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Alison Denham @paddymaid Wellington, Somerset

wants to be a hermit (with laptop), woman, Irish, once told by a manager didn't 'play the game.' So there you go. Arsenal fan through the bad times.

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@hwallop @fras Where exactly does Mr Nelson get these figures?Talk slowly. Talk relentlessly. Avoid the question. Repeat. Justine Greening on #c4news
Retweeted by Alison DenhamGood response. and irrational from the Torygraph. @abstex @Telegraph Feeble and irrational.@damongreenITV And you do it so well. xx @chrisbrooke @alanbeattie@Bacony_ghost Well, that worked. 😖 xx@habarosen @MacBojangles @IHPower Morning Smithies. All well? Work eh, Habs - the curse of the drinking classes. xx
In 1945 in the chaos after WW2 Britain said #refugeeswelcome let's do it again in 2015
Retweeted by Alison DenhamLet's not forget that Turkey has taken c 1.5 million Syrian refugees, a huge and unacknowledged effort by that comparatively poor country.
Retweeted by Alison Denham@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles My optimism not the sun shining. Actually that might not be true. xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Morning all. A watery sun is shining here. I am optimistic. This does not happen often. xx
@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles Aww shucks. Love you too xx@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles I know! Hopeless, aren't I! xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Afternoon folks. xx
@kitty_kelliher It'll be fine. xx@Diversion50 @AnneMac10 Don't they look smart! xx'People working for benefits. Ending the something-for-nothing culture by giving employers something for nothing.'
Retweeted by Alison Denham@rickburin No chance.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamAndy Burnham will not vote against 'unsupportable' welfare bill | Politics | The Guardian #channel4 Principles? Clinton is just like us: emails show she likes tea and 'The Good Wife'
Retweeted by Alison Denham@Kevin_Maguire Agreed. @jeremycorbyn does what nobody else does - he answers the question. Novel idea.My verdict for after the Labour hustings if you're watching Channel 4 News. I saw the recording earlier
Retweeted by Alison Denham@amateuradam Depends who's on your hitlist. xxIs this really happening? Two sisters in #India to be raped as punishment. Demand justice! via @amnestyuk@markchapman #MUFC to start the season with five goalkeepers?
Retweeted by Alison Denham@markchapman LVG would have done better at Rymans... the league not the stationers!!
Retweeted by Alison DenhamHow planning, common sense and shutting up is the way to go in the transfer window. #mufc New column for @JOE_co_uk
Retweeted by Alison DenhamNo student should fear being a slave to debt. Jeremy Corbyn will scrap tuition fees and restore maintenance grants.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamSept 1,1939 was working at Grosvenor's grocers in Halifax arcade & wondering what would happen next for me & Britain
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @habarosen @IHPower I imagine you have that already. xxSo not for the first time, with Osborne's "pre-emptive nuclear strike" decisions re Faslane, it seems that Brittania waives the rules !
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @habarosen @IHPower Ah, I see. Would new shoes help? 😁 xx@geraintgriffith You got a tan? xx@habarosen @MacBojangles @IHPower Me too, Habs. New school, eh, Mac. New shoes too? Morning all xx
@SteveAndrusko99 @sorkinese Possibly. 😘 xx@sorkinese You need to clear space on your hard drive. xx@Biltawulf I hate it when that happens xxPublic have a right to know about tobacco industry lobbying on #TTIP
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWise words from Jeremy Corbyn. Proud to say #IVotedCorbyn for Labour leader. Let's build an anti-austerity movement.
Retweeted by Alison Denham@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles And here. It's dreich. Enjoy the day off folks. xx
@great_artwork @johnepreston Daughter has this on a skirt xx It's working. xx@geraintgriffith You're looking well. xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Late night & 6/10. Currently on second gallon of tea. xxLennon & Maisy // "I Won't Give Up" // Jason Mraz via @YouTube
@Mumbler3 At school we always used to say Scott Gorham looked like Reggie's wife. #comedyconnections Northern Ireland in the 70s.Oh wow, you've just followed me and you have 10,000 followers… Hang on, you follow 10,100. Will you read my tweets? Of course not. Fuck off!
