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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. http://t.co/3q3MCMmyuu & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Kanye making the most fire ass beat on that economy class. 🔥 http://t.co/ZuyC33RoHV
Retweeted by Om MalikFriday: Too much linear thinking in news. http://t.co/DQSDQuSMdy
Retweeted by Om MalikThis essay by @i_robertyoung is worth read in context of @reddit fracas. From GigaOM archives https://t.co/cbS5khncpZ http://t.co/srYfbYyOIxCrash accident #tourdefrance #tourdefrance2015 https://t.co/mNErZYmJ5O
Retweeted by Om MalikThat's a real bicycle pile up at high speed. Tour de France crash #tdf #tourdefrance2015 #latour2015 https://t.co/3XDLt3U3tI
Retweeted by Om MalikWhat Facebook and P&G have in common? http://t.co/X39UbJ3gd5 via @om
Retweeted by Om MalikWould be interesting compare money earned by governments from licenses-tax regime vs taxes from "networked markets" https://t.co/Kio95wkf6A@etherealmind @TheStalwart thanks 👊🏻.@aral @monkchips these are essentially scaled models of what @JamesCurrier calls "market networks" & I see as "networked marketplaces"@aral Sure, but waiting for it to emerge/work at scale. Current scaled models aren't sharing economy by even farthest stretch of imaginationRepeat after me: there is no such thing as "sharing economy" try instead "on demand" or "instant gratification" https://t.co/tmwLxA8U6O@rosmiquel read the full interview and get the context - it explains his thinking clearly.@pjozefak he is an economist. They are an odd lot :)@pjozefak I think the broader point he is making is interesting. Also believe it or not, history does repeat itself.Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.” #greece https://t.co/PaZYtjoCW1 http://t.co/Krf0P7XF5K@agraham999 @TheStalwart that is a shame. Politics almost always has an unintended consequences for people it is supposed to serve.@TheStalwart it will surely be an interesting 48 hours. Also good job on Twitter & also team @business for covering everything in depth.@TheStalwart thanks. Am I correct to assume that the #Grefenderum was less than what meets the eye. I was intrigued by "language " questionLooks like this China stock market crisis will have much larger global impact vs #Greece http://t.co/fNYGBhVgXRSo what happens to Greece now? I hear the Finance Minister quit too. Need a 140 character response @TheStalwart #greekreferendum #GreeceOur co-founder and namesake, Burt Shavitz, has left for greener fields and wilder woods, but his spirit lives on. http://t.co/7mTy2988FX
Retweeted by Om Malik
Dear Bitcoiners, I know you're excited, but this Greece thing is not all about you.
Retweeted by Om Malik@davidfano @daveg also frank G doesn't mean functional and useful. Funky yes. Fashionable, maybe be. But that's just me.@daveg but that is for big tech companies that have no idea how to •spend• their mountains of cash. No one has accused them of good taste!Hard to believe Yanks are on 90-win pace. Though lots of ifs remain, compelling argument can be made for Girardi's best managerial job yet.
Retweeted by Om MalikMicrowave phuckas (golgappas) rival microwave popcorn in inventive, culinary genius http://t.co/tZkfNGwely
Retweeted by Om Malik@daveg elaborate?That perfect morning from hell when all your iMessage has amnesia and your iTunes is behaving like a bad puppy. Oh, Apple.
"We humans are the inconvenient gut-flora of the corporation" @doctorow http://t.co/uLOLjhtjD6 via http://t.co/Cv1X8MCeXg@gaeloizel 🔥🔥🔥
Just another scene from Paris before sun comes out. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. #parishttps://t.co/mPDy5bkXISProgression of the written word http://t.co/a7mihpYvCA #streetart #mobstr
Retweeted by Om MalikAre You Doing What You’re Best At? I am back and so excited! http://t.co/yx4YiMKkdB
Retweeted by Om MalikListening to @Beats1 here in scorching hot Paris. reminds me of how I felt when I heard music on Radio Ceylon on short wave radio as kid!
