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Chris Pratt asked fans to Photoshop him, and boy did they ever.
Ian McShane is coming to 'Game of Thrones' in a secret role and fans have theories 'Fantastic Four' stars got some really awkward interview questions reads mean tweets about himself. May convince you to actually watch paint dry, for science! Dave Grohl responds to 1,000 rockers who played 'Learn to Fly' burning questions inspired by Disney's 'Descendants'
Starz is letting subscribers binge-watch two of its new shows - Chandler brought back Coach Taylor from "Friday Night Lights" for this important PSA: to get your whole family involved with gaming? Here are 7 PlayStation 4 games everyone in your home can enjoy. are training in water rife with fecal bacteria, Brazil's data shows @gtfothemovie, a documentary about women in gaming, as our new @mashflix film selection. you there, missing Judy Blume book? The author's on the case!'ve binged on all of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day at Camp? Now read all the callbacks to the original movie. Flores' on-field tears and the perils of social media are the weekend deals for Destiny from Xur; he's got lots of old favorites. Rousey has a colorful response for the body-shamers out there Mill finally releases Drake diss track, 'Wanna Know' you can now debut songs on Tinder, like Luke Bryan just did with #KillTheLights else feel like @Oprah as Glinda the Good Witch makes a ton of sense? best zombie game for Wii U is headed to PS4 and Xbox One"Straight Outta Compton" review: Hip-hop nostalgia goes Hollywood:
Oprah, Katy Perry and others pose as famous icons throughout history. is likely to get a Season 8, says HBO's president - 'Wet Hot American Summer' fans prompted the return to Camp Firewood - app wants to be your guide to what the hell is happening on 'Game of Thrones' White has some harsh words for that lion-killing dentist #CecilTheLionAngry Birds 2's free-to-play additions have ruined what made the series fun. Our review:'Room' trailer brings Emma Donoghue's bestseller to harrowing life the 5 artists who want to make a TV show starring a female engineer
.@SpursJesus superfan thwarts would-be home invasion and robbery nerds rejoice: Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are making a miniseries about a future Mars landing - fans are freaking out that Tom Brady switched from Android to iPhone: Stewart -- "Nightly Show's" new "Don't Give a Sh*t Anymore" correspondent -- cops to "secret" Obama meetings: move Cristiano Ronaldo. Smooth move. are 10 magnificent PlayStation 4 games you can snag for $20 or less.'s rebirth aims to turn every fan into a game designer. will debut new shows from Bryan Cranston and the director of 'Amelie' next month: Kimmel chokes up while honoring Cecil the lion on air Brady is 'very disappointed' that NFL will uphold the Deflategate ban Pegg channeled drunk Ron Weasley for Harry Potter's birthday
Oculus Rift's Story Studio premieres "Henry," a warm and fuzzy intro to virtual reality films:'13 Hours' trailer is a harrowing glimpse into Michael Bay's vision of Benghazi'13 Hours' trailer is a harrowing glimpse into Michael Bay's vision of Benghazi fires national soccer team coach Miguel Herrera, ending the Internet demigod's run: NFL upheld Tom Brady's Deflategate ban, but our national nightmare might not be over: Lloyd and Kobe Bryant teamed up to run a power play on a Twitter troll: Stewart does it live: Meet the newsroom in "Blunt Talk," the new half-hour series from @STARZ_Channel piano-turned-Nintendo is the best way to listen to Super Mario tunes are all of Destiny's new challenges for the week of July 28. freelance comedy writer has filed a lawsuit against @conanobrien, claiming he stole his jokes:, the Creator not banned in Australia, provokes Twitter abuse anyway day playlist: 22 songs made for surf and sun #musicmonday
San Francisco cops flaunt epic, amphibious 'quadski' at Giants game Longoria does wear glasses, makes it clear in nerdiest way possible kids teaching NFL star J.J. Watt how to Nae Nae is simply the best Cardinals hire NFL's first female coach -- but only as an intern can buy Katy Perry's latest fragrance exclusively on Twitter - "Street Fighter V's" beta ended before it even began:'General Hospital' fans were underwhelmed by star Anthony Geary's big exit - you've ever dreamed of putting the Terminator in a wrestling ring, WWE 2K16 has you covered.! A keyboard and mouse that support the PlayStation 4. John Malkovich is in the last "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" add-on: Putin says FIFA boss Sepp Blatter deserves a Nobel Prize — and Putin could actually nominate him Sheeran will show his deadly side on FX's 'Bastard Executioner' Oliver rips FIFA again — and yes, it's worth watching again. 2024 Olympic bid dropped after mayor refuses to sign contract Hader takes AI to a creepy new level in this never-seen 'SNL' sketch - West literally drops the mic, casually strolls offstage after technical issues 'Vacation', Rusty is no Clark, but it's still a great trip with the Griswolds [REVIEW] Gaga joins U2 at Madison Square Garden for soaring 'Ordinary Love' duet acquires OUYA's software and development teams West: Caitlyn Jenner's transition is 'one of the strongest things' in human existence"Halt and Catch Fire" Episode 9 recap: Another one walks away in "Kali": motorcycle crash sends Casey Stoner flying through air Hipsters ask Amy Schumer about Illuminati in 'Trainwreck' interview
Oprah, Taraji P. Henson and other celebrities react to the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown photographed life of Bobbi Kristina Brown'I Am Cait' premiere draws Twitter praise for highlighting trans issues Kristina Brown dead at 22, report says Dogg is done with you forever, Sweden Busch's amazing comeback continues with another NASCAR win quietly discontinuing Wii U's TVii service in August is will be the first YouTube star with a wax likeness at Madame Tussauds
How ESPN's #ColinCowherd pissed off the entire Dominican Republic though 'Silent Hills' is dead, Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima still want to work together which the Dude abides, with J-Law and Michael Fassbender
12 TV show pitches centered around a female engineering hero cast grants surprise wish for 1 millionth guest Vidcon, teen stampedes around YouTube stars are a thing of the past - star Stephen Curry wishes young boy with cancer a happy birthday 'Fallout Shelter' blasts onto Android in August's a reason Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's story is wrapped in mystery. is how ESPN's Colin Cowherd pissed off the entire Dominican Republic who actually goes by Cam Awesome gives awesome post-fight interview weekend's Destiny rare items include one of the game's best sniper rifles.
YouTube redesigns app, will open creator spaces in Toronto and Mumbai #vidcon2015Look inside NYC with these 11 documentaries streaming on Netflix. Shatner shoots down Ted Cruz: Captain Kirk is no Republican'Sharknado 3' somehow scares up 2 billion Twitter impressions means so much Taylor, thank you. @taylorswift13 ❤️❤️❤️
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