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Creative maker, internet geek, bionic chef, & brooklynite. Currently @yipit. Formerly @nestio @techstars.

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@blackswanbach I didn't realize we were starting so soon.@heymikema You said it!"Have you never seen The Real Cancun? I'm probably still friends with some of the cast on Facebook…" - @jpbimmerI didn't water down my cold brew today. http://t.co/KcymCFeMAe #HitIt@joshmateo http://t.co/xJ12xfRin4@joshmateo Well, looks like someone isn't getting a custom crazy straw…@joshmateo I DONT HAVE IT YET.
C-SPAN VOTE ALERT http://t.co/wmr33O4jgX
Retweeted by mattRaoul@awgross http://t.co/jTFyX4kKjXAlso, I wrote a little thing about why I walk with #LightTheNight. http://t.co/1wNcqOkeuGFive years running, and we're doing it again. Donate to our team & help The Leuk Skywalkers end cancer!!! http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbp@andrew_b_berg Good thing I was wearing sunglasses.Someone on my train didn't have their headphones plugged in and accidentally blasted 'Whatta Man' out loud. It was definitely NOT me.
@usefultheory @kyrasedgwick Yesssssssssss.@arainert @framedandmatted I've dreamed about this, though http://t.co/9iV7Ytsafp seems to be a good 25% cheaper.This seal sums up my opinion in probably 80% of the discussions I have. http://t.co/4tOXSdIjuK
Could really use a 'Has swim-up bar' filter option right now on any of these hotel websites.@rw Oh absolutely. It's a generation gap issue too for me. Hard to empathize with a different world at a different age.What you may not have realized is that today truly is a wide open frontier. - "You are not Late" https://t.co/DoJcTYWMwa@nm_forms @joshmateo Stop crying Josh. Jargaritas!"Should we get frozen margs tonight to celebrate?" - @joshmateo maybe 12 seconds after signing the lease. #3H
#nocaptionneeded http://t.co/MFOITLlQOOAnd now we're gonna eat fried pickles duh.We rode bikes with @lookupica to the tune of Fleetwood Mac today. @lexyapostolou. http://t.co/3R8E4lIqUlThe fuck are we doing... @lexyapostolou Erica (at @SoulCycle West 77th w/ 2 others) https://t.co/m1bz6PK97E
@nm_forms @joshmateo http://t.co/ljgy2lsmOE@nm_forms @joshmateo Fine. But every 3rd tuesday is Ladies of the 80's night.@joshmateo …is our apartment gonna be all house music?It's @ianwestcott! RT @villagevoice: The Brooklynite Who Brought the Joys of A Transit Countdown Timer Into His Home http://t.co/c7ISOXaPmp
@RickWebb Ugh, I miss Rick hugs.You like helping people don't you? Donate and/or join the Leuk Skywalkers and help make a difference! http://t.co/HoO6lW4Qd9 #LightTheNight
Retweeted by mattRaoulOH "I can barely plan a seamless order, much less a wedding."Permanently disabling my media keys from ever opening iTunes again will definitely make me a happier person in general.@keithters http://t.co/fj6Vww0RLI@ianwestcott @pfeffunit #TooSoon@keithters I'm wearing pants and listening to reggae.When you use data to study people, ask "who gains power with this info?" If it's not the people whose data you are using, there's a problem.
Retweeted by mattRaoul
Reunited and it smells so goooood. @ Tom and Jerry's Bar http://t.co/PTPkUGci1V@bdotdub Hey Benny, wanna buy some paraffin wax?I'm feeling so attacked right now… http://t.co/yvdM6GLUZVHa, amazing. So topical. RT @cameronmoll: @mattRaoul Done. http://t.co/WR65fgPof0@cameronmoll Any plans for a limited-edition white flag version of your Brooklyn Bridge print?@joshmateo @nm_forms You're tips are so obvious…Unrealistic screenshots, you'll never go to more bars than me, Nicole! RT @nm_forms: What’s coming up on Swarm http://t.co/yqyClnH2rt
2 girls. 1 boat. @ The East River Ferry http://t.co/q5aMfro602@jwegener @bdotdub UGH. JON.@bdotdub @jwegener Good job guys you win!Really hope that my top pick for personal trainer is available. https://t.co/NRQ6hvKk4U #Malibu #BrewskiThis music video is all dancin' cats and therefore pure success. https://t.co/eXMS0vL2Q3
Guess who's birthday it is??? http://t.co/q2b9VbAV3U (It's the forever awesome @lexyapostolou's if you didn't figure that out already.)Still in a haze from perhaps the best meal of my life @BlueHillFarm at Stone Barns last night.@usefultheory Easily hundreds.#SocialMedia http://t.co/fEuE3nJcF4
Making new friends and then eating them. @ Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture http://t.co/yK2svufICIHappy Birthday Lexy! (@ Blue Hill at Stone Barns - @bluehillfarm w/ @lexyapostolou) https://t.co/KeCZpmCmyB
GUISE. If You're Doing TGI Fridays' Unlimited Appetizer Deal, Do It Right http://t.co/8maOPuzeTf via @fivethirtyeight@joshmateo @nm_forms #crotchesIt was definitely Adam and Steve - what kind of straight man hangs out in a garden??
