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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@lenadunham Because I fucking love sex but don't want children. Amen.@alliemullin Roughly in 2005. :)@alliemullin "I don't see race" is the center square.@alliemullin "Nope" is right. Have you ever seen Derailment Bingo? Will find and send when I'm back on my computer.@alliemullin That's how it happens. Your bravery will inspire more bravery will inspire more bravery will make change.@alliemullin Oh hell no.@alliemullin But your taking a stand sends a white hot bolt of intention through the universe. It will make change.@alliemullin I've so been there. It does really hurt, especially when it comes from someone you really liked/respected up till that point.@alliemullin Way to fucking go. Keep meaning to say that. We've got your back.@okcupid protip: If you're messaging a woman artist & all your favorite books/music/films are by men, think about that. Huge turnoff for me....from one shot of one scene, set in ancient Mycenae, in the film Time Bandits. Hahahaha. THAT sure lodged deep in my mythic unconscious.WOW. It takes my German translator to point out that "the horn of Mycenae" is not a Thing at all, but something I assumed was a Thing...#fuckyeahendocrinology"This book is going to blow up next awards season and become the next Ancillary Justice. I was totally enthralled." https://t.co/R8UPa78ruIAnswering list of queries from German translator. My favorite: "p. 220 – unglocking – some kind of smacking sound?" #TheGirlintheRoadPARTY TIP: Think about how intense it is to be a woman.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneDrop everything, make firewood. February's cold will not forgive. Melleray Farmstead, home of http://t.co/Vv594ik9dM http://t.co/2N19ADlBL8
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@sparrowpost Working on it. :)Ironically, my copy of #TheGirlintheRoad shipped from NC? *giggles* Hurry up, book. Get here!
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@ECthetwit Made it myself in my basement workshop.@the_younger Subu is named after my friend @randomsubu who HASN'T READ THE BOOK YET. #TheGirlintheRoadAlso, I love the people Meena meets on the Trail. Tsunami surfers, hot dog vendors. Surreal in the best way possible. #TheGirlintheRoad
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThe thematic and symbolic ambition of #theGirlintheRoad is really stunning. Our latest roundtable. http://t.co/Zq8q7aFzkv cc@monicabyrne13
Retweeted by Monica ByrneShit's getting real here... #thegirlintheroad
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI was so electrified and jazzed by the ending of #TheGirlintheRoad that I hardly slept a wink last night. It was glorious. Now- pots of tea.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMy heart is in my throat today.@geekstarter And so glad to be so.Feliz cumpleaños, mi madre hermosa. She would have been seventy-three today. http://t.co/6HGaJTbvHb...like, "Oh right. Must re-download antiquated ethical system for this piece of art to make any sense."...or people feeling attraction to different sexes. Or people feeling attraction toward people other than their spouses...To read/watch lots of art, must buy into the idea that X is a problem. Women having more than one lover, for example...Wherein I talk about sex and poop in #TheGirlintheRoad. GOOD MORNING http://t.co/x4vvMPZhxCWhen I get up this early, this is what the light is like in my study. Makes it all worth it. http://t.co/3rhkgSnjvR
@neilhimself You need an assistant whose sole job is Consolation.@belle_abroad Totally.@JaybirdOBerski let's be chinese flying squirrel theatrical concern from now onOK, Kerri Strug and the Spice Girls just walked by. This is real. @motorcomh #DurhamIs there a 90s Dance happening at @motorcomh? I ask this purely on the basis of the outfits I'm seeing. #DurhamAt least I'm debuting this cute new dress with its cute neckline. Cure for heartsickness: to go out. http://t.co/fB9C2KHNUmHeartsick.@GilbertLiz There were, ONCE--at my cousin's wedding reception, there was an oyster bar--and it was the best goddamn day of my life.@christopherzf Damn. It's been too long.@christopherzf Was it the incest or the chicken factory episode. Those are the worst.Oh, what a lovely little rain. #durhamHomemade gazpacho lunch, writing. Life is lovely and simple. http://t.co/FDCLIeKlpB@susanorlean Have you read it?Got my brows waxed; am ready to rejoin human race.@the_younger Good. :)@the_younger Oh, *I* can tell the difference, I remember ;) I should have said, the reader can't...or, I hope the reader can't.Also, @the_younger--some passages I DID revise to an eye-bleeding degree; others came out fully formed in one pass. Can't tell diff now :)On the pleasures of reading #TheGirlintheRoad...slowly. A lovely, and dare I say erotic, piece by @the_younger. http://t.co/57cRVLrprh@leahmarilla Oh WOOOOOOW so cool! Thank you for sending this! I wonder what she's listening to as a "soundtrack"... :)Heeeeeeey @monicabyrne13 I found someone enjoying your book on the train today!!!!!! #creepforacause http://t.co/gYHsqe63Dg
