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philtor @philtor Beaverton, OR

Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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@built well, I'm sure there are multiple ways of starting a fire with your phone's lithium ion battery.A series of mistakes this morning have culminated in my hat being filled with dry seaweed. http://t.co/poZfAcQ0cV
Retweeted by philtorThat’s awesome! RT @tweetbrk: Having fun in Buffalo, NY (@mikewhitmore) http://t.co/qwMAzlLDCx
Retweeted by philtor@dysinger and looks spikey.Wahoo! Oregon #GMO labeling initiative requires a recount! Vote count so close despite massive industry spending.
Retweeted by philtorSomeone from the FCC did an AMA on Reddit. It went about as well as you'd expect: http://t.co/WTEJqdTsoa
Retweeted by philtorPSA: chestnuts go bad very quickly.@rcoder @avibryant @posco that amazon link shows price is $499.@rcoder IIRC KNL will need significantly less power. I was in emulation group for KN*@rcoder this is a Knights Corner MIC. Probably deep discounting because the next gen Knights Landing is coming out soon.@rcoder wow, that's a great deal. Since that card runs 270W on its own you'll need a beefy PS in your PC...
Gravitricity http://t.co/MRZu7FkGXX
Retweeted by philtorRainbows everywhere in PortlandBest name/profession combination. http://t.co/dfmH1AjJUa
Retweeted by philtorI have a life-threatening allergy to fake maple syrup. It's a medical condition called "taste."
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@rickasaurus except this one is 15 inch.@rickasaurus Yeah, should be 500GB flash drive.@rickasaurus ah, good catch. Clone?@rickasaurus Yeah, definitely. List price from Apple is $1999 for that one. Kind of tempting, though, at that price.MacBook Pro for $530? How's this possible? Do they intercept some number of units from the factory in China? http://t.co/1npUFTAbCAIt finally happened. I snapped and lost control. http://t.co/vfxWGXwthi
Retweeted by philtorThe Bible in TL;DR form http://t.co/ZHGJrCtqn7 http://t.co/jc69IPEHSj
Retweeted by philtor#AppsecBarbie or #FeministHackerBarbie http://t.co/ECFdrpncnE"
Retweeted by philtor@built who indeed. Where is this from?Pretty sure Steven and Brian are a gay couple in #FeministHackerBarbie ...so diversity anyway.
Oregon GMO measure may be headed for recount: An Oregon ballot measure that would require labels for genetically… http://t.co/4bp3PjG0AZ
Retweeted by philtorSkipper Designs a Programming Language #feministhackerbarbie http://t.co/yvMQEcuAOL
Retweeted by philtorUrsula Le Guin: We Need Fantasy Because "Hard Times Are Coming" http://t.co/bHPVkPP1N6
Retweeted by philtorOCaml: Rescuing other languages from themselves since 1996
Retweeted by philtor@built run around the block 3 times.@built Open-source-project engineering groups are self-assembling.@built Engineers hand-picked at the peak of freshness.http://t.co/8cAicj21Ax
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@built @JohnMetta @IRLbook I don't get the whole passing data between neurons using UDP, though. Why each neuron has its own IP address?
To all those stating that "Charles Manson is getting married and I'm still single," well, have you even *tried* starting a murderous cult?
Retweeted by philtorFive year old passes Microsoft Certified Professional exam (commence joke-making) http://t.co/gzfjK02d9n
Retweeted by philtorI have a better idea for JavaScript typechecker $ ocaml test.js File "test.js", line 1, characters 12-13: Error: Syntax error
Retweeted by philtorICYMI: Scientists have figured out what's killing #starfish off the West Coast. Here's our video about the discovery https://t.co/mtix6cp9AL
Retweeted by philtorI plan to vote no on #KeystoneXL. It has serious environmental concerns and will raise prices in the long term.
Retweeted by philtorAlleged Beaverton shoplifter loses clothes while trying to steal beer: http://t.co/kJn3Q3hwku Very determined convenience store workers.@whitequark Oh, nice. So... what does one do with a turbomolecular pump?When did people start calling them "environmental variables"? I always called them "environment variables" but now I oft hear environmental
But it scales! http://t.co/xmAq9YLaho
Retweeted by philtor(cons cat (cons cat nil)) http://t.co/BmmyKhPEt8
Retweeted by philtor
Walton family, owners of Walmart, using their billions to attack rooftop solar energy http://t.co/HDMpXvBBqk
Retweeted by philtor
UPDATE: DEAD HEAT in #Yeson92 Oregon: we are 5,182 votes away & 13,000 contested ballots announced http://t.co/HjU1k5CaVH @food_democracy
Retweeted by philtorToday we remember and take inspiration from the incredible WW1 posters which are as relevant now as they were then. http://t.co/wNwxGSEfqL
Retweeted by philtor
@peat beats driving up to Sylvan to watch them.How about $50 “street fee” added to every snow tire install in the Metro area? 99% are idiots chewing up roads till April IN CASE. #pdxtst
Retweeted by philtor@tonykriz Wow, those guys are always raising the bar on music video choreography. How will they top this?@donpdonp so less reservoirs then?getting first pictures now http://t.co/oweibyklgX
Retweeted by philtorwoah, NWS calling for an all-out snowpocalypse tomorrow: http://t.co/6cOPdLxiix #pdxst@ChinoKellogg Ah, yes, something's very fishy when Science Friday is trying to get everyone to move to Chattanooga on a Wednesday.A top UN official says marijuana legalization in the US violates international law: http://t.co/PtXqbDxRHa
Retweeted by philtorSome folks just landed a spacecraft on the surface of a comet http://t.co/9XeFkkSxd5
Retweeted by philtor@ChinoKellogg why can I no longer tell in twitter what tweet this tweet is in reply to?Want fast internet? You should move to Chattanooga. http://t.co/z7aUvl5JSs
Retweeted by philtorHigh wind warning extended through tomorrow afternoon. Yikes. #pdxstThe wind, that's what's happening.
