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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. VP Sales with @GetGiftedInc. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The Isles, rational thought and vegan food.

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If you come to the store today and buy something with the secret password "bearwolf" then Jeremy will give you a free kiss.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHa #Morrissey http://t.co/pz6nxiTYul
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe day has finally arrived! The inaugural #Halifax VegFest begins in just a few hours. See you soon! http://t.co/igcrgOvPV0 #vegan #local
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@realTomMurray amenJust saw three lads on Robie Street carrying cases of Coors Light. Hoping it's for a university group project on the history of shitty beer.The Biggest U.S. IPOs in History (in photos) http://t.co/X4tJ31tKr9There are lots of other songs I like better than "September" by Earth Wind & Fire, except for when I hear it playing.@susnao That seems closer to the truth. I'm sure a huge tour is in the works for them to supplement their musical philanthropy.@huskermould Ha. Bingo. Why do they keep making it so easy to hate them?Yeah I'm constantly getting U2 mixed up with The Clash - U2's album giveaway a 'punk rock thing' http://t.co/unBwmkcRQ6Amazing - Fully Functional Lego Band Plays Depeche Mode http://t.co/kEk5UxT2rv via @bessyn@bessyn Holy shit that's amazing. Thank you!
How you swear now vs. how they used to swear then: http://t.co/rZOvwvmUo5
Retweeted by Paul RyanMan I hope so - Upgrades could push Islanders into playoff mix http://t.co/uSvNyYa8Zz@moarinternets No question. His solo and GBV output since like Earthquake Glue has been virtually impossible for me to keep up with.@moarinternets I think they will continue in a perpetual state of broken up and back together long after most of us have passed on.@huskermould Unlikelyuh oh - Guided By Voices break up (again) http://t.co/Kun40UPckJ via @alexyounguh oh - Toronto Maple Leafs ranked worst sports franchise in North America http://t.co/GhKRdrIyFU via @BarDownMore is Not Better: When it Comes to Leads, Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time http://t.co/eLhVwRF6tR
Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin talking about the early days of Public Enemy and Def Jam http://t.co/qsLEc3tc8gHow U2 Became The New Nickelback http://t.co/rQwqPL8tiy@monochromegod @CoyMoore The fact that you bought Lion & The Cobra at Trak makes all the shit talk redundant@CoyMoore @monochromegod Saw the whole Queen discography on vinyl, tape, and cd.@monochromegod Thanks for showing me all your old Toto, Journey, Styx and Prism albums. Pretty impressive mate.Some go back to the house in case they left something plugged in. Others go back when they don't remember counting if all 6 dogs were insideLet Me Explain Why U2 Is Damaging the Music Industry...: http://t.co/t1Ph9XqUtl
Retweeted by Paul RyanPresidential history on coffee http://t.co/6H4N8YRkln via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
The new Alt-J album "This Is All Yours" is streaming y'all http://t.co/jpQ39rgJ8R via @cosliveOf course the girl wearing Birkenstocks and wool socks at the grocery store buys the pizza pockets 😷
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@imashleymi @jerryleewilson Yeah that's fair.@imashleymi @jerryleewilson Yeah, gluten seems to make most things better as far as I can tell.@jerryleewilson preach brother Wilson@migrantp with yummy elasticitySo gluten is clearly the ingredient that makes the bread not suck.As I was walking along the beach with my iPhone playing music I noticed 2 sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me and 1 to Bono.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@CH_RemoZaccagna Fair game. I deserved that. Even more than I deserved the free U2 Apple virus ... erm ... I mean new album.@CH_RemoZaccagna Haha. NOt 100% certain, but this may be Wingdings 2 for Go F**k Yourself Remo ;)You don't see it as often as you used to, but I swear, the next time someone send me an email with all caps, I'm responding with Wingdings 2A beard comb made of vinyl records. Hey @SailorBups, have you guys seen this? http://t.co/qKZi3Z2Ril@nickcalder Haha. Gingery. Like not full on ginger, but ginger-esque or possessing ginger like qualities.http://t.co/Zj2ccnTli6
Retweeted by Paul RyanPictures of SBTRKT, MGMT and 12 other bands who've rebelled against vowels http://t.co/y9TCagWWSy via @NME"We’re all lonely, but I’d rather be lonely by myself than with a long list of duties and obligations." http://t.co/qNCFlrA1Nb
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Tim_Bousquet Think it might even be Grand Lake. I guess you work with what you're given. "New Minas - A Good Place to Live" still wins.Still waiting for a big sign like this that says "Welcome to Cowie Hill - Home of Paul Ryan" http://t.co/rY9cGpN4tM'Recorded for quality assurance' http://t.co/Y6SDSGHE7nhttp://t.co/qwTgLzTOrM
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow things have changed... http://t.co/PSk7MLse88
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@itsmejmb My favourite random twitter run in today. So lovely finally meeting you and yeah #HeyIknowYou indeed :)Senior Director of Communications role with Canada's largest offshore petroleum association, NOIA. #jobsNL http://t.co/GFz3eoNceK
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow to remove the U2 computer virus: http://t.co/EbRCwGsTYj 👾
Retweeted by Paul RyanDo the Atlantic Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature, win a trip for 2 from @TTITravel! VOTE NOW! https://t.co/znpZ92BMtX #AFF2014
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Tricky: 'I Don't Understand Why DJs Today Are Superstars' - http://t.co/8uc2PvITU6 via @NME
The thing you're looking for in Canadian Tire is hiding in the same spot as the staff avoiding helping you with the thing you're looking for@rockitdev We allow for breaksSaturday morning tradition...listening to all four proper studio albums by The Smiths in order...is happening right now.@burgesja Haha. Thanks. I feel like ignoring it is also suitable protest. Like not acknowledging a stranger sitting in your kitchen.
