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PUPPIES! There will be a puppy cam on the #VMAs red carpet today. Puppies dressed as celebs: 'Downton Abbey' season 6 trailer is here. Practice your mannered, reserved goodbyes
Miley Cyrus at the VMAs: A history of tongues and pasties ways James Franco could make his brother's wedding about James Franco Scully returning for 67th broadcast season with Dodgers perfect snacks to pair with today's hottest TV shows:
#VMAs red carpet sneak peek: VR puppy cam, vintage TVs and, of course, the moonman:"Walking Dead" web series: Zombies on a plane! Palin flies off the rails in bizarre Facebook rant against ESPN football walk-on Craig Jones gets scholarship, reaction melts your heart: Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather: Who makes more money? Let's run the numbers:'America's Best Dance Crew' duo, @nappytabs, gives one last lesson before the finale out with @MissAmerica, @chachigonzales & @BAHjournalist TODAY at 1:15pm PT for a live #VMA red carpet preview! IN: @TylerOakley and @GraceHelbig will co-host the 5th @Streamys Awards on Sept. 17. I hope Tyler wears a onesie onstage! #Streamys
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentGet Destiny's sweet, spiky fusion rifle from Xur's weekend sale.' Lauren Mayberry slays misogynistic trolls in the most rational way Bieber ponders the big questions in 'What Do You Mean' lyric video 'Game of Thrones' fan theory about Jon Snow is the wildest one yet
Let's talk about the Champions League draw: Who moves on? and love: 5 #VMAs moments that might happen now that we know the seating chart: changes up "Documentary Now" plans because of Virginia shooting: saw @MTV's #VMAs seating arrangements today! Taylor Swift is closest to the stage #Swifties #Harmonizers #Lovatics
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentNew 'Star Wars' footage on Instagram sends fans into frenzy - Deen's apparently going to be on 'Dancing With the Stars' Kudrow resurrects 'Smelly Cat' with cat-obsessed Taylor Swift #1989TourLA
Was the entire 'Friends' series just in Phoebe's mind?"Mr. Robot" finale postponed over a scene's similarity to the Virginia shooting:'Friends' fan theory gives sitcom twisted alternate ending. will be performing at @mashableHQ in NYC this Sunday, and you're invited! #TechLoveStoryPromoJoin us this Sunday for a special (and FREE) rooftop concert at @MashableHQ with @GoodOldWar: #TechLoveStoryPromoThe best dinosaur video game ever is coming back, with a digital facelift presses start on Twitch competitor YouTube Gaming'Star Trek Beyond' cast remembers Leonard Nimoy with group Vulcan salute
Why we can't get enough of the zombie apocalypse are the most timeless songs ever -- according to Spotify data: football has banned alcohol from the locker room after coach Sarkisian's bizarre outburst: needs to tell Curt Schilling there's no undo button on Twitter NFL 16 lets everyone share the glory of Beckham Jr.'s historic catch. Here's our review: P. Henson shows off her impressive pipes in bonus 'SNL' sketch camcorder transforms @BornsMusic 'Broke' performance into a retro gem script reader tells woman her comedy screenplay could be 'decent porn.'
Billboard's first Hot 100 music festival redeemed itself after a sluggish start this weekend: Direction is not breaking up according to One Direction, so please breathe:'s "Fear the Walking Dead" was the No. 1 series premiere in cable TV history with more than 10 million viewers: you want to sleep again, you may want to avert your eyes from these creepy "American Horror Story: Hotel" promos Carter's advice to NFL rookies: Get 'a fall guy' to take legal hits: to @TaylorSwift13's #1989WorldTour. Here are the standout moments in our review:'Ash vs. Evil Dead' trailer promises thrills, chills and lots of spurting blood's first week of 'Late Show' guests will feature an Avenger, a beloved author and the current queen of comedy
Taylor Swift reigns over us with '1989' tour surprises, speeches and songs #1989TourLA Direction fans are being logical and mature, and it is really bizarre 'Fear The Walking Dead' premiere, family drama doesn't stop for zombies Direction is going on an extended hiatus, will work on solo projects, report says celebrity basset hound was almost as dour as Grumpy Cat.'s 'Unauthorized Full House Story': 74 lowlights celebrity basset hound that charmed 1950s America: ht @theretronaut
Patrick Stewart is excited to show you the real him in 'Blunt Talk'
Before Miranda and Taylor, we had @ShaniaTwain. And 'she ain't no quitter.' #RockThisCountry was dumb, but its privacy policy really wasn't that bad Dre finally says it: 'I apologize to the women I've hurt''Fear the Walking Dead' takes characters through Zombie 101 'Late Late Show' gives YouTube royalty a mainstream stage film company creates 'real-life' first person shooter on Chatroulette stymies @ShaniaTwain concert but she recovered quickly Direction trains at NASA and goes to space in 'Drag Me Down' video
.@geminibros is playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta LIVE on @Twitch. Watch now: Duggar: I watch porn and have been unfaithful to my wife
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWhen you watch the #StarWarsTheForceAwakens trailer on a Samsung 34in curved monitor.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentYou might as well as think of Destiny's next add-on The Taken King as "Destiny 2." proves how hard it is to nail a TV series finale (and that you're not over 'Dexter'): Klum is scary good at knowing when you are lying:
Nominated video's director has to buy a VMAs ticket because MTV won't give him one: Australian Vine stars you should be watching right now you guys! The owner of 'The Goonies' house doesn't want you visiting anymore confirmed something I'd hoped was not true. Writing it up now. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentThe trailer for 'The Witch' will genuinely send chills down your spine. You've been warned. can create their own 'Doctor Who' adventures for a chance to meet the Doctor Craig, best known as Batgirl, dies at 78 'Goosebumps' adventure game is apparently coming to Xbox this fall
E! defends against internet rage after Grace Helbig tweet backlash: newly uncovered draft of the 'Fantastic Four' script is bigger, bolder and seems more like a Marvel movie -"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" lead John Boyega joins Emma Watson, Tom Hanks in 'The Circle": the Class of 2019, the Lion King has always been on Broadway. it's even easier to dress like Cookie. #empire 'Straight Outta Compton' skipped over Dr. Dre's assault on Dee Barnes, according to Barnes - like Cookie: Saks Fifth Avenue will sell 'Empire' fashion sets. "Straight Outta Compton" hat fail will make White Sox fans groan: O’Donnell’s 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea O’Donnell, reported missing in Rockland County, New York. was spotted on the set of the 'Ghostbusters' remake: Radcliffe goes goth (and goofy) in 'Victor Frankenstein' trailer are Destiny's new challenges for the week of Aug. 18th. CEO @DavidKarp wore the perfect shirt when he met @TaylorSwift13 at her concert: gamers are being held back by Australia's dismal Internet
A brief history of the controversial joke 'aggregator' The Fat Jew, aka Josh Ostrovsky - Stewart's next gig: In the wrestling ring at WWE SummerSlam Twitter war between @zaynmalik and @calvinharris started, as all great wars all do, with an insensitive retweet., is this going to be Jon Stewart's first public appearance since the Daily Show ended?
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentLondoners got caught up in an impromptu Courtney Barnett party - CITY, Utah (AP) - Actor Emile Hirsch pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault in attack on studio executive in Utah.Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl sings "My Hero" to crying man at concert:
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