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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Some vivid images here tell the story of Hong Kong protests "#GodblessHKG" by @euodia_huang on @storehousehq http://t.co/D0uzCs0PqZ
Comcast launches cloud DVR in San Francisco, lays foundation for a set-top box-free future - Gigaom http://t.co/tYLgSAx6Vg via @nuzzelLife doesn't need a filter. All you need is just an eye to see it. #Stockholm #Sweden http://t.co/6t7vkdFxlwApple Watch Sneak Peak by Patrick Crowley cc @jdalrymple @reneritchie @parislemon https://t.co/oNus37NwV4Does the world really need another @monteiro book on design? You guys decide. I am just going to get it just incase! http://t.co/r2P3iY9irV@mikeindustries @craigmod @khoi but in Europe that free data is a god send :) also the 6+ has one thing -- all data battery. That's a big +@mikeindustries @craigmod @khoi enjoy 6+ photo from yesterday :) http://t.co/ZcLwWcYbZ1@mikeindustries yes Mike. 6+ vs 5s. I have a 6 on Verizon. Have not used it much as it is at home & I am traveling overseas @craigmod @khoi@craigmod @khoi well you can get iOS on 5s but I like camera and radio improvements a ton. Lot of under the hood improvements Design *shrug"@mikeindustries @craigmod @khoi Mike, Camera is mega superior and fantastic by all means :) don't take it back yet, go for s photo walk!@craigmod @khoi the camera is amazing on 6+ but also I appreciate the screen. I put s blue leather cover on it :)@alexhorre word of mouth :)Gigaom: For Paul and Gigaom, a new chapter http://t.co/HnpEKzJkziGigaom: Design’s disappearing act: how to simplify complex, data-rich products http://t.co/3He77aB0cc@alexhorre @AlanMamedi @TheeRealChino @Truecaller @dropcoffee I already stopped by ;)To those who make scifi TV/movies - this is what real scientists who have just launched a Mars mission look like http://t.co/NZQW9z5aBS
Retweeted by Om Malik.@photomatt says open source companies must "dedicate 5% of their people to working on something to do with core" http://t.co/0dWZIUC5JfThere is something so quintessentially Stockholm about this picture. I just will always remember this!… http://t.co/i7nfxM6K01Fighting for democracy in Hong Kong on @StorehouseHQ - amazing story told first hand. Cc @mathewi https://t.co/Ll73DtL8OA.@carmeldea snuggled with a stranger using new #app #Cuddlr, and her fellow cuddlee had a gun. http://t.co/8jlgvnvYnv
Retweeted by Om MalikThis happened today! “@AlanMamedi: Legendary photo with om and @TheeRealChino http://t.co/acrHU3BZNk” @Truecaller
Champagne Supernovas says Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs & Alexander McQueen defined the 1990s. Here is my review of the book http://t.co/T3hZEw2A3dTo celebrate our 100,000th download... Best-selling B&W iOS Cam LENKA will be FREE for a week! http://t.co/tkvVVvcU10 #photography
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Just published "Sofia Stopover " on @storehousehq #wceu http://t.co/8kri9bASBHThe cathedral at night in the city center in #Sofia during the day I say a lot of married couples. At… http://t.co/5fG1f6Lldm@abrams very happy with my ISP. I don't do cable & for email fastmail rocks and google search is better than most so use it.Breaking: Instagram just got blocked in China, possibly due to the circulation of protests photos in Hong Kong.