ABR – Always Be Raising! @MrVelvet is back again offering good advice. Worth a read from my @trueventures partner. https://t.co/Xq46M6CkNy
In Tokyo with SoftBank, if you break a gig in a day you get throttled to nothing for three days.
Retweeted by Om MalikIt is definitely time to kick the old way to the curb. Way to go forward is to think about the future. https://t.co/bR69dw1EXHZuck, Dick and the 90-Day Curse | Mark Zuckerberg responded to a question I asked. Also pertains to @dickc comments http://t.co/ZxgThUsLIaHere's @finkd's response to @om's question about founder CEOs http://t.co/W9Y57UuJXH http://t.co/2ZTn3PoIan
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Congrats David. Proof that hard work, long term thinking and self belief pays off. Also great endorsement of YOU https://t.co/6uY4Jp7ON6Looks like private limos aren't safe from the Taxi Lobby. Well done Paris taxis! In your battle against Uber, you make tourists suffer.
Check out the Draft day journey of Satnam Singh, the first Indian born player to ever be drafted into the NBA! https://t.co/4go6ChnFNq
Retweeted by Om MalikToday we showcased a shoe that six days ago was ocean plastic waste. Bring on tomorrow. http://t.co/mjkxwOUih1
Retweeted by Om Malik@sm @BrynAvery congrats :) welcome baby BrynLearning from @expa: a conversation with @om. http://t.co/xf8PyKf3jl cc @naveen @hoomanradfar @crrob
Retweeted by Om MalikThis is where I share links to stuff that I find worth reading. If you are so interested :) http://t.co/OKRB4EvkXV@hiltzikm taxi drivers protest because they had controlled supply & now don't.Period. Uber riders want simplicity & can't go back to old way
Retweeted by Om MalikApple Music vs. Spotify: Don’t repeat this common mistake http://t.co/2OzAEephkK via @visionmobile"A new unicorn was created every 9 days last year." @joshk http://t.co/yFOUDkzfnZIs the food delivery startup sector over crowded/overfunded? http://t.co/rdad7IvpOj via https://t.co/O3Ajs1oXSi @cbinsights@alexismadrigal part of streamlining means opinion page editorial runs fashion & lifestyle editorial, hence the unified looksFrom my latest for @NewYorker - The Long History of the Fight Against @Uber http://t.co/Y7SEyTkPN9 http://t.co/QWmnd1VEvx@janemartinson actually it is a clear case of no one knows what they really want. @Snapchat search for business model takes them to "media"Amount of money raised by US companies from China-based investors went from $1bn in 2012 to $4.3bn in 2014 @PitchBook http://t.co/EfCKjmk9WP
Every new technology promising to save humanity asymptotically approaches better ad serving - Nitin's Law
Retweeted by Om Malik@amandapey it has been made multiple times and have read it multiple times. Which isn't to distract from your point/reasonsIn other words this is a polar opposite argument made to oppose other arguments about tech. https://t.co/9H8AIjyQwLI am looking for new thoughts. It is a rehash of lot of old arguments, previously made, without logic & facts. https://t.co/9H8AIjyQwLThis is one muddled piece & sums up traditional media industry issues: they don't know what they are! https://t.co/qqAx9nyAEU
It is time for @TASCHENBooks to team up with @chrismichel for telling the startup stories. #justsaying@arinewman convenience and impatience are essentially twins and one leads to another and vice versa @msg @arjunsethi @NewYorker@sama something to read http://t.co/edj7didKlV@sama that is because the S&P Tech PE is based on aging tech companies and they are slowly losing air. It will be so unless the mix changes"My phone shoots better than what my $1,000 camera did in 2003" @colerise #shotwithiPhone6 http://t.co/BiiDeliO8x http://t.co/nm0D7ipFiE
Uber, impatience and the long shadow of history: my short piece for TheNewYorker http://t.co/T5CxMMEhGKI just published “writing makes me happy.” https://t.co/r0bLkVn8lr (aka i'm going back to @techcrunch http://t.co/POFKqgSD4m)