Buster is an adorable 4 year old "Puggle" (Pug-Beagle mix) He weighs about 17 pounds, is neutered, good with... http://t.co/djt3fj8Z8a
Retweeted by Paul RyanHands down the best magazine cover I have seen in ages with @TheScienceGuy via @PopSci #science http://t.co/Myy3iRQccr
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@sack_vegas @monochromegod Fat Bottom Girls ahead of Tie Your Mother Down?@sack_vegas @monochromegod I didn't know there was new school Meat Loaf@monochromegod Ha. Deal. We seem to have decent music interest overlap, but I would have been surprised if you were a fan of Queen.Looks like my Friday night is pretty much mapped out for me. Have a great weekend everyone. #Queen #Vinyl http://t.co/U5bFlyClLLThinking 'bout staying open til 10 tonight for #NXNMRKT If you're there, we'll be there. @thefoodwolf @lemon_dogs @enviehalifax #DJ #peeps
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@TeamAdam76 and some weeks were 100% pure disappointment, but still worth it."Hey, did you see Bleu Nuit last Saturday night?" Things you wish your friends were still able to ask you on a Monday morning..@U2 prepare physical release campaign - will Bono sneak into our house and leave it on the table? http://t.co/Y2GPmTjblp
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow Yoox turned the luxury-goods industry onto digital http://t.co/7aQToukOkMGrandparents Keep Accidentally Tagging Grandmaster Flash In Facebook Posts http://t.co/qas0tlp9xU via @imbadatlife
Experts shocked by murder acquittal of Oscar Pistorius http://t.co/k0FnrKXsiI
Retweeted by Paul RyanInterviewer: Axl Rose once wrote a song... Morrissey: Nobody's interested. http://t.co/F9btB5Lp8y
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@somanypies I like their first 4. Unforgettable Fire is my fave. They lost me after that. And yeah, I think they might be done.Watch @WildBeasts perform "Wanderlust" at @pitchforkfest http://t.co/2r2wH208Tc http://t.co/cwyxjQ6neQ
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@somanypies Seems like it's backfiring. People are pretty pissed.my main concern about U2 being on my phone is that someone is going to see it and think i actually bought a U2 album
Retweeted by Paul RyanU2!!!! Wtf are you doing!!! I do not want you on my phone, I do not want you in my cloud! Be gone!!! I did not download you.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@somanypies you had me beat by exactly one second@somanypies10 Things To Do With An Unwanted U2 Album http://t.co/bcGpsS0wPc@nickcalder Thanks. I usually have one of those tweets kicking around every couple weeks. Back to patronizing music tweets in a few minutes.@nickcalder That's a crazy long time to be using the same pen dude.@SailorBups Thanks for the follow. New spot looks fantastic! Way to take high road with all this foolishness in the last 24.@MikeGormanHFX Idle threats and good natured swearing at your dogs is universal, but "fuck right off" may be my Spryfield roots showing.@MikeGormanHFX I told one of my barking dogs to "fuck right off buddy" and my Toronto wife asked if that was a Nova Scotia thing.@lljml @INXS Fanastic group. Michael Hutchence may have been the last great pure rock star lead singer we have seen.“Don't Change” by @INXS is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/luYRnY1koH@BlackBuffaloLPs Thanks mate. Duly noted.Check out our Premature Evaluation review of @U2's godawful new album Songs Of Innocence http://t.co/8BfleLzcgw http://t.co/oI2BxUKGth
Retweeted by Paul RyanBBC News - The NFL's domestic abuse problem http://t.co/082xX2O9MJ
@wcburns No question mateThe perfectly logical reason this happens over and over again: http://t.co/L78XDiFc8K http://t.co/ifsjQ9kOsD
Retweeted by Paul RyanLove it - "Stop dressing like a slob when you're traveling" http://t.co/C549zgGgUJ via @slateLadies and gentlemen, your #Isles captain, @91Tavares http://t.co/UXSh6O8mRN
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@willowspeak Sassy trumps fancy. No question.@ritaburglar @jerryleewilson That would definitely qualify as bringing it.@ritaburglar @jerryleewilson No question. Seems like you also have "Being Fancy" covered. Jerry you bring it too, in case there was doubt.@jerryleewilson Yes you did, because you know I bring it.@jerryleewilson Added "Bringing It" a while back. At least 7 people, who may or may not know whether I actually bring it, have endorsed me.@HalifaxTech Just kidding man. They haven't been for me for a long time, but they still seem to perform well after all these years.
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