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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@tculpan @ericjackson 7+1=8, a way to please the Chinese and Japanese. 8 is a lucky number in China, 7 in Japan.@SammyWalrusIV the same guy who said Japanese hated iPhone?@MicrosoftStore too late. iWork works just fine for free.My only problem with today's $aapl event is that I think Tim Cook should've split the stock 8 for 1 as 8 is the lucky number in China.@SammyWalrusIV number 7 is a lucky number in Japan, the lucky number in China is 8, in Korea it is the SAME.This is Tim... $aapl http://t.co/AM2n5PYZKuThere are three US companies that are making real money in China: $AAPL, $YUM and $GM. Everyone else is clueless.Panda selfie: http://t.co/iO45uv0ukX http://t.co/eLgNr4Xt1Y
Retweeted by Joe Zou@om @BarackObama does not control the Supreme Court!@Recode @DelRey not a chance.@lauramandaro @FactSet but never it's own guidance. The street can go pound sand.Listening to $aapl earnings call the 2nd time while drinking a bottle of Malbec: Net income growth, Net income growth, Net income growth!@harrymccracken @cnbc said so.Apple dominated the high profit, high revenue, $400+ premium phones segment in Q1 with a huge 60% share. Says it all. http://t.co/Mt8sUIw9Ba
Retweeted by Joe Zou@counternotions but the stock would be 150 by the time it's in the index.@jandawson @tim shouldn't you put iTunes up there? It's more important than iPod line now.@dtellom any thought on the iPad number? reasons for the flatish/down yoy number?@bradleychambers @viticci nobody use AppleTv remote. iPhone or iPad remote app is far better.@9to5mac I thought that is cumulative number sold, not just in Q2 2014.@hbarra @tim why not http://t.co/00mL5Y98a9?this is beyond funny. http://t.co/6UQCSN3JvAwhat the fuck is wrong with this kid? http://t.co/AFuj2mUDR6@carney why not just hack company IR websites to front run earnings release?wonder who's the sucker(s) who sold $AGN calls to Bill Ackman?@SammyWalrusIV Tim cook sold puts struck at 500. Licking his chops to buy shares at 500.
This not even funny but #myNYPD backfire big time."twice a silly price is not twice as silly; it’s still just silly." http://t.co/MhtKLf6VsD
@ReformedBroker gayborhood@asymco what was the number for 2012?@benbajarin what happened to the "best"?@zamosta @fmanjoo so they have considered selling tentatively?2-month-old white lion, whose mother refuses to feed,is fed by a dog at a wildlife park in E China http://t.co/zHFGxXsPXN
Retweeted by Joe Zou@TrueReligion discounting religion?@beijingcream @comradewong the snarky tone of that article is bad even for nyt. Nyt can kiss its reporters' visa goodbye next year.
@parislemon 5C is more popular in carrier stores than in Apple stores. seeing more 5C in NYC lately. Late adopters are catching on.@CRTejada @george_chen @brittanyhite mamahoho aiyaThe price of wine is bullshit http://t.co/ayANtyPWMk
Retweeted by Joe ZouMy twitter account was hacked yesterday. A single spam was tweeted. Changed password, revoked 3rd party apps, set up 2-step login. Phew!@charlesarthur mine was hacked yesterday. One spam tweet was posted. Changed password right away after a friend alerted me the spam link.@JoshConstine ditch far away creeps for nearby creeps?@adamlashinsky project like that rarely works out. Too many smart people = too many big egos = failure.
@TProphet 枪打出头鸟@Garvey_B 花花公子4/20, America's stoner holiday, explained: http://t.co/wcBEvH609Y
Retweeted by Joe Zou@EmanuelDerman as in Maynard Duck?@levie "do you want to sell trench coat for rest of your life, or do you want to change the world with me?" Tim Cook told Angela Ahrendts.@parislemon there were some real Russian Fabergé eggs in the building.@ianbremmer but neutral for the world.Life in NYC would be *so* much better if people read and obeyed this cartoon user guide. http://t.co/aaLxr8T4Y2
Retweeted by Joe Zou@counternotions "apple could .....", but they won't.@TProphet worse than in China?