Sex? Drugs? Violence? That's PG-13. Exposing largest 4th Amndnt violation in human history w/ mild language? R rating http://t.co/CDyqGA5sb0
Retweeted by philtorIf a tree falls in the forest and you hear it, but don't see it...? #windstormWorking in a treehouse seemed like a good idea... until today with this wind. Now not so sure.
All four seasons in one day, here in Boulder, Colorado. https://t.co/sR5ESrYxgw http://t.co/V7yHwwraF8
Retweeted by philtor@michaeldexter I got the same email.Honeycrisp may be the last great apple everyone is allowed to grow. http://t.co/kGQapFUDxQ @nprDanCharles @NPRFood http://t.co/mY6QL0G4Qq
Retweeted by philtor@ChinoKellogg Next up: free coffee disappears? Heating fee deducted from your pay?@ChinoKellogg Oh, that was me. What do I win?@pkedrosky And somehow the rightwingers are fine with it (and subsidized sports stadiums) but net neutrality is completely evil to them.Always surprising to people how much more “socialist” pro sports are in the US compared to Europe. Drafts & salary caps vs winner-take-all.
Retweeted by philtorIt's time to keep the internet open and free. Read President Obama's plan → http://t.co/3y3YLQD6MB #NetNeutrality http://t.co/ifCoS1ty8j
Retweeted by philtor@jbouie @mattg We think Ted Cruz is stupid, so I guess we're even.Ted Cruz called net neutrality "Obamacare for the Internet." I like what he did there. Let me try: Ted Cruz, you are "Ebola for the Senate."
Retweeted by philtorPortland forecast: Winter-like weather to make early arrival, with good chance for freezing rain: For northwest… http://t.co/e6Y322qh5H
Retweeted by philtorthis is like watching a horse trying to do calculus by clopping its hoof to count http://t.co/DhS7Dg4jEF
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A mom and her son watch the mushroom cloud after an atomic test 75 miles away, Las Vegas, 1953 http://t.co/PZFUcarSFu
Retweeted by philtorBlog post: Will our mountain protect the Northwest from frigid air this week?: Weather forecast models are pre... http://t.co/AdpUBjYwFn
Retweeted by philtorthe next generation of teasel plants are so anxious to get started, they sprout before they leave home: http://t.co/to3IrgKIn9
Retweeted by philtor@brixen frames keep getting bigger. 4k displays starting to appear.@BrianZahnd Looke like global warming has arrived at the north pole.Youtube seems to be broken.Nice Fall day at the Beaverton farmers market. http://t.co/ktFVUvOhtFA Fire Took Out a Huge Bitcoin Mining Operation http://t.co/cs6lqQwQz7
Calculate how many Pringles there are in New York.
Retweeted by philtor@built cheezzzy.Hello Oregon! Misty and magnificent with volcanoes perpetually lurking. They look different from the side. http://t.co/rVQbYDxqQa
Retweeted by philtor@tlockney actually think this is a really good way to find people. If you know what someone reads you know a lot about them.@tlockney That's novel.@built we need to stop cutting down the magical rainforests.@ChinoKellogg Should this trend continue you may need to supply your own office chair soon.You can boot a #MirageOS VM in response to a TCP request (10ms). That's elasticity! @avsm casually dropping jawdropping stats at #codemesh
Retweeted by philtor@built Definitely. Florescent light is not substitute. Where is this?Whoa. RT @Iearnsomething: This is what an osprey looks like when in a dive. http://t.co/xWqE3kTxul
Retweeted by philtor"Tip: rename your hard drive "jihad plans" for free remote backups in the US and UK" - @mattgemmell
Retweeted by philtorThe elephant in the ... Our cover next week. http://t.co/L6FxKwuGit http://t.co/DsPJpFdsXN
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@silentbicycle Those haven't evolved yet. But if you'd like to put in a request to Natural Selection and wait a few million yrs...@silentbicycle There are freshwater shrimp: http://t.co/T1AGRor2SYFPGA Place & route takes a lonnnggg time.Extra-Tropical Typhoon Nuri Could Challenge All-Time Record http://t.co/ocYIEjaiILWill Fast-Tracking Secretive #TPP Trade Deal Top the Republican Agenda? http://t.co/KN7c2uUpEn http://t.co/ixYWj80uIB
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