Retweeted by Monica Byrne
Ahhh. Another thousand words, another flood of images and stories from absolutely nowhere. Amazing. #writerslife #novel2@seandaniels Awesome. I know it's usually most amateur thing to be like "NO DONT READ dAT VAeRSION" but to be fair, galleys aren't final. :)@seandaniels If it's the softcover galley you still have, yeah, ditch that. I'll sign the new one next time I see you. :)@seandaniels Ohhhhh awesome! Get the hardcover if you can, should be at airport. A few things changed in last version, but important things!@sparrowpost Exactly.Writing break. Teh words, sometimes tey come fast, sometimes tey come slow. Daily quota remains the… http://t.co/jeZn5Z24iz@sparrowpost Milton is based on master surfer Laird Hamilton.@sparrowpost Also: God I love Team Fourteen. For no reason I can name. Wrote that passage in one pass.@sparrowpost Ohhhhh man. You're really getting to it now. Keep reading.More surfacing of #TheGirlintheRoad in the real world. RT @jezebel Can you change your race? "Ethnic plastic surgery" http://t.co/3KeIzA4gF5@sparrowpost Nice. Though I'd want to see The Secret History more.@sparrowpost Huuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.@AnnieSprinkle There's one in Berkeley with bathrooms marked "Alien" and "Robot." I loved that.@AdamSzymkowicz @C_Mac @RileyFitzRulz But of course! Baby! We will indeed, and give the baby a kiss for us. :)Are you coming, @AdamSzymkowicz? Me and @C_Mac and @RileyFitzRulz are going tomorrow!@IsraelinBoston @pushinghoops WOW.@MariahMacCarthy his imagery is good@MariahMacCarthy i like him@enkymion :)@ECthetwit yes it reads from left to right: snake snake snake snake WHOOSHAlso, here is the face I made when I saw the picture of my novel in the airport in Johannesburg. http://t.co/jcdwunc3mNMy friend sent me this picture from an airport bookstore in Johannesburg. JOHANNESBURG. http://t.co/mLAHSZV5qIDreams are the subjunctive mood of existence.my iphone autocorrected "teh penii" to "the penicillin"....smh, you don't know me baby@rickoshea @eamonambrose @kellycl123 @RTEArena Right on.Another morning, another intense dream of being back in Belize. "I'm actually here. I'm actually here this time."@eamonambrose @rickoshea @kellycl123 @RTEArena Thank you, Eamon. I'm pretty damn proud of it.@KatWithSword @mkazoo Who the hell does the audiobook for this? Please tell me it's Christopher Walken.
Confession: The Sound and the Fury is annoying the fuck out of me. But. I'll keep going.omg i spy @SkylarGudasz at @cocoacinnamon i'm shy what do i sayWhat a bloody fine evening in #Durham. Especially in light of this. Love wins in the end. Amen. http://t.co/rG632JiL1e?@NatGeo ...really?fruit flies are dumbasses@christopherzf @sparrowpost @the_younger "I can't bear this terrible uncertainty!" Something like that.@christopherzf @sparrowpost @the_younger I love that. Also just remembered: that's almost a direct line from "Schrödinger's Cat"...@christopherzf @sparrowpost @the_younger Also, I love Andrew's tenuous relationship with certainty. We want it so bad, right? ;)@jesseract @HuffPostWeird Bless you.@christopherzf @sparrowpost @the_younger Damn. Yall are smart.i joined @sparrowpost and @the_younger for discussion part 2 of 3 on @monicabyrne13 #TheGirlintheRoad book club. http://t.co/DXbBaVH4iF
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@sparrowpost I haven't! But I'll check her out.@Bookshelfnews @MikeZFan So glad you liked it. That's the kind of response I dreamed of getting. :)"Meaningful, exhilarating, and breathtakingly eye-opening."@MikeZFan reviews @monicabyrne13's "The Girl in the Road." http://t.co/wxm3zwM5KO
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@C_Mac Guhhhh. We gotta go back. @oldhavanaeats, we can't quit you.Eid Mubarak, everyone. <3@KyleUniss740 I can imagine. :)@C_Mac Scrambled. Dreamt I was leaving for Iran tomorrow. Back in the real world now. Granola.I got out of bed at 9:30. You guys. This is. This is good. @C_Mac
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