Retweeted by Om MalikSo a big company lied about a clothing brand and the story behind it! It was all faux! http://t.co/ONpFbQC1KtThanks @WCEurope for having me at the most awesome #wceu to talk with @photomatt http://t.co/Yj8MDnAlH5The talk at #wceu between alpha #wordpress user @om and @photomatt confirms that publishers are the drivers of #wordpress innovation
Retweeted by Om MalikTHIS is Hong Kong RT @JournoDannyAsia LIVE PICTURE From my @SCMP_News colleague RT @phila_siu TEAR GAS #OccupyCentral http://t.co/7nP4Wvn2pO
Retweeted by Om Malik50k people protesting in central Hong Kong has massive knock on effect on the eve of Chinese golden week! http://t.co/PTeCTqzbN7
Retweeted by Om MalikApple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century writes @aBlogtoWatch http://t.co/kJ83q6SQDIBig iPhone 6 is a good reminder why boys need to wear a jacket or get a good satchel for carrying all our gizmos http://t.co/LwUeDRZYmhView from the top of a building hosting #wceu this is an imposing and brooding building! #Sofiahttp://t.co/QS6Sv3EolS
If you like vintage watches, then check out this story on @storehousehq: http://t.co/n9lcyGxP2l Some great looking Seikos. cc @ablogtowatchEnjoying "The Captain" by Thomas Kawano on @storehousehq cc @gruber @rabois http://t.co/wRuq80dVe7
Now Batting for the Yankees, Number 2 - Daring Fireball http://t.co/ri4rGvdy4u thanks @gruber for writing this for #derekJeter fansGeorge Harrison's fisheye self-portraits in India, 1966 - Shooting Film http://t.co/xLrvnLb4K9 via @nuzzelSecret Fed tapes recorded Goldman's capital game, by @matt_levine http://t.co/sgPcPuGuhh http://t.co/npw9MImD2t
Retweeted by Om MalikThe obsessive coverage of Ello is less about Ello. Instead it really is about our growing dissatisfaction with the state of social networks.Radiohead singer Thom Yorke sells his new solo album via BitTorrent - Gigaom http://t.co/a6UCrkHZUm via @nuzzel by @jank0Why Tesla & SolarCity's planned factories are quite different - Gigaom http://t.co/UOU90o16dF via @nuzzel by @katiefehrenPaul Konerko video a fitting farewell to White Sox #Chicago #baseball http://t.co/veUT6jJ46yWhy is “anti-Facebook” network Ello popping up on your social feeds now? https://t.co/9gcyXHPdwW via @gigaom
I was there for 2000 WS Game 5, '09 WS Game 2, Jeter's last playoff game and 3000th hit. This was the loudest I've seen new Yankee Stadium.
Retweeted by Om MalikThe ultimate Jeter quote #FarewellCaptain http://t.co/PW8RNI9QvW
Retweeted by Om MalikThe iPhone 6-plus might be bendy but it also has ability to expose poor app design. Apps need a totally new design for larger iPhones!
Ever wonder why VC backed companies lose so much money? Read Demystifying Venture Capital Economics, Part 2: https://t.co/BJdMecN62q
Retweeted by Om MalikThe Gigaom interview: Jeff Hawkins on why his approach to AI will become the approach to AI - http://t.co/1kUus0jsS7 l by @derrickharris@rsarver @Devon love you guys :) can't believe how time has flown.@peterpham one last thing. I am happy to try new brands & switch if they make good products -- @everlane @trumaker @WarbyParker for examplePeter all I am saying is you have terrible product. Which is not the same as saying you don't have a good business. But like you said....@dannyrobinson funny, the experience i had was terrible. so much so I dissuade everyone from using @dollarshaveclub blades. No thanks requd@arankin Lol.@mjones @pakman @DollarShaveClub if you didn't, that would be a worse/bad sign. :-)@stimy9 @mjones @pakman i for one think the Gillette blades aren't shit. @DollarShaveClub i definitely know are shit that scrapes your face@peterpham the fact that you think that my blade choices are a result of living in a "valley bubble" are less reflective on my state of mindI am guessing this won't have any of those pesky iPhone6+ bend-till-you break-em problems/ http://t.co/ShmbdBqUep@pakman I find that @dollarshaveclub products are substandard. I have tried them & will never again let poor quality blade touch my face.@mikeisaac i need to educate on quality men's grooming products for less. :) You can pay for wine, I can offer tips. Deal?@monteiro did you miss the "" as code for irony/ :-)@mikeisaac Even @harrys has to drop price to about 50 cents for me to switch. I don't see the brand value just yet, but quality is there.@mikeisaac by the way a good Mach 3 blade at volume is about $1.50-$1.60. Not sure why I gain with trying terrible products like DSC.2/ Among "shave startups" only @harrys holds appeal for me. With Dollar Shave Club you get what you pay for. So many financial nicks ahead!1/ From @MikeIsaac: Dollar Shave Club gets $50 million in new funds from Venrock, others http://t.co/SRdonk2o5LPot calls kettle black. Duplicitous Comcast says critics tried 'Extortion' Tactics on TW deal" http://t.co/VhHuX5tuOJ http://t.co/sgaQ3CGpxaSo @mikeissac wee you being lazy and missed a chance to include some "close shave" jokes in this story? cc @techmeme http://t.co/SDXM0mTNnY@jimmaiella troll
iOS 8 upgrade’s impact on the networks http://t.co/6WjlxpTcI3"No more off-seasons. It’s just over," Derek Jeter of @Yankees #captain #legend #longgoodbye http://t.co/yLeDT31CJ0@gilpenchina it is @gigastacey baby.@alex that Airbnb logo from a macro lens perspective?@pkedrosky you heard about the slow boiling the frog :)Indian followers, could you do Me a favor and RT this? I’ve been trying to break into your God market but there’s just so much competition.
