 360 version landed in March
@litheon @TreitandTrue @RChaply GGSJoin me this Wednesday night in San Diego (or online) as I play the Destiny Beta http://t.co/3MEKzFqKrj http://t.co/oJFzDQlF6TThe latest Xbox One video advert “Best Games” http://t.co/3lTEFHjUdRGame Update #4 is now LIVE for Xbox 360! Login and check it out. http://t.co/7Ge5SfU90k #Titanfall http://t.co/KbaPz1zCNV
Retweeted by Larry HrybHands on w/ FIFA 15 http://t.co/nasjGdOmof cc @jeffrubenstein @will_tuttleWhat was the first game you really lost yourself in? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. #WhyIGame https://t.co/IbBAQV5s31Join me in person (or on Twitch) to celebrate the @DestinyTheGame beta on Xbox this Wednesday http://t.co/cJNqYmZeCbBig news: Dance Central Spotlight will be out on September 2. The core game with 10 songs will be $9.99. We'll be at Comic-Con with it!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@ZeeShade Umm. No thanks !Xbox Wire lists reasons to be excited for Destiny's beta, coming to Xbox this week: http://t.co/xmfpeoqGvp. @DMC_Ryan takes a look at what @DestinyTheGame will look like on Xbox One http://t.co/au39LJJOGsHow you could be in Star Wars: Episode VII http://t.co/FrGAT9q62P (Only 4 days left)
FAQ:The Mel Brooks Collection has all the classics (and more) http://t.co/kk7UAwMMZZ@Euthanasia1978 Yup. AND it appeared on my doorstep on a Sunday!Well. There goes my productivity for the day. http://t.co/8gdpM59CLT…public domain audio from NASA transmissions from the Apollo days that we tweaked for that sound (2/2) http://t.co/gJr7HFUsnFFun Fact: When you were sitting idle on the dashboard of the Original Xbox the background sounds were actually . . (1/2)45 Years ago today "one giant leap for mankind” was taken http://t.co/Efmhe7gPX0
@RChaply @jeffrubenstein @litheon @drewbenz @thevowel Sure...@Brav (raises hand)Our friends at @CelebrityCruise are giving out Xbox One systems and games all month http://t.co/INVtl0YgSk #promoA day of trips to the hardware store to finish up random house projects that need to be finished.
ICYMI: Xbox One owners are getting 3D Blu-Ray support,mobile purchases & much more next month http://t.co/youIxAMbSy https://t.co/XKs9aj3dKpHow you can win a limited Xbox One Consoles (like this one) from @NerdistDotCom http://t.co/RnOHuvxpRN http://t.co/T3Fagr1tbm.@SoundersFC's new summer signing @majornelson is ready for kick-off! @Xbox #FIFA15FanFest http://t.co/YuYElzbLOO
Retweeted by Larry HrybDue to schedules, no podcast today. I'll try to get everyone together to record one early next week before I leave for #ComicConIt's a beautiful day for #FIFA15fanfest here in Seattle http://t.co/WP8F8e26qWGames, celebrity appearances, and more await @Comic_Con attendees at the Xbox Lounge: http://t.co/vzW2seidoHIn the next Xbox One system update:Remote downloads,3D Blu-Ray support,friends updates & more http://t.co/CbccdkV74s https://t.co/8ysD54HIhKKindle Unlimted is here http://t.co/8QpPvVJgjw@JoshAtXbox @GreatWallofChin I need to write a treatment for the Hawk and Animal buddy movie.....Should I do a Binaural Audio recording at #ComicCon2014 ? (Y/N)@adanzis #must@godfree @vicious696 I look forward to seeing you guys and catching up!A list of what Xbox has planned for #ComicCon2014 next week http://t.co/sFgcJUcWH19 of Mel Brook's best movies on BD for $20? Ordered http://t.co/RgPFcPAg5I#ComicCon2014 is next week. Anyone going?