@SammyWalrusIV Tim Cook wears a Nike fuel band, he needs a new model once a year?@SammyWalrusIV Tim Cook is on Nike's board, he should hire the entire fuel-band team.Orbit insertion and Dragon deploy all good. Falcon reentry burn also good. Waiting for landing data from tracking plane.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@JoshConstine settings -> privacy -> location services -> Facebook off. Zuck can keep sucking.
$aapl is up more than 5000% in last 25 years in spite of @cnbc blah blah blah.. #cnbc25 http://t.co/kdpn0MkAJE@sammywalrusiv bloggers don't like him because he's got a 9to5Job, not 9to5mac.@TechCrunch @sarahintampa bs@om how many of those apple employees are retail workers? Not an apple to apple comparison.
@JohnPaczkowski @karaswisher about time. Already google free on my iOS devices.This explains the $ES moves http://t.co/qfjVSP4hiU
Retweeted by Joe Zou@ericjackson thank god, China is the only country can give google a finger, and google will not be able to dominate the world.
@SenSchumer don't you have better things to worry about? How about potholes?@Recode @MarcusWohlsen no way. not that I have a say.Google says there are now 10,000 Glassholes out there doing creepy data collection work.this is the happiest market selloff in years.
@felixsalmon not sure about that. The economics Nobel is not in the same league as the physics Nobel.@ChuBailiang dykes on bikes?iWatch watch: Apple is not here to entertain you http://t.co/1uguUUV78k@ChuBailiang just some tall shrubsDon't freak out: “@globaltimesnews: Doctors remove 4 extra limbs from one beautiful baby http://t.co/KtIuHYQTPe http://t.co/uSOz3rXgrNIf you buy a scale on Amazon, Amazon will think you're a drug dealer. http://t.co/jl0syN3DeO http://t.co/P9dZoEOVap
Retweeted by Joe Zou
@princetonian you mean gun boat diplomacy?@NickKristof the reality is half of Ukrainians overthrew the other half.@TheStalwart more entertaining than business insider?@bgurley @benedictevans 99% NYtimes subscribers have never published anything in the paper. what's point?@SAI easy solution: don't use any google service so that google makes less money, pretty soon googlers will be poor and move out of sf.
@ezraklein then your income tax rate would have two possible brackets, even imaginary brackets. Pick the lower rate solution.@TheStalwart who decides what's "normal"? What an abnormal project!@JonErlichman wish Apple stores stock dog treats.@ReformedBroker Richard Quest, CNN's MH370 expert
@S_Rabinovitch that's actually faster than West Virginia government..@ianbremmer American exceptionalism.:/ RT @Gothamist: This Is What Dr. Zizmor Looks Like In 2014 http://t.co/NHJqw70Y8h http://t.co/I3bA0K6kRE
Retweeted by Joe ZouHedge fund Motel $GM just fell into a sinkhole.@richardbranson @virginmobilemx not true, check out Maggie Wilderotter of Frontier Communications.
@carney staring at Bloomberg terminals all day is not laboring.@arnoldkim I'd wear one for an hour if Google pays me $1500.Apple Says iOS, OSX and “Key Web Services” Not Affected by Heartbleed Security Flaw. Close > Open http://t.co/tA5caGp0vVYesterday: "the conditions for a bad market don't exist" - Bill Miller. Today: NASDAQ promptly drops 3%.Office space for Working in a horizontal position! http://t.co/QwqpYJgVAm@tomphillipsin @Reuters @chinhon andrew Cuomo owes nothing to his Dad. He could have raised all the money he needed to run for governor.@airliners_net is that a Chinese made commercial aircraft?@ezraklein your Data must be "skewed", better call foxnews@tomphillipsin @Reuters @chinhon and Carolyn Kennedy's ambassadorship had nothing to do with her last name. Nothing to see here.@tomphillipsin @Reuters @chinhon to be fair, G.W. Bush's success had nothing to do with G.H. Bush. Nothing new here.
J&R shuts down for good. Sleazy salesmen selling obsolete gadgets (camera, DVD printers, CDs) need honest jobs. http://t.co/aCnC2SsXxQ@felixsalmon finally, those sleazy sales men who sell obsolete gadgets like camera, DVD players, printers, etc will be gone for good!@tim @fttechnews Phew!@BenBajarin bad link
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