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I appreciate everything you do.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@nolo_xo: @sewiinxo you're such a sweet heart 😘” 😘@nolo_xo so are you ☺️💕never did a wcw but @sewiinxo tho
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I'm not impressed
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛A man should never get sick of being around his girl, it should make him sick when she's not around.http://t.co/pD51YIUiEO😁......... http://t.co/tZlzYKKlEu
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Khloe is me http://t.co/zCgM5GPju5
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛💙💜 http://t.co/L6RgsdXbCjMy feelings for you have always been realThat boy is mineLadies, is this true? http://t.co/vxyQpnlneg
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You're on your ownif you don't communicate with me about how you feel then I'll just assume you don't care & carry on...
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛It all happens for a reason though..when you accidentally read a text you were trying to ignore http://t.co/ELJ076rsm2
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I can't wait to come back to Toronto😩It's whatever though 😌If they don't give a fuck then neither should you
very important http://t.co/tnNZFDO5vC
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Got me fucked up😩😂 http://t.co/YQ7wBlEMkeBeing nice to someone you dislike doesn't mean you're fake. It means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.Im so dark 🔥 http://t.co/cx3K2caZzPWhat I wake up to ☀️🌴 http://t.co/aBIjYs8il0Assumption and lack of communication are the number one relationship killers.Guilty 😁 http://t.co/7nZIygadasLmao this true as hell http://t.co/aGaxoLdA3X
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when ur friends do something stupid http://t.co/mn65vA7oNP
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“@sewiinxo: @IrissMariaa you guys are cute” thanks baby 💕 can you come back already I miss u!
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@IrissMariaa you guys are cuteI don't lose people, people lose me..@athenaaxo I'm coming back soon mama,no worries 💕I just want my sister @sewiinxo to come home 😔😔 I need this girl 💞
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I want 😍 http://t.co/o6Hyhp2tZP@IrissMariaa lmao bro I can't stand them on the roadsNo matter how bad you want someone, if it doesn't work out, you have to learn when to let go even if it hurts.Don't get too comfortable with temporary people
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛http://t.co/ez1sgBbhtdI'm def not driving anything else but foreign 😅
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Trying to forget someone that you love is like trying to remember someone that you never knew
“@Noel_Biancaa: @sewiinxo thanks babe”👸I really want you http://t.co/c7DRtOy09UI could name a lot of things any other woman won't do for you how I do for you
Always💯 http://t.co/kdxu3x1fosI want you so bad#ShmoneyDance 🔥 https://t.co/UbA98GPUUZ
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛You better recognize when I see you
when your ex tries to make you jealous w someone who ugly af http://t.co/si5TbFrANV
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Sometimes it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love, but the pain.You're all that matters to me http://t.co/GH1bOiWHk5when u see ur friend's boyfriend talking to another girl http://t.co/f7CLrZazgI
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It could get ugly before it gets beautiful..http://t.co/ywrwIckelhWhen I met you in the summer.. http://t.co/Xap1pCPDzM
I hate alcohol 😭It's just a matter of time in the summer time, you'll be mine, all mine.My heads big, I know.. http://t.co/TVmGyCrrVZLmao I just died at my last rt😭Fuckin love white people https://t.co/tVCUqXJCBN
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛girls love this shit http://t.co/8STQOvLTMF
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛white people http://t.co/w0bI1ncX6u
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A girl becomes a women when she learns to love herself more than she loves a man.
@arianapampena thank you so much 💕Happy birthday pretty girl @sewiinxo 💘 have the best day!
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Today was truly amazing, thanks for all the birthday wishes from all my friends and followers , I appreciate it all💕Happy birthday babe. Lots of luv from China @sewiinxo 💕
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I love being tanned, no need for any face makeup 🙌@IrissMariaa ah thank you so much, finally the day has come ! Love you and miss you lots 💕Happy birthday to my baby boo @sewiinxo have an amazing day !!! Love you ❤️💘💞💋
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Came home to a little surprise that was left in front of my door, so sweet 🌹 http://t.co/2qu7WYAk0hBe with someone that requires you to grow, makes you forget your problems, holds your hand,likes to kiss,and adores you.If she only wants you, don't worry about who wants her.Off to the spa 💆 http://t.co/9i63aVbBwF@Noel_Biancaa thanks babe and fuck yaaaaaaw👸Happy birthday to my bebe @sewiinxo time to turn up fr 💅👸😈🙌🙌
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@athenaaxo ah love you so much babes and definitely, we are growing old together I hope you know that. Thank you so much 💕
Happy birthday to my sister love u so much my pretty, I wish many more years with you by my side 👯 @sewiinxo MWAH💋 http://t.co/V7NHreE32f
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@sewiinxo: BIRTHDAY GIRL👸”HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉💞
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛BIRTHDAY GIRL👸@athenaaxo wanna like come and visit me? 🙊@athenaaxo unfortunately but you miss me more 👸@athenaaxo you aight 💆☀️ http://t.co/hTuW2BUTqj@sewiinxo happy birthday beautiful!😍💘
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sewiinxo #WomenCrushEveryday 😍❤️
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛#wcw @sewiinxo 😍😭
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sewiinxo 😍
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I was a bit excited 🙊 http://t.co/8hiD2rD6LOFirst birthday drink 👸 http://t.co/xq16BVoFEFthought it was just me http://t.co/XFprPZXnL9
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛When baè go outside to take a phone call http://t.co/wVFo3b2PvW
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛when bae favorites ur tweet http://t.co/qosrpeN3pS
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛this nigga is doing it right http://t.co/TQheEWQ734
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Straight up😌 http://t.co/3ciVz7OVlBI can't even do a proper photo shoot,I have 0 energy. This is bullshit 😠 http://t.co/Vm72gKTp4oI hate when I break out 😠
When you see your bestfriend crying http://t.co/dDm4NqlroT
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛From bae to bruh real quick 😁
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