Retweeted by mattRaoulI can't agree with this enough. - "Designers: Don't cover what I'm looking at! http://t.co/u5PGRy1jMTThey are filming #BroadCity at my gym right now. I'm now a member of Soulstice.
54 floors up, looking down. @ Bar 54 at the Hyatt http://t.co/OkBw0H59XPHow tall can a LEGO tower get? http://t.co/oNYdJz1l2V
LTN kickoff with @lexyapostolou! (@ Dolce Vita w/ 2 others) https://t.co/fTfLtwyLWbYou can tell someone really loves food when they talk about it like this. - The Sushi Master of Bread & Butter - https://t.co/kdnLYwuoKG@asmith83 Heyyyoooooo. But seriously it is.@asmith83 Paperclip. Balls. Vagina. 'A'. Take your pick.But the new site feels void of character & understanding of what @airbnb even is. Unless they are a service to spy on sleeping people.I actually prefer the more humanized, hand drawn version of the @airbnb logo, seems to align with their story more.
@stevorighthere http://t.co/te90pCx4QKI miss the #HarlemShake. There. I said it.@lexyapostolou I should have never broken eye contact with you.
There is sadness and then there is missing the Wilson Phillips drum solo in Hold On at karaoke.I will sing for you, @ianwestcott! (@ St Mark's Karaoke w/ @fancyjelly @lexyapostolou) https://t.co/CSimDSkiaq@joshmateo @dangertam I gave you credit! (I think…)Current Status: http://t.co/lZ8o1b4VZlThese redacted FBI photos are really just high art that you just will never understand. http://t.co/DXmPz0JsNXScientists discover 'alien' colour - "Shapes and contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss." http://t.co/NcVIfEAxXK
@joshmateo TOO BAD SO SAD
"I'm a fucking unicorn." @mattRaoul
Retweeted by mattRaoulWhen life hands you lemons, fuck the lemons and make a quiche. #quichelife http://t.co/3t7SkLgPOQCouches make it ok to be horizontal and awake at the same time.
Retweeted by mattRaoul
@Raiden_NYC Hey guys! matt at mattraoul dot com
God I wish I was invited to this - Tiny birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog https://t.co/5eHLSGTaWP@davetisch @alantisch Awesome news guys, can't wait to see what you've got cooking up!This time next week we host Transition - Join us and hear from @grex @timhwang @bethcomstock http://t.co/auCtjcOoVc http://t.co/S9LWi1Wgkm
Retweeted by mattRaoulHow do you guys know I'M not a chat bot? Huh?I love this story so much - "That Time 2 Bots Were Talking, and Bank of America Butted In" http://t.co/UOP2lgdkZN
The Leuk Skywalkers & I are walking again to help end cancer. (Our 5th year!) Help us reach our goal! http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbpToday is the day I referred to Mammoths as "those old hairy elephants that are now dead."
So my phone charger stopped working and I am not a patient man. http://t.co/bUWAGlg85N@tobyhervey Ha, I like watching the progression that you're marketing has taken.Woah, @foursquare pages are now like wiki pages with editing history….innnteresting. https://t.co/pdAhvVTenE@chadvavra Get off my lawn!Ugh, screw these kids. Screw them all. http://t.co/9z3sABkiXj@joshmateo Wanna see?If you got sunburnedt put your hands up…
@joshmateo I'm pretty sure I was caught in your traffic. You jerk.
"Hey Uncle Matt, New York City? More like New York Pity!" - Madison, age 5
I. Fucking. Love. Fireworks. @ Erskine Lake http://t.co/74M4z4960S#happy4th #america #turndownforboat #wigglewiggle @ Erskine Lake http://t.co/qPRTx06XBg
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