Retweeted by Alison Denham@damongreenITV Very. I'd say she was a fan. xx@Cmdr_Hadfield Happy Birthday xx@chinnyhill10 I can't go to Cornwall. I'm terrified I might bump into a member of the Royal Family. Or Cameron
Retweeted by Alison Denham@damongreenITV Are you aware Bridget Christie mentions you in today's Guardian Weekend? Fame at last. xx@IHPower @MacBojangles @habarosen Enjoying the sunshine. Afternoon all xx@THemingford Need a good night's sleep. I know I do xx#RebekahBrooks - back in business? I'm only surprised that she didn't get a peerage from Cameron.
Retweeted by Alison Denham
@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles One day. Always need to be here to look after husband. Now if one of his useless family would offer.....xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles You are such a sweetie, Habs. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself lately. xx@Gary_Bainbridge Thanks for reminding me I need an eye test. Universally adored you are. xxAnyway, read my COLUMN. I've already been told it's "quite funny", and "better than your usual sh*t".
Retweeted by Alison Denham@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles You all lead such exciting lives. I want to go to the seaside! Morning xx
How will Labour top losing the election? By losing its own leadership contest Frankie Boyle being highly amusing. @IHPower @MacBojangles Hahahahaha xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Enjoy the break, Habs. Morning folks xx@Channel4 Has been brilliant lately - 'Not Fit For Work', 'No Offence', 'Witnesses', 'Humans.' Almost makes up for MIC. Not quite but almost@Channel4 More, please! #witnesses
@NickMotown He is so lovely xx@mumbler3 Is he dying? How wonderful!
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWould love to have been a fly on the wall of the meeting that took this decision
Retweeted by Alison DenhamPCS Union chief Mark Serwotka has been barred from voting in Labour's leadership election amid "rigorous vetting".
Retweeted by Alison Denham@campbellclaret So sad for @bfc_official xx@aaronramsey So, I hear you're a #GBBO fan? Football and baking have always gone together. Stay fit. xx@RichardPBurr He is. But not as good as you xx@chetnamakan @EmmaKennedy You two need to get your heads together. I can't wait! xxGet a room Mary! #GBBO2015 @francine_lewis (Vine by @homemade)
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTamal is my new favourite but there will never be another @RichardPBurr xx #GBBO2015@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles How boring can life get! Ironing while watching TV quiz programmes. 😩 xx@ASE Check and RT what the #Palestinian activists are writing about #GazaOneYearOn. Hashtag is #ReviveGaza @MamadouSowICRC
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWe need Voting Reform locally and nationally to end one party states. Take Action:
Retweeted by Alison Denham@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles Is it that time of year again? Morning all xx
Thousands homeless in #GazaOneYearOn. Time to lift the #Gaza blockade - #OpenGaza - Sign and RT: million of us have said #noTTIP #TTIPTuesday
Retweeted by Alison Denham@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles That went quickly 😘 xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Morning all. It's dismal here. xx
@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles Fluffy hardly covers it. I need a gallon of tea to bring it to a manageable level. xx@habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles World diplomacy needs you. xx@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles Youngest daughter back from Australia with some superb wine. 🍷🍷xx
@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles That would never happen! Morning all. xx
Stop the TTIP deal! Sign the petition now: - @IHPower @MacBojangles Just like Eastenders down there in Cornwall. You tell 'em Habs. Morning all. Tired & too warm xx@SusanCalman You were ace on #imsihac Tina Turner missed a trick. xx▶ BBC Radio 4 - I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Series 63, Episode 5 Anyone still up should listen xx
@MgniM The magnificence that is the potato. xx@MgniM From Comber in County Down. Kerr's Pinks are delicious. Like you, I love spuds xx@MgniM @DanPeroni The Barefoot Contessa always uses Yukon Gold potatoes. My faves are Comber! Irish person here xx@MgniM @DanPeroni Can you bring some round here? I had a ham sandwich xx@IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles No such thing! Morning all. It's like living in the Tropics here.😓 xx
@IHPower @MgniM @MacBojangles @habarosen Looks delightful. xxRussell Brand has quit social media
Retweeted by Alison Denham@jtlovell1979 Very wise. xx@jtlovell1979 Well, I could have told you that. xx
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