Hi all, thanks for sticking in there with us. Xbox Live sign-in issues on the Xbox One are now resolved. Have fun & we'll see ya online! ^AC
Retweeted by Larry HrybHaving Xbox Live connectivity issues on the Xbox One? The proper teams are on it! More updates being posted here: http://t.co/99xfLNeme4 ^AC
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@LittleDavid16 Looks like a known issue http://t.co/r6txAkVjUfNew @SunsetOverdrive TV. Fresh footage of the city, info on world size, & quick select. Sounds like a party. Join us. http://t.co/2OzwtJacIS
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@obiwanjr @unrollme Right? It’s kinda creepy how quiet my inbox has become :)Five of the Hardest Achievements on Xbox 360 http://t.co/mbAGjHk2x4 via @XboxWireI’ve been using @Unrollme to handle my email newsletter traffic-So far, I’ve been impressed - anyone else try it? http://t.co/1vkCp7zeHAXbox Live Gold Members: Don’t forget to pick up your free copy of "BattleBlock Theater" for free http://t.co/06pN6admt3Next week at Comic-Con I'm moderating the HALO: NIGHTFALL panel on Thurs including first teaser footage debut with @k_wolfkill and @franklez
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@Zeon45 @CRonsenburg I am not impacted by the changes. But my thoughts are with those that are.@JoshPhillips Correct. I am not.The company wide email @satyanadella sent this morning http://t.co/lqnO1Iyhsf my thoughts are w/ those impacted
@jesseariss I was in awe@jabhome Glad you like it! cc @surface45 years ago today, Apollo 11 lifted off. Destination: the Moon http://t.co/J8rmiHgeIR http://t.co/qi4ExHXfD1Xbox One Sales More Than Double in June with New $399 Option and Unveiling of Holiday Games Lineup http://t.co/9ZrHJfL6Yb
Retweeted by Larry HrybWow, someone has cut all the Gears games and DLC cinematics into a single 6 hour movie in chronological order. https://t.co/UJEicE1MHw
Retweeted by Larry HrybA poster showing 75 Years of Batman with 75 different Batmen http://t.co/n46dX2QG3j http://t.co/L0vWTY94Ma@Marc_IRL @DrinkBoxStudios Agreed!You own "Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition" But do you have a "Pollo" shirt? http://t.co/YmVmOlnaCN cc @DrinkBoxStudios@DanAmrich I have always said you married up. cc @KatrinAuchThis morning we announced @SunsetOverdrive is teaming with @MondoNews at SDCC for their first-ever video game print! http://t.co/v7qNmW0Aol
Retweeted by Larry HrybVery excited to be a part of the @SyracuseU @NewhouseSU Studio and Innovation Center dedication this fall http://t.co/1Na41t13lb@albn @Xbox @Sketchfab Thanks!Congress wants to shut down broadband competition - ACT NOW! http://t.co/mFrOOBkQNk http://t.co/o8fsoJYOlg
Retweeted by Larry HrybXbox 360's second Game with Gold for July, Battleblock Theater, is waiting for you to click "Download" right here: http://t.co/4lRbITcLk1Side-scrolling action-adventure Abyss Odyssey is available for Xbox 360 http://t.co/0f2hKrvRwIMagic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers is now dealing for Xbox 360 http://t.co/nFiUHlZgtPPinball FX2 is coming to Xbox One soon- @zen_studios shares the table lineup here: http://t.co/lSISwuEwbKA classic Banjo Games Bundle is available for Xbox 360, and it's on sale through August 8th http://t.co/rS4WK9MuNZ
"Here's What Happens When Your Joke Goes Massively Viral On Twitter” http://t.co/2EicdjsOFp // interesting study of social media forensics@TheVersatileEye Yup! I was playing w/ @litheon right?@LAUDIE_ You should see it showing free any moment now..@Rogerdodger73 http://t.co/06pN6admt3When it’s 90-degrees out (like it is right now in Seattle) this song keeps rolling throughout my mind http://t.co/n0VWHqdXHi@ericwilborn Hmm….I know that was a problem for a while and was being fixed. Check back in a bit and it should show as free.@dj_peeburns Correct@FuckingStowe "BattleBlock Theater” http://t.co/06pN6admt3Xbox Live Gold Members: Today is your last chance to get your free copy of "Gotham City Impostors” http://t.co/6nTIcpKnZZ@FugsterJ @XboxQwik Looks like there was an error - it should be showing as free within the next few hours cc @XboxSupportXbox One Special Edition Armed Forces wireless controller & stereo headset coming this October http://t.co/dovnIt4fVI http://t.co/rr2UT0aiyjAs promised, here's Shroud! You may have seen him at #E32014 at the #FableLegends booth. Read more about him here: http://t.co/Q3q8vBJpVr
Retweeted by Larry HrybThe #Lumia Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia features starts rolling out today! http://t.co/3FUfUoID7F http://t.co/YM2Xbl3dQC
Retweeted by Larry Hryb[Video] New “Big Hero 6” Trailer http://t.co/hCtmdHSvxC Looks pretty good.Info on this Week's Deals with Gold: PvZ Garden Warfare & Bioshock now; Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein this weekend http://t.co/FEuE6wUVfL
FAQ: You need to be actively developing a project for Xbox One to be on the list.Did I miss anyone on the Xbox One twitter list I created? If, let me know if the in comments http://t.co/VggSA52yuNALF http://t.co/AUcZSWpBuR vs Elf http://t.co/603oDzg6ta http://t.co/SvMwakgW7xWas in a meeting and I thought they referred to "ALF" - Was dissapointed when they actually said "Elf"@hdghost13 @XboxSupport1 @xboxuk You can always reach me via email at Major at Xbox - dot - com.Wondering who to follow on Twiter in the Xbox One Community? I've put together a list to get you started http://t.co/VggSA52yuNWas chatting this weekend w/ J Allard about his new project to help prevent bike theft. Sign up & help http://t.co/gCNWR6bumf #PSANew @assassinscreed Unity trailer released in time for Bastille Day http://t.co/sa0CQOrTMp
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