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I can never be created nor destroyed so here I will always be.

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I am the King of my domain, temple, my body and spirit. No one can tell me who I am or why I'm here.You and I are literally one.I create my own reality."Atoms aren't things they're tendencies" we create not observe. http://t.co/HvNv5S6tZEThe trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.a human rights activist, couch buff, egyptian rug weaver, superhero by day dream villian by night
Struggle is just gods way of building character and appreciation.
As you walk on by, will you call my name. #greatsongWILD HEART #MinnesotaWildThey tell you to be yourself and when you do they judge youWhen my girl is wearing a dress it's impossible to keep my hands to myself.We create what's in store for usWhen I don't know the lyrics to a song I just belt out loudly mumbled words in a similar key the song is being sung in.You live you learnGrateful for my woman who made me want to become a better person.If Jesus were alive today he would apologize for not have risen from the dead on the fourth day, giving us Monday off as well.
Eminem's first two albums were his best ones. #slimshadylp #marshalmatherslp
It is clear that the government has declared the American people the enemy, can't even protest their wrongdoing w/out being violated, macedChomp some mushrooms polish that third eye. http://t.co/ZHPsogpndA
I learn from what I been throughEnlighten yourself please , see the obvious flaws. Be happy but not ignorant.Society is a different word for moronsI got a lot of hustle ;)Thank you dear baby Jesus for dying on a Friday #nowork #almostfree
The best part about fast food is how healthy it is.Denying the tiredness this morning
Music in the mornin is mandatory
My favorite basketball flick of all time has to be "Grey Elephants can't Jump"
If miniature Tigers ever hit the market I'll be the first in line.Surround yourself with the people who motivate you with their drive and ambition. Ma said to avoid the wrong crowd.People who constantly judge others are so insecure
I miss popping back pimples #HighSchoolMemories101I always have to smoke my dog up, what a mooch.Red hot coup gotta crawl up out it
We are the life force power of the universe.It isn't the age of awakening we are simply expanding our point of attention.Are values are reflected by the culture we are exposed to. Humans are not born with greed, envy , hatred or bigotry.How we continue to accept a system that breeds poverty, homelessness, starvation I will never understand.
No you can't have a Big King and you can't have a NBA championship either #chriswebberNow that we have run out of enemies and terrorist on the ground military contractors are looking towards the stars for next war and defense$I usually say brain miscue because brain fart leaves me with to interesting of a thought to picture
When life gives you lemons.. The government will most likely tax them and require you to have a permit to sell the lemons.
We're gamin' (gamin', gamin', gamin'), yeah-eah-eah! I wanna game it wid you. -Bob Marley
Watching The Conjuring naked is way scarier than watching it with clothes on.Wow.. http://t.co/J3TEJzx5mw@NigandNog @nlindahl05 he would have a mouthful lol
@nlindahl05 haha yea I am embarrassed to be the same species as some people I swear .. It's getting worse too ppl are becoming stupider lol@Upforwisdom Hell yea man ignorance = bliss
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Go YouTube Bill Hicks his dark comedy and truth he speaks will blow your mind clear out of the box it is currently trapped in.There is no such thing as the future only the moment, the now. The future doesn't exist.10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory http://t.co/7PybJonHJG vBill Hicks - It's Just A Ride- life is just a ride and the consciousness is infinite. We are immortal and one. http://t.co/3p4ehV7u5PSmoke toke eat consume dab vap inhale http://t.co/tlZtcGud8WHuman life has taken a backseat behind the all mighty dollarMinnesotans appreciate spring more than the rest the country.
Instead of flicking my boogers on the ground I let my dog lick them off my fingers.Word http://t.co/3mJGCG0ZS3
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Iceland. http://t.co/CylKL8pOftYou don't need a lot of friends. You just need a select group of true friends.You know why we have no money for health care of social security. Because people keep voting for candidates with large pentagon budgetsNever under estimate the power of the mind, consciousness.You find strength through peace, not peace through strength. #wisdom #quote #truthI feel like a sumo wrestler sat on my neck. OwieeeeDr. Michio Kaku - Top Secret Military War Plans - watch more on him you could learn A LOT!! He is smarter then us. http://t.co/pWKTYfRyXA
Before His Death, Father of ADHD Admitted it Was An Over-Diagnosed Disease http://t.co/1lquskvctiDr. Michio Kaku Says America Has A Secret Super Weapon http://t.co/zVSfdSiJAQ
Because I'm happyyyyyyeeeeeeeeAll the 13 minerals required to sustain human life can be found in beer. I just gave you the greatest excuse to drink, cheers!If you have an open mind and can actually think critically about life, give my dude @Upforwisdom a follow.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★http://t.co/KZEqTFLeFS
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★I crave for some actual adventureBarrack Obama wasn't the first mixed or black president actually five existed before . Go research it .When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies. So theres that.The gym is the only place where you get all of what you put into it. #healthy #gym
I am not conforming. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who can think for himself.It is a crime now to be different
America, land of the manipulated home for the forsaken.Chile volcano plume explodes with lightning http://t.co/HFkUwtRRjPCould you do all these ? Or even a couple... If everyone did what a different world we would have. http://t.co/dZXtLDTT4V
In case you thought your day was bad.. 😳 http://t.co/Kwbp5E4uByHilarious AND informative -The Secret Reason Sustainable Living Is Now Illegal - MOC @LeeCamp http://t.co/oYdi3C4F18Everyone should read this. http://t.co/1o0XCrabYHhttp://t.co/9p0CmnW0YSWeed is tight weed is tight.. @JonahHill #ThisIsTheEnd lol best part of the movieSomebody needs to fuck the demons out of Katy Perry #illuminati #witchcraft lolWhen you stop being so serious and can laugh at yourself you stop caring about what people think about you.Because critical thinkers would know how bad they r getting fucked by the system lol ..They want obedient workers not critical thinkers
@NigandNog haha #firstworldproblems for sure ..I swear I have to watch movies over n over cause I'm always on my phone. So sending this tweet is ironic.Lol http://t.co/uKb4xUQBg6My goals have changed over the yearsJay z , Rihanna , lil Wayne, Kanye west.. All have had music videos showing riots and a calling for action type theme. They want revolutionThis Discovery About Our DNA Should Be In The Forefront Of Mainstream Knowledge http://t.co/ONj3mgMMzYOh well you smoke some you smoke some.My dog now gives high fives, feeling like I really accomplished something this weekend.
Just watched #RiseOfAnEmpire now watching #300 #epic #ThisIsSpartaaaaaahttp://t.co/tVPDFpkhMa
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Her scream lol Sounds like a pterodactyl 😂 https://t.co/TG9MUT6hbq
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