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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Richly unemployed. #TheFrugalTeam

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G.O.A.T Are you in town, want to grab a cafe con leche & cigar today?@Redskins & confident RG3 would best suit you long term, I love you guys...@Redskins I understand the importance of QB play, your frustrations & hasty decision for a week 1 starter is warranted. A completely healthy
Listening to Buena Vista Social Club watching the awards on mute...How are the VMA's going?I've been playing FIFA since AS Roma & Juventus game ended this afternoon, went 43-2 in a span of 9 hours...If nobody told you today, I love you...I'm the best in the world #FIFA15KING RT @SeanThunder1117: Did not expect @ochocinco to be good until he shit on me not expect @ochocinco to be good until he shit on me
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMiramar & IMG playing on EspnU...@EdDzeko Nice header boss...@Miralem_Pjanic beautiful free kick...@BafGomis beautiful finesse shot there...Wow Swansea City...@AyewAndre Great header boss...@juanmata8 Nice goal...If you like me I love you...If you don't like me I love you...@rihanna I love your feet in anything open toe, your precision in wearing the right size allowing the feet to flourish is unmatched...@raylewis I love you man...Today I feel invincible & capable of loving at least a thousand people before day's end...
RT @DJZeeti: Pretty toes make a facially challenged chick look better#HalaMadrid
@vuhsace Soy el mejor jugador de FIFA en el mundo y soy mas mexicano de lo tú podrás llegar a ser... 🇲🇽RT @DirtyMikeUSA: @ochocinco waiting to lose to @ochocincoTotally fucking love you all of you fuckers..."Rock with the kid whether you smoke or not simply because I LOVE YOU"'s a shame I have to throw out some kind of incentive just to get some REAL competition... #FIFA15KINGIf you beat me in FIFA15 I'll shave my eyebrows & personally get you the white Yeezy's...'t talk to me about how good you are at FIFA, I actually show up to doorsteps & beat people in their place of residence...#FIFA15KINGAnyone available to get their ass whipped in FIFA15 I personally bought an Xbox One that stays at @MIDTOWNSOCCER , you're welcome to come...Headed to @MIDTOWNSOCCER to play at 4...The right set of feet can get a % of the interest on that mil I put in that trust in 2002...Rihanna's feet are doing what at the moment... paid my DirecTV bill leaving my Home Owners Association fees to fend for itself, no way I was missing Martin, EPL & La Liga games...I love you people...I urge you to tweet people you LOVE them...@BeBeCierra I love you...@MickyArison I love you...My broke is having money I can't spend, your broke is not having money at all. RT @TheTopGun_11: @ochocinco you're just broke, stop playingAre you cheap or just frugal? Here's how to tell...10 signs you've gone from frugal to cheap
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWonder if any of my teammates didn't like me, besides saying "I Love You" 24/7 & celebrating what's not to love...Headed to grab a few outfits from Walmart & embarrass all high end fashion folks while staying under $50 an ensemble...Hurricane Erika is on her menstrual cycle... 😢I just texted Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers & Peyton Manning, trying to get a group chat going...I know you don't necessarily care because it's not directly beneficial but I Love You guys...State of emergency for the State of Florida... 😢A man is define by how he rises from a fall :) we don't give up on people we care about
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonImpossible, I was fun as hell, a bit aggy w/ the I Love You's though. RT @TheRealTopDawg: @ochocinco you ever had a teammate not like you?Being ahead of a trend is the best way to earn wealth.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonRG3 linemen had the nerve to say they don't like him or is the media pulling shit out the air?"Don't miss a blessing just because it's not packaged the way you expected"
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonHuman Nature is undefeated...Nobody is YOURS, it's just your turn... #LIFE RT @CaliDolll: Your woman cheats are you staying?#TheFrugalTeam "$50 outfits & Smart Cars"I love you fuckers...Good morning...
Until tomorrow God willing... 🙌🏾Gonna watch Stormy Weather & call it a night...Salute 💯 RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: Shouts out to the legendary @ochocinco - Lil B love you so much all the beautiful humans roaming this earth figuring out how they will serve humanity and share what is everyones - Lil B
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIt takes 3 damn "I Love You" tweets just to get you guys attention...I love you again...I love you fuckers...I love you...Good runs? You lost 4 games in a row... #FIFA15KING RT @doughwee23: @ochocinco good runs fam ...I got you next week!At @MIDTOWNSOCCER till 7pm, since I beat everyone in FIFA15 at their place of residence maybe a neutral spot ... Darryl Dawkins "Chocolate Thunder"Shouldn't I be a hidden character in Madden, having to create myself each year is becoming tiresome...Simple... RT @FlashGJr: Everyday. @McDonalds @drpepper ⚡️💪🏾 want Pollo Tropical & Kripsy Kreme...RT @SportsCenter: @Cristiano is the UEFA Best Player in Europe for 2014-15 season. my knowledgable Fantasy players, no commitment need, week to week relationship w/ my Fan Duel ---> you enjoy, I love you man... RT @Rob_MD_2_VA: @ochocinco all signed up and ready to light it up soon! #eighty5 else watching UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw?"It's hard to find an asshole that smokes cigars" love you...I love you fuckers & I don't need your consent or reciprocation...'I love you' is such a beautiful and tender expression that we freely give to others. Why are we so afraid to share it with ourselves?
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2015 🚶🏿 love you...R.I.P Adam Ward...R.I.P Alison Parker...Feeling very ocho-esque today. Reached out to someone I did wrong out of the blue and apologized. Spread love @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonShocked by the horrific murders in Roanoke. Columba and I are praying for Alison, Adam and all those affected.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson@chrishurstwdbj I love you man & I'm so sorry & saddened by the events that took place, my family sends their deepest sympathy...Ronda Rousey & Mayweather might as well date & stop the verbal jabs at each other...#TheFrugalTeam'm strolling through Overtown trying to find today's newspaper so I can read it after I eat breakfast at Jacksons...RT @SuKmy_WillO: Just saw my lifestyle idol @ochocinco scrolling threw my hood #therealestdudealive #idol #livinglifeMan it's been a minute... RT @jasonharriman: @ochocinco hey man, when was the last time someone did something nice for you?Headed to eat breakfast w/ Baby Kennedi...
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