Retweeted by Om MalikNice article by @arjunsethi on challenges w/ innovation at bigcos (I'm sure he's facing it first hand at Yahoo!) https://t.co/tUH1CM3o33
Retweeted by Om Malik“How Companies Can Avoid the Innovator’s Dilemma” by @arjunsethi https://t.co/U6MTqPxAWoMicrosoft's new mission is perfect way forward from its personal computing roots. Well put @satyanadella http://t.co/4BmHqq4cBL@leica_camera As as well as the NY/Soho store. I have not been to others so don't know. However, for now it is 2-out-of-2.I met @chrismichel and we talked about #winning http://t.co/32Rbi1Gtjc What is your definition of winning? http://t.co/yt382jxdrK70 years ago, SF became the birth place of global change. Watch this @UN video: http://t.co/Uv0ynwv1ra #UN70
There is so much wisdom in @satyanadella memo to team @microsoft. This is my favorite part as it applies to every org http://t.co/E09wZxyHFMCongrats @colerise for winning #Cannes2015 Lion for your work on "Shot for iPhone 6" ad. http://t.co/2OZ9zP1l3X http://t.co/GIU2lTUQuJ
Retweeted by Om MalikMicrosoft's new mission is perfect way forward from its personal computing roots. Well put @satyanadella http://t.co/QDJygHBHZvWhatever you do @msquinn you will be amazing. Also welcome back to the madness and land of perfect sunsets! https://t.co/PQm6HF6dxB@jeffdachis @taylorswift13 @cue https://t.co/11nMs5gdET here is further details. You can have your own judgement metrics. I have mine.@KevinYen The point is that we don't know the economics/reality so for now it is all postulating based on nothing. Don't you think?@peteryared i would love to know what you think is not a fail from a service standpoint & why!@jeffdachis @taylorswift13 @cue well the person who is impacted by it doesn't think that is the case. I understand why you do.Didn't see any @Dropbox investors like @IndexVentures @sequoia saying anything. Lot of others, sure.... https://t.co/1V5Q39XSWO@gregorylent @leica_camera actually they are the worst. I hate the smarmy sales people.Open letter for @taylorswift13 about some related matters that should be resolved as quickly as @cue actions. https://t.co/eB7G3QR9Ml@mmasnick @acedtect damn I am glad you get my "dear Om" emails. I am poor at answering my emailsTwo brands i am fond off, but I associate with poor customer service/bad store employee manners/attitude -- @leica_camera & @fellowbarbersf@rohit_x_ agreed - if anything machines are coming 😜@delwilliams are you going to try something of your own or spend your time on Twitter mocking others.Hey @alexia no business school? Congrats on one LP fund 😜 https://t.co/2ZMJSkeRUA@acontinuouslean @om if you keep busy trying to bring other people down, you don't have to do the hard work of trying to bring yourself up
Retweeted by Om MalikAgreed! Let's try and be more positive towards those who dare to try - who knows where it all ends! https://t.co/GNer068S47I'll be in touch when the news of "buyouts" comes out. https://t.co/9ZVEwWFmWJSome stay in business for now. Let's see in a few years. https://t.co/E9hHSQO8oxA classic Fred Wilson post - full of goodness and yet short and succinct https://t.co/VHMsbXTUXrIt is ironic that news media people continue to mock startups that try new things to reinvent the business. Buzzfeed was once all LOLs.@JackGavigan I would let @jemimakiss take it from here. ThanksSome take VC money. Others sell buildings or borrow big bucks from Mexican billionaires. Just saying! https://t.co/9czaWAgn9s"If not, the only thing the UK will do better than Silicon valley is institutional sexism." - http://t.co/jpAcOtNJmV http://t.co/qIR6hRQ8bpInternet & its expectations: We live in strange times where a service with 400 million users is deemed struggling. http://t.co/Hc753GBV3g
@jsoltero they can both be the same thing 👊🏾@jsoltero I promise to write a scathing review and reminding you of all the shit you forgot to write.
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