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You've crushed your #2015Fitness resolutions all month! And even if you haven't, here's one last motivating playlist: http://t.co/N3OHpHJU1P
It’s Neil Diamond’s birthday & National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Raise a can and sing along: http://t.co/FrzeCHLW6Y10 years later & we still want Daft Punk playing at our house. #HappyAnniversary to a classic: http://t.co/IO6caIgoxf http://t.co/KdlEA4yFEW
It’s been 2015 forever already; what new tracks have you been streaming non-stop? #NewMusicResolutions@kevinmeyers we'll start with these tunes for your commute home, Kevin. Six solid hours of gold. http://t.co/f5A8W6g517@kevinmeyers what are you in the mood for, Kevin? We can find you something!.@newpolitics stopped by for an impromptu dance party & to share their Crazy Awesome Playlist http://t.co/3wuUKjVJKP http://t.co/5fE4cJ8W93@spiritualrauhl all you had to do was ask, Amanda! Best friends now..@yearsandyears Up to the freshest of standards! Cue our Friday afternoon listening 🙌 http://t.co/TwwHC8ctlC
Britney, *NSYNC, Eminem, TLC #ExplainThe90sIn4Words http://t.co/Jdml6G9XmIIntroducing Touch Preview. A better way to preview any song, album, artist or playlist. http://t.co/zpnc8tzQ9j
@LivDeGennaro we get you, Olivia. http://t.co/FAtkSj6kCp@YGalanter we're glad you like us, Yurly! Jam on.@LyinRyan7 music to our ears, Ryan! http://t.co/uDn2JU9cCs@stracciaconnie what's going to be our first dance song?@BIGJEFF2012 here are some tunes to get you pumped up before. Good luck, Jeff! http://t.co/MVFWg4Nko5@noelleyellly we've got the perfect playlist to help you crush it, Noelle. http://t.co/jx9YYEen3s@savvmartinn or some good tunes will help do the trick! http://t.co/mjfVhzAG6L@TaylorKathryn1 we've got a big ol' cup of tunes for you to help you focus, Taylor. http://t.co/2QLU42a72b@JulietIsTheSun1 how about this type of caffeine boost, Juliet? http://t.co/akdqm8Hkh4@ChelseaHelenxo these songs will bring back the motivation you need, Chelsea! http://t.co/01L4w77v13@mikey_luke we released a ton of new tunes yesterday! Check them out here, Mikey: http://t.co/yc0tMkE7FC@powerlessidc time to party, Caroline! http://t.co/OUrJ2cjGeV@BerniiGasper is a three hour playlist packed with all the best songs good enough for you, Bern? http://t.co/kW0HGIyH3R@dailychaos12 so many good tunes, Melissa. Who is your favorite new discovery?.@brianlogandales Are you saying that it's... Legendary? http://t.co/7mNRKfTKsh@reabo101 best day ever, Matt? Enjoy!@BePeeArr well that's embarrassing, Brian! To report this error, would you mind following these steps? Thanks! http://t.co/Viy8laLLgi@vttym we're glad you're enjoying it, Tym! Jam on.
When @LilJon said, “Bend over to the front, touch your toes,” think he was talking about yoga or nah? http://t.co/vSmTUW6jVS #2015Fitness
"Failing" has never sounded so good, @gogetmilk. #NewMusicResolutions http://t.co/MisYCOq6PXToday we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Hear one of his favorite hymns: http://t.co/VqPztYeYJrWe're painting it black with a new look for our Windows Phone app: http://t.co/14pGJIdd41
Make sure y'all check out my acoustic @spotify sessions recorded LIVE in NYC: http://t.co/53UUTpMrl7
Retweeted by SpotifyHow’ve you been keeping up with your #NewMusicResolutions? Impress us.4 a RT or FOLLOW BACK tweet this link + hashtag http://t.co/53UUTpMrl7 #DeruloSpotifySessions LET’S GOOOO!!!
Retweeted by SpotifyListen to our official 2015 lineup playlist to get excited for the artists you love and discover new ones too! http://t.co/Kbl1Foj39p
Retweeted by SpotifyHappy 14th birthday, wiki-wiki-@wikipedia. http://t.co/6YPIjIYhmdGot a question? Andrew WK has answers! Tag #AskAndrewWK with your question and maybe Andrew will answer yours!
