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Rob Rugrinchski @ruminski Melbourne, Australia

Politics. Music. Moving pictures. Beer. Food. Baseball. Assorted detritus. Opinions belong to whoever poured my drink. RTs mean we're going steady. Lumbersexual

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#ThanksTony #AusPol http://t.co/a6fND50Az7
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiThis. A thousand times. http://t.co/PfJ8hb6HfF@kahlerisms Ha! Definitely not me - I'm currently on a bus from Brisbane to Brunswick Heads. But I must find and eliminate this doppelgänger@pressdarling Quite possibly.@kahlerisms ??? Where?Here's that raccoon eating grapes video, it might be the greatest cinematic achievement of our lifetimes. http://t.co/vogmy2LRCi
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiHipsters realise they have the exact same hair yes? No? http://t.co/oHjFPKB7va
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiI mean, eating a pound of mushrooms will pretty much end up this way no matter what, I figure. Truly magical. http://t.co/wR4PAKllfo
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski*crying* http://t.co/bGtoynsMC8
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@Fozzaroo nice! Which Belgian?@MatthewBeggs Scotty would've thrived in defense. This country loves heavy-handed cruelty when doled out to brown people.@Jforced @CarwynCellars have they put on the @toolbeer takeover?Can you imagine the reaction of the public when Scotty applies his tactics to Australians? I'll get the popcorn. #ttrtptPutting Morrison in charge of Social Services is a smart move by Abbott, if he wants to destroy Scott's career and leadership ambitions.@MatthewBeggs hmmm. Hard to says then. Duck could be so many things.@MatthewBeggs how are you seasoning the duck?@yeastieboys .303?@simoninthesand that happened to me last week.A possum just pissed on me. How's your Sunday?@sirhendo I head out tomorrow morning. Xmas at the beach in Brunswick Heads.@sirhendo Mate! I was just drinking a @croftbrewing pomegranate saison at @TheScratchBar! You in town for long?BAE: come over BATMAN: i'm fighting crime BAE: my parents aren't home BATMAN: *tears up* same
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@Fozzaroo very funny. It's @TheScratchBar in Brisbane.Hey @thewobblythong - wish you were here. #saisonisbestshared http://t.co/KWrWdPRIf1Brisbane beer stop 2: @TheScratchBar. Really dig this place.@TrisD Catching up with some mates now, but should still be here around two if you're nearby.Dance like no one's watching & cook like someone else is cleaning up that shit.
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiJust saw a lizard! Took me instantly back to summers as a kid in rural east Texas with my grandma. Queensland, you're alright.How John Howard's tax cuts undid his protégé Tony Abbott | The Saturday Paper https://t.co/OnATCWOkmc
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiPARTY TIP: Music is what feelings sound like.
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski"Some days are good… and some days you just feel like the only dog at a llama orgy." http://t.co/R8LNKyD0am
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiThat didn't take long http://t.co/RGCdUtXn0A
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@alisterrobbie is it working out for you?Queensland, we need to talk about this no-daylight-savings thing. I shouldn't be awake this early on my holidays.Before giving money to that person w/ a bell, read about how the Salvation Army hurts the homeless, elderly, and gay. http://t.co/Z2RPu5Hde8
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.@MOBrewing scores again with the Zookeeper. Believe the hype, kids. This brewery is legit.People with beardy straight dude fetishes: you don't have to go any further than your local craft beer bar. Doesn't matter where you are.@worstbloke I really wish you'd keep our pet names to yourself.right now Tilda Swinton is decorating her Xmas tree with egret feathers, freeze dried violets, mink pelts, candied spiders, bones
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@TrisD will do.Two King Charles cavaliers stolen from Ascot Vale. Keep an eye out, Melbs. Heartbreaking post: http://t.co/mhjSoadwi0 http://t.co/9zQF4MpY0U
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@TrisD looks like I'm having beers at @TheScratchBar tomorrow if you're around.Next up: @NoisyMinor ANZUS. Crazy explosion of contrasting hops that almost goes off the rails, but manages to keep it together.Getting stuck into the QLD brews at @Beer_Archive. First up: @GreenBeaconBrew Wayfarer. Very refreshing on a balmy afternoon.@bourgwick Perfect band at the perfect time.@bourgwick I discovered YLT at Lollapalooza as a 17y/o punk in the Midwest, having just dipped my toes into 70s NYC stuff and the VU.Hey @bourgwick! Your book was pretty damn good. Just devoured it in 24 hours. Would read again.Sound advice from my Canadian moose herders, eh! http://t.co/285cghjCRJ
