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LOVE this @Spotify session live from SXSW! Check it out! xx http://t.co/X82gCmoV9a
Retweeted by SpotifyCongrats to the 47 Community users we've promoted in our Rock Star Program, including @MerikCastro and @mdewater: http://t.co/TRNCOoiQiL
@katieruehle This playlist should make your trip a smooth ride! http://t.co/vllsEOK0aO@RubyCote Problem *solved* http://t.co/ks9SXVjeR8@whitneyyy_white This low and slow tempo should get you through the finishline! http://t.co/n7jBIZGAUp@ChelseaPride_ This should do the trick! http://t.co/ks9SXVjeR8@OhyessitsJas Give this one a listen! http://t.co/GRAF2eo56t@SampAbdul This should help you out! http://t.co/ks9SXVjeR8@ReneEspino_97 http://t.co/IQKGQ3k7x9?@katieruehle What kind of music are you into?@leedeecarroll Woo hoo! http://t.co/lw918DKnYr@rnewman18 You'll probably need this, too: http://t.co/u6ZTTGhmVg@axisofsmeagol The iPad app has not yet received an update. We're working on getting it up and ready as soon as possible!#SpoilerAlert: @Diplo's new album may cause excessive dancing. http://t.co/cKDyLcCy8T http://t.co/oGAGbpvpzw
Retweeted by Spotify@lizzzieryan @SpotifyJobs can help with that q!@yung_wizzz You're welcome! http://t.co/fZ6EqlgmRo@thereverendgabe Waiting for someone like you http://t.co/PIgCZhFcyO@denhamcoote Enjoy! http://t.co/fZ6EqlgmRo@ellewagner @SpotifyCares to the rescue!@ditardi @SpotifyCares can help with that!@ditardi Just follow the steps here: http://t.co/zRXJC8i2qg to report an error, Matias!@EstherMacaulay Give these artists a listen! http://t.co/3xo8FvPEFr@sarfatilovatos Have you heard all of the remixes of "Really Don't Care"? http://t.co/qrsLaOEjyO
Pucker up, we've got the soundtrack to your #NationalLipstickDay: http://t.co/h75fiVBMpq.@TomPetty's "Hypnotic Eye" confirms the band's legend. We "Won't Back Down" from that. http://t.co/WwgtM5ZU9j http://t.co/J6Z9vX6oZk
Retweeted by SpotifyTap, pause, listen. #NewMusicTuesday has something for everyone. http://t.co/jWrW1zyERI http://t.co/zlDndcSW1K
Retweeted by Spotify@Akee123 Interesting idea! You should suggest it here: http://t.co/v6Qt7BIQ8B. With enough, kudos it could become a reality!@Dirty13Kurty @SpotifyCares may be able to help with that!@D3annaLorraine Here you go! http://t.co/683hafXzEy@stephbirch98 Check it out here: http://t.co/683hafXzEy!@HearMeRoar__ Listen to it here: http://t.co/683hafXzEy!@Whitneezyy_ You can listen to "Bang Bang" here: http://t.co/683hafXzEy@xStarbucksxo Here you go! http://t.co/683hafXzEy@masterplucas We've got one now! Check it out in your settings.Today's #NMT playlist has new tracks from @JennyLewis, @CENTAVRVS, and @ShakeyGraves. Dig in: http://t.co/jWrW1zyERI http://t.co/ESJddntqbl
Retweeted by Spotify@softcosyari Listen listen listen! http://t.co/683hafXzEyWant an equalizer for other platforms? Keep track and vote for the #SpotifyEqualizer idea on the #SpotifyCommunity. http://t.co/hBD4XuSl3nCalling all audiophiles using iOS! Now you can use an equalizer for your tuning pleasure. #SpotifyEqualizer - http://t.co/9BrRw63u5E
@A_Whitesides Here it is! http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@manifoldlust Here you go! http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@espinosalov We've got it right here: http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@_bizzlebabee Try this link instead! http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@yeeterdallas Here you go! http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@OopsIsShawn Check it out here: http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@heyyitskarina You can listen to it here! http://t.co/KTwpDd0NMg@ThomasFSgroi Love Funktional Flow! http://t.co/zGKeQk3Hd1@AdamSteeber You've got this! http://t.co/dcyowSj6dL@nicoleemoreiraa We can help! Where are you headed?