You can still feel the juju of @TheDangelo's "Voodoo" even 15 years (and one new album) later: http://t.co/GaLuTHVxn9 http://t.co/07twHNEeau@dyonisii @SpotifyUSA @jasonderulo Good call!Stream killer live versions of all @jasonderulo's hits at http://t.co/ITuUq402eq. #DeruloSpotifySessions http://t.co/gRy1YvvcpU
Retweeted by SpotifyGet 6 months of free @SpotifyUSA Premium when you buy a qualifying LG Smart TV by 1/31: http://t.co/4xR1ITm0q1. http://t.co/bqHiGJqdMY
Retweeted by Spotify
Conquer your #2015Fitness goals with @Insanity mastermind @shauntfitness & playlist guru, Dr. Costas Karageorghis: http://t.co/wKHJ5arVne
@CarrieMae_ @nicollettesays she's a keeper, Carrie. http://t.co/MPUbIdePwO #BFF@RickGrimbergen hey, Rick. If you're experiencing login issues, reach out to @SpotifyCares, and they can figure out what's happening!@dahrhylgahmoor we're blushing. Thanks for the love!@melliecay this is one of our favorites! http://t.co/7mhIRWzBWZ@caitlin_foley7 did any of these make the list, Caitlin? http://t.co/o2eQApCEpr@abwright22 *hair flip* http://t.co/l32P1nFuV4@DaritzaD we get you. http://t.co/msBfCWbhPt@jazzmin_alina the only way to get through a workout! http://t.co/kYZI9xbHDO@KGarcia57 We're glad to hear it! Which artist can you not stop streaming lately?@seren_rose thanks for the love!Shout out to the 60 million Active Users & 15 million Premium Subscribers now on #TeamSpotify! http://t.co/FQPCtE1m8q http://t.co/v9g8ttlH8a
Everybody at the @goldenglobes gettin' tipsy. #GoldenGlobes http://t.co/Y9JzxZ20Bh
Retweeted by SpotifyWorkout resolutions aren’t easy, but baby, you were born to run. Stay sweatin' with this playlist: http://t.co/k0gD3Iclnb #2015Fitness
Celebrate @ElvisPresley’s 80th by mapping the King of Rock’s influence on your favorite artists. #SixDegreesofElvis http://t.co/C2vV8xqpdD@ErikJRichter true love, Erik. http://t.co/o7StaivPt7If only they made peanut butter, banana, & bacon-flavored cake. #HappyBirthday, @ElvisPresley. http://t.co/nSMx3PFXoS http://t.co/vBphS6eqk9"I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around." #humblebrag #HappyBirthday, @ElvisPresley.@williemendelson we'll be your homie any day, Will.@ricagchua It's about time! Welcome to the party and endless tunes. http://t.co/GpmjFrAYYP@DaliaTeresa__ warm up with these tunes! http://t.co/YcW7News57 #wishfulthinking@JennaHendren toughest decision ever, Jenna. These tunes will keep your warm while working out. http://t.co/PBrvwjlXbM@YummyYann21 you just need some good tunes to warm up you, Yann! http://t.co/zSh2ItkuHT@gmwall26 do we hear hibernation anyone? http://t.co/2z4WGYI5Sh@SchwartzsSauce how about some solid #ThrowbackThursday jams, Kevin? http://t.co/JDxuOa2BVh
Fact: Users stream more workout playlists today than any other time of year. So, which track will kick-start your #2015Fitness goals?@xo_carriee we get you. http://t.co/cUyybG29gZ@Yourfavzombie never! \m/ http://t.co/eD1PBPlnb8@emma_haleyyy can we join, Emma? http://t.co/3WvOm6cL3v@StinaDoan we've got the just playlist for that, Kristina! http://t.co/flWEt9z3bg@MattUtters get pumped by starting with this #Coachella playlist, Matt! http://t.co/PWicLbXIM0@MoniqueWingard This playlist will get you focused and flying through those emails in no time, Monique! http://t.co/JZgSDomuvC@_AndriaRenee that shouldn't be happening, Andria! Would you mind reaching out to @SpotifyCares? They can take a look at your account.@sheltonwirth we've been waiting for you, Shelton!@k_co well that doesn't sound right! If you send @SpotifyCares your account info, they can take a look into this to get it sorted.@KarlieBrochu anything for you, Karlie!@jillionrawr rigggggght? ;)@TRILLinPink music can have that affect on people. Glad you're a fan!@k_co Hey, Kristel. Have you followed these steps? Let us know if it still isn't working for you! http://t.co/8ED4Ecn4Oj
@dabilen hey, Dan! If you reach out to @SpotifyCares, they should be able to get this all sorted for you. Thanks!Predict no more. The 2015 #Coachella lineup is here! Discover who you'll be dancing with in the desert: http://t.co/y3cV8BmMHC
Retweeted by Spotify@rstevenson262 @RikiRachtman what about a collaborative playlist? More tunes for everyone!@nick_carlile it's about time you joined us, Nick! Enjoy the endless tunes.@kathtorb #missionaccomplished@catchdhanish the best way to start your new year, Dhanish. Now get to listening!@c_sutter @courtneymalee Called out! Do we hear Private Session, anyone?"All The Small Things" turns 15 this month. Feel old, @blink182? Finish the lyrics & celebrate http://t.co/l02ASHgWMq http://t.co/mxaifwNsmE
@EmojisAriana we love you back! http://t.co/mUrG7YrQ3v@braaandi4L we like the sound of that. Who's on repeat for you, Brandi?@kylee_dawn97 we can see that!@Oilersmyth The cold never bothered us anyway...@brandonqp1 Probablyyyyyyyyy@Beniloquy how good is their new album, though?What songs start streaming in your head when you stare into this #EmojiInkblot? http://t.co/L5xiO1ImGz
It’s officially 2015, so here’s your first #NewMusicResolution: Listen to one new song every day this month.
Obsessed fans make the best fans, @JoshuaMac22. #YearInMusic http://t.co/AS89pd5z6R http://t.co/MEZlNd7yEuWe didn’t just listen in 2014, we talked. A lot. Here’s the pop-culture we couldn’t stop referencing, via @BuzzFeed: http://t.co/5BzjWpOEW5
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