Retweeted by Om MalikToday's Photo: First Fall Colors, Newfound Gap, North Carolina http://t.co/UFfEZZ4NOJ http://t.co/eL5peAlfRl
Retweeted by Om Malik“@expa: Excited to have @hoomanradfar join @Expa as our first EIR in San Francisco! http://t.co/m0EscRMyhU” congrats @gmc @naveen“Calling all design rebels: the tech industry wants you" https://t.co/7qRyt8Vrz6 by @katiefehren #design #designthinkingLooks like @pinterest is changing its privacy policies to keep up with "promoted pins" push. https://t.co/hxJ46iAOw2 http://t.co/jRGMve6V7TI will interview @sonos CEO John MacFarlane about the role of audio in the connected home at Structure Connect in SF http://t.co/TczKLeCWeCTo Alibaba or not to Alibaba featuring @johnbattelle http://t.co/2mY4SFII8k $BABA #ChinaInternet's future: shape-shifting in real-time, datarich, hyper-personalized to predict what comes next automagically http://t.co/Ac6kga0nYEThere are days when I can't tell the difference between allergies and a cold. Today is one of those days.Enjoying "New Apple Product" by @EagleWhisper on @storehousehq http://t.co/BsEj5AStYB
Just another set of California Blues! #sanfrancisco @ Pabu SF http://t.co/iHxAff0blFJoin the CEOs of Sonos, Jawbone, LogMeIn and more at Structure Connect - Gigaom http://t.co/io4OfjV2De via @nuzzelAviary & Adobe - congrats @msg @avimuchnick http://t.co/kED6DF31RD
Retweeted by Om MalikFunny no mention of founders in this report about Aviary. Cc @msg congrats amigo! http://t.co/zzR8dQHh6HWhen it is said that "people don't read on the Web" what that means is "most of the writing on the Web is not worth reading"
Retweeted by Om MalikIgnore the previous tweet. Sent the wrong link. @CaseyNeistat Documentary on iPhone 6 is pretty damn good. Watch it http://t.co/xJKOtlsk1RCongrats from us @trueventures to @ericsson for teaming up with @Apcera & @derekcollison for their cloud future http://t.co/Zb91Y5YYWFApple has a great weekend http://t.co/aO6iD9LzTnSo looks like Apple had a nice weekend. http://t.co/pyHrFcMNhEhas 10M of anything with an ASP of >$700 ever sold in 3 days?
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@rohit_x_ @aneel I don't have a problem with delays.mi have a problem with the failure to inform their customers despite asking for updates@mike_enos still waiting :-)@hazelvizion I am okay with delays, that's life. Failure to do their job -- aka give a heads up about the delay is more annoying.@VirginAmerica i just need to get back home, so the DM won't really help unless you promise me a seat on an earlier flight :-)I have 3.15 hours wait time on @VirginAmerica so maybe we can make #virginamericasucks a trending topic. RT if you wanna help!As far as I can tell, Virgin America is just as crappy as anything else except you can order from your seat and there’s mood lighting.
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