@sethmikell This should help you beat down your morning: http://t.co/BOpBgVJVDA@PlusSizeGoldy How about this one? http://t.co/GRAF2eo56t@carolynalopez This playlist should help then! http://t.co/s8YVAbzLw4@Kwench_ Give this one a shot: http://t.co/kiLr6Pm1Bl@daltonlunn We've got you covered: http://t.co/TvApbEaLbf@CadeSchmidt We'd love to have more available, but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/mNoQsdZEeS@bald_n_yellow You're the best! http://t.co/h2cd05xnel@katherine_ora You're welcome!@atlashand We'll miss you!@poopi *tips imaginary hat*
@kristinkmcg Love this song!@maestrohatesu Dancing is the best workout!What #workout #jam helps you reach your target heart rate? #NowFeeling motivated. http://t.co/kiLr6Pm1Bl http://t.co/Zxx4u5Om6c
Upload your best Jagger impersonation to wish him a happy 71st. Inspiration: http://t.co/5oQEhsGwYu. #MovesLikeJagger http://t.co/LWR9bVlAv9Music for ears, hands and feet! #WeekendWeapons is updated w new tunes to mix on @pacemaker http://t.co/U1jBau3y53 http://t.co/hZ9E9XRXxi
NOW that's what we call a sweep! @AlYankovic takes 4 top spots on this week's #Viral50. @ShakeyGraves snags the 5th. http://t.co/TvcQkuzvjI
Retweeted by Spotify@PrettyKNic0le Until then: http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@schoen_taylor Woo hoo! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@Hellard55 Prettier than this playlist? http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@_LoveeJCM Awww yeaaaaa http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@DannyFraser_7 Here you go! http://t.co/gLYdI2ZBQl@___mels___ We've got you covered: http://t.co/gLYdI2ZBQl@TEEDinosaurs Bow chicka bow wow!Film the story behind your favorite song and submit it to @Tongal. You could win big! Info: http://t.co/AMDIAOjtH0 http://t.co/oAcRkhTTYP
@KellKemp Here's the soundtrack to your National Tequila Day! http://t.co/6dmVDtHaIa@kenziicub Enjoy (responsibly)! http://t.co/6dmVDtHaIa@takeitezzai Cheers! http://t.co/6dmVDtHaIa@charfreccia We do it all for you, Charlotte!@paolavbolano Makes sense to us!@trueness Has anyone told you how awesome you are lately? http://t.co/P9lhT97I2I@jeremyclover Thanks, Jeremey! What are you trying to focus on?@Alissa_Hayes We love you back! http://t.co/KztqytM2J3@worlock969 Don't forget to stretch after, Tom! http://t.co/f7b8rlhJtT@slaybrinaa We'd love to have it available more than anyone, but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/mNoQsdZEeS@vice_cro We are working on getting the app ready for iPad as soon as possible!@CDLWood Enjoy!@Tut_Nan1108 Give these a listen: http://t.co/TrjI6L5EiN@The_ClarkSide A jazzy road trip? http://t.co/22SIXA2Oca@elyssabreann No problemo http://t.co/FvdXLoybXr@HiChubbs Here you go! http://t.co/fuskynkMn9@Jaaadiii We've got you covered! http://t.co/l05MJdoW3G@Samson_A9 What kind of work out are you doing?@jasoncaston Love this one!@laurenfrankfort Slow jamz Thursday!@TheRealDaetwan Play it loud and proud!@gl0ryfades_ Try this one out! http://t.co/qdl07SwhB3Whether you call her Jenny from the Block or just @JLo, sing along with this Fly Girl for her birthday. http://t.co/vapgKKxXSl
@JMAucoin_Writer Nice! All you need is some tunes: http://t.co/G4UnMHXrIv@BiteySized Woo hoo! http://t.co/G4UnMHXrIv@PatrickWNTaylor By playing this: http://t.co/G4UnMHXrIv@Sevs13 Don't forget your soundtrack! http://t.co/G4UnMHXrIv@ThisIsJoseBAM Batman dayyyyy! http://t.co/G4UnMHXrIv
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