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Extremely Detailed 3D-Printed Ice Cube Sculptures http://t.co/rKUHpYMJjM http://t.co/xkOZw24POB
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @k_ved @SBNation that caption should have been *yoinkYO PAVEL DATSYUK http://t.co/QGJnNnJl2X http://t.co/AIfnGXdrtJ
Retweeted by vitis vinifera When the other team's smallest player gets on the end of a cross, you are probably getting relegated. http://t.co/vMmTiBObXG
Retweeted by vitis vinifera
@EricHazard @dfledderjohn < 1mo. Hold onto your butt, hazard@EricHazard prob CH in the afternoon (4ish)@ShanersMD "does anyone have a reason these two should not be joined in marriage?" "yes, they chose to have their bar stop serving at 11"@EricHazard Yo hazard, beer tm?@EricHazard @dfledderjohn I'm stoked for Carl f'in Weathers | Carl Weathers Got Stew Going: http://t.co/0Pjf43PPID@dfledderjohn rocky is on Netflix. You've got your weekend hw assignment.@erinscafe sounds like me in 10yTarget-date funds & stuff. | http://t.co/7uVDBjxLgQThe Largest Yellow Star Ever Could Almost Devour The Whole Solar System. http://t.co/Z0ihQ3ki5i@jabriella what if nothing has changed since college?Frayed power cords and charging cables? This will fix them right up: http://t.co/sKSbZyMOcn http://t.co/ruRTIKAw2J
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Bone appetit "@grubstreet: This restaurant SWEARS it didn't pick a penis logo on purpose: http://t.co/X5lJrSo2Mm http://t.co/YhgKJbLQ86"http://t.co/dIQ6SJj487 "@io9: What's The Purpose Of The Universe? Here's One Possible Answer http://t.co/JkOFth2OFX"This is an AMAZING story on the Citicorp tower via @treehcapital http://t.co/eVTDe5alJu
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Honestly, the Hillsborough disaster @30for30 is a must watch. Shows how real corruption and system-gaming by public officials is.Let me file this under 'seeds of the mortgage crisis' | http://t.co/ZSsAPSO6XD@lastbadasstion this happened to me and then I was like http://t.co/12E4OT7pWW
Philadelphia. What is the worst city in America?@BromonaTheBrave longest thirty minutes in human history cc @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD@timothydh @ShanersMD @k_ved tim, I don't know you, but I hate you for as long as this series is live.@k_ved @ShanersMD I feel like 'WFH' is an integral part of LTD'n@aussietorres jfc doc, that looks mindblowingHow long it takes the avg person to earn a burger in NYC (and tons of other US neighborhoods) http://t.co/gZgRcekqGa http://t.co/YCato0bywL
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Unrelated: I can't explain why, but I really detest the hashtag #munilandThe fact that doing mock draft scenarios is the bulk of someone's job indicates that we are creating meaningless roles just to keep ppl busy@LimeyN I'm sure he will tough it out. That's great through. Congratulations are in order.Seriously fantastic (for Android users). "@mashable: Control your PC via your smartphone or tablet: http://t.co/cU28FfI0yY"@LimeyN are you a new father?The #Jets now have an amazing 2011 fantasy football team.
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Very cool feature in the new Google Camera app: Lens Blur http://t.co/f6OxEAtIbo
Retweeted by vitis vinifera US CLO issuance on record pace for the month of April; supply already $9.77B from 18 deals $ https://t.co/27IMvSppmC #clo
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Key takeaway is that centipedes can be as large as vipers.... "@io9: This Snake's Last Meal Tried To Eat Its Way Out http://t.co/9uj0LbTgqE"I'd actually be impressed if the CEO of anything but a bank were able to cite his company's CDS spread, tbh.I'm really pulling for Anaheim in the West. Gotta love Teemu.Snapchat's CEO makes employees sit in groups of ten and talk about their feelings once a week. http://t.co/XYopSqERhZ
Retweeted by vitis vinifera 1) Liverpool v Chelsea. The best player in the league v The best manager - and it's going to decide the title http://t.co/vu24a0AiMv
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs http://t.co/0lThJKstTz
Retweeted by vitis vinifera "@Deadspin: Confessions of a boxing match-fixer: http://t.co/XPFH9YEQ2i"Learning to Code: The New After-School Activity. http://t.co/GKq3nOkhvu
@k_ved @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn I think this is the one situation where we must drain stolis them limo straight to AC.@k_ved @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn I got this@k_ved @dfledderjohn you'd think it'd be at the bottom after this came out | http://t.co/LO52tWxNLaTecate is too low on this list. "@ezraklein: 1 in 5 beers sold in America is a Bud Light: http://t.co/eFEjWcylgB http://t.co/PSbJO1bltA"City 2-2 Sunderland. Everton 2-3 Palace. Arsenal and Liverpool fans right now. https://t.co/AN7TceIlLY
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @CthruHD referring to his payday with the titans. Got the fat paycheck and stopped trying. Hoping for the best, expecting typical Jets.When #Titans tried to build their offense around CJ, lots of people wound up fired.