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@RossFloate I like to think that introducing you to the music of LL is my single greatest contribution to your life.@TheVinsomniac Many thanks!.@Australian Clive Palmer's PR was charged as a result of an ABC investigation while you were FOI'ing ABC salaries. Have a great Xmas ;)
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@TheVinsomniac want to get some nice, interesting bottles to take down to the beach for Xmas with the girlfriend's parents.@TheVinsomniac nothing in particular. Just a good selection.Hey beer nerds! Where's a good bottle shop in Brisbane? Closer to West End the better & with good wine as well would be best. Thanks!Holiday update 1: drinks on the river, Japanese food, sunshine, strolls, lots of reading. And this back garden: http://t.co/wDa3Blh7iL
@cailyoung we drank a bottle yesterday after you left. Very, very good.Hello, Brisbane.MEL => BNE QF 614. See y'all on the flipside.@ruminski Saw a guy today wearing a tee that said BEARS GIVE BETTER HUGS
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiQantas: courting the lucrative Lumbersexual dollar: http://t.co/sN0jNHCeFG@eatdrinkstagger Happy to be of service. And I won't even charge any interest.@alisterrobbie ouch. No good.@ruminski airports are like boats, sleeping is hard but drinking is anytime
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiDrinking is acceptable at any time of day if you're at an airport. http://t.co/4cxf0TV9uH@LeMandapantz Brisbane for a few days, then Brunswick Heads for Christmas w/ Meg's parents.@AleOfATime Ugh. I'm backed up in traffic on the freeway. Thankfully I'm quite early, for once.Taking bets: how disgustingly busy is Tullamarine going to be this morning?Oh well played @AlboMP. HT @egadheg via @glengyron http://t.co/Gzz4uyHyxt
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@mileshstandish now you see why I got so ranty about it the other day.@mileshstandish It does that.My name is Julien Blanc. #WorstDateIn5WordsAirplane fuel can't melt steel! #WorstDateIn5WordsI believe Vaccination causes Autism #WorstDateIn5Words
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiCan we fuck to Nickelback? #WorstDateIn5WordsFirst cousins are ok, yeah? #WorstDateIn5WordsCan you pay my bail? #WorstDateIn5WordsLet's see your pay stubs. #WorstDateIn5WordsReally, that rash is nothing. #WorstDateIn5WordsJust saw a guy try to urinate into a Dyson Airblade. Incredible.
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@mattbrick1 @l_astir ha! Not your copy. You'll need to talk to the ex.Officially on holidays. It has been a wild ride of a year. Feeling very pleased with my world and the people around me. And, oddly, myself.Chilling words from a Taliban supporter defending the #PeshawarAttack. Good luck fighting this, world. http://t.co/rBcviYS3nj
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@DeanBeckOnAir is this a good thing?!It's @ThePostProject Xmas lunch! @alisterrobbie @Urban_Nanna @eatdrinkwatch @cailyoung @l_astir + Jaque & Craig: http://t.co/kFN6NhDR82Holy shit, How To Archer. thank you so much @ruminski you are a Sparkle Motion legend. http://t.co/EEULyCQe6d
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiOur final project for 2015. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to help @FareShare1 tell the story about the.. http://t.co/5TVxPehjYp
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiBREAKING NEWS: North Korea threatens to attack if another Nickelback album is released.
Retweeted by Rob RugrinchskiNext up, we talk to Russell Brand about current events, because Noam Chomsky uses big words and doesn't wear leather pants.Internet death threat against woman - "Oh that's just boys being boys, deal with it." Internet death threat against movie - "SRS BIZNESS"
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@soupkitchen ...line up with their ideology. I hate a lot of the things that he stands for, but I'd rather him with flaws than nobody at all@soupkitchen The LNP and ALP vote as a bloc against civil liberties consistently. The Greens like to pick and choose where civil liberties..@soupkitchen out of sociopath Morrison, he's got a same sex marriage bill in front of the Senate.@soupkitchen He's been outspoken against data retention and creeping national security laws, he did what he could to extract concessions...@soupkitchen And yet he's one of the only politicians in the country fighting against the creeping disappearance of personal liberties.The problem of Leyonhjelm: one day he's all "I'll say sensible and statesmanlike things about civil liberties" then he's all GUNSGUNSGUNS!!@ruminski @MelbDave my popcorn bring all the boys to the yard
Retweeted by Rob Rugrinchski@WondersnackCo @MelbDave I love it when you buy my friendship.@WondersnackCo @TwoRowBar Nope. Tiff will be galavanting overseas.@indefensible Parsing contracts is one of my favourite things in the world. I'm a sick bastard.People who think grammar and the meaning-shift of words are unimportant have never negotiated a contract.
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