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @CthruHD dude sold high...on himselfThe Jets really going all in with CJ2K.Yellen in my ear@ShanersMD @jsamps they don't call it swing juice for nothingPSA: if you're in need of shoes, Allen Edmonds has a big sale April 11-28. Time to refresh the footwear.Chief Bro. "@jsamps: *after a case of beer // John Daly Drives A Golf Ball Out Of A Woman's Mouth http://t.co/LsFwnUFdxN"@dschorrnyc never seen starwars?@dschorrnyc http://t.co/aWNwfgITSSTom Cruise will fight drones in Top Gun sequel, Jerry Bruckheimer tells @JonErlichman. WATCH: http://t.co/nKvilZprMc
Retweeted by vitis vinifera After 223 years, New Hampshire is about to make adultery legal. Still illegal in 20+ US states http://t.co/8gAG2c5e0U http://t.co/4BEMpsClxD
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Every day of the year is an iced coffee day, so this weather doesn't impact my coffee purchase.@DowntownNYC the west side hghway footbridge is covered in ice. You should address it before a little kid slips and cracks his head etc
@hillbillyinNYC I preferred the detonation of old munitions, tbhFireworks in a thunderstorm. Real original.Odds of picking @Rams schedule correctly? You've a better chance of being struck by lightning twice @ProFootballTalk http://t.co/dYs1K5u3rE
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Beautifully done. "@NYMag: "Lessons of immortality and mortality from my father, Carl Sagan" http://t.co/L9uUagMJDc http://t.co/IJdnIS4HFJ"Saw a low flying plane look like it just missed the WTC complex a minute ago. Right over my head. Sufficiently spooked for the day.Roberto Martinez's speech at the Hillsborough memorial is worth your 5 minutes. https://t.co/lPUhwBoqur
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Americans are getting dogs instead of having babies http://t.co/dfmJbzUQzM
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Not all loaves labeled "whole grain" or "whole wheat" are created equal. http://t.co/IDpuGxsn5P
Retweeted by vitis vinifera 3 Former ICAP Brokers Appear in British Court in Libor Manipulation Case http://t.co/wMi8CN1WJC
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Fantastic summary of the recent (heavy) activity of CLO issuances. | http://t.co/HhPkwjJ3vD@plainview_ how is that possible...Let's buy CLO triple As, large asset manager tells pension client: A large US asset manager has relayed to one... http://t.co/SWzKFrHE7e
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @ARTownsend wait until he starts asking for the car keys
Ah... a @BW cover from a more innocent time. http://t.co/dBAMu1yENt
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @dfledderjohn at this point @businessinsider should drop "business" from its nameMissed that us air tweet. I'm actually a little disappointed.The drones that Google just bought are amazing. http://t.co/3mXxMabSbG http://t.co/Lr1diUSM0C
Retweeted by vitis vinifera @BootymanNYC "you call dat a punch, man?"@BootymanNYC who was it?Bubba Watson’s masters performance was better than you think - @Neil_Paine explains why http://t.co/j1KZtvcJWe http://t.co/xbmnbRk5ay
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Hallelujah. | http://t.co/SLZE10erhCWorld Cup ticket FX arbitrage. From @bondvigilantes. (FX rate for tickets was fixed in May 2013) http://t.co/n8D30J0sOZ
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Here, just listen to it. | http://t.co/lvzjmt2GFxI see trouble on the way.I see a blood moon rising.Eat when the food is passed. | http://t.co/HPi26wSp1TDetroit is going to start auctioning off vacant homes online with incentive packages for purchasers http://t.co/vEH8uPRljY
Retweeted by vitis vinifera A big welcome to Mohamed El-Erian (@elerianm)! First column: Dangers of policy drift: http://t.co/ryJEJr48z8
Retweeted by vitis vinifera You'll be able to see a "blood moon" late tonight, and a total eclipse happens at 3AM. http://t.co/XcZzRsY4ym
Retweeted by vitis vinifera
Man City fans react to García replacing Touré. https://t.co/ULt8gxiVlq
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Sterling with a little feint and the stutter step. Great pass leads to a great goal.Anniversary of the horrible tragedy at Hillsborough. | http://t.co/yKg28vxhvuThe atmosphere at Anfield is simply incredible. Football at its best.
Retweeted by vitis vinifera LIV - MANC@ShanersMD how are you alive and not sprinkled across the east coast?
There will be blood. Flyer blood. "@BlueSeatBlogs: Rangers and Flyers in the first round."LET'S GET IT ON!!! #NYR #NYRPLAYOFFS http://t.co/IJ0DLxnGAX http://t.co/9fK7a5GLml
Retweeted by vitis vinifera Fantastic. "@UPROXX: Tormund Giantsbane From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shaved His Beard In A Fittingly Epic Video http://t.co/6j